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Nastya and episodes with her best friend forever Evelyn

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Nastya and Evelyn have been friends for a long time and they have many stories of friendship.

Right now it’s broken oh no i have to play off soon i don’t have skates the team is gonna pay for my don’t mistakes i will help you i will buy him new case i don’t have money yay hairstyle of course sit down please can i have some accessories i like it and what is this for i collect mommy to help my friend it’s so kind of you thank you bye have

A nice day hi please hmm could you make a cool hairstyle for me please take a seat hello magic what do you like the crown then wow i really like it okay i’m waiting for you thank you thank you so much you’re always welcome foreign first day of school hi let’s be friends no sorry okay how was school today one girl doesn’t

Want to be friends with me try to give her this bff bracelet okay good idea bye bye second day of school hi hi i have a gift for your bff bracelets she didn’t like my bracelet she doesn’t want to be friends with me all of the girls like dolls great ideas i’m gonna give her one doll and we’re gonna play together third day of school hi do you want

To play with my dolls i don’t like dolls what does she like okay fourth day of school hmm i want to play with her she is not good friend for you no she’s a good girl okay last chance just ignore her like this okay okay this day of school hi guys oh hi what is your name my name is evelyn what’s your name let’s be friends yay here one for me

One for you thank you very much hello girls can i play with you and be your friends daddy now i have a lot of friends but you’re my best friend ever thank you daddy hi evelyn you’re my best friend can i play with your dolls no no no they’re my dolls they need to share no i don’t want to share their mind sorry i’m leaving you’re gonna be my new best

Friend hi let’s play together where’s my drink give me give me okay too hot let’s play first brush oh too hard paint my nails it’s done it’s not my best terrible anymore you’re gonna be my best friend now let’s play about playing all right stop you’re not my best friend anymore no you’re my best friend yeah let’s go just the

Dance song one two three you’re a bad dancer look at me you’re not my best friend nasty is my best friend i have to go apologize hi master let’s play with my dolls hi sure sorry my step you’re my best friend you’re also my best friend let’s play i think this is for you okay dear master come to my birthday party at 5 pm your friend eva daddy can i

Go to evelyn’s birthday party of course you can okay i’m going hey stop are you going in your pajamas no i am ready i’m going to the party party hey stop no you look like you have a birthday okay now i got it oh awesome do you have a gift now let’s choose no it’s all toys you need a new one i don’t have any new gifts okay let’s go bye okay now

I’m ready for the birthday party foreign is me foreign

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Nastya and episodes with her best friend forever Evelyn By Like Nastya