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Nastya celebrates her birthday for 7 years

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Nastya and her Birthday Party 7 years old. All products used for this video can be found at

Now they’re styling nostra’s hair curls yes let’s see where your dress is nash’s dress is waiting here yeah birthday dress you can’t see can you one two three wow great with heels yeah wow like an adult what’s waiting for you here look wow wow great wow ice cream so how old are you today hello hi hi hello hello happy birthday what’s that this

Is a handbag wow what’s this there’s something here a wallet now they’re all doing makeup and we’ll go party yes yes what’s nostra doing while the girls are doing makeup nostra are you there you changed show me your new dress look wow and here it says lake nostra rules of the game nastya and dad must choose the same hats now gas can win prizes based on

The like gnostic brand you’ve got to play and win tickets so that you can exchange them into products viewers can buy like nasty brand products at the website let’s go you already have a card yeah and whoa wow you want a lot woohoo wow good job wow look how many there’s four here one two three four wow so many cards let’s choose a gift let’s

See oh nostra this this blanket this blanket come on okay this side this side wow wow so beautiful look look a case for your phone wow very good i’ll choose my prize what did you choose ava a plaid a notebook not much wow hooray adrian got a phone case great and let’s go oh who’s first who’s first oh now follow me one one two two three three four four five

Five put your arms here move your feet away and uh good job that was awesome so many gifts so many thank you hello what’s for dinner macaroni yes is it good bonjourno italiano hello now i’m drawing my cat in another cat cats again hurry the drawing is finished hooray the first will be nostra nostra fight chew quickly fight it come on austria

Three two one let’s go whoa whoa is everyone ready one two three let’s go ready for more here it is girls what are you doing we’re putting makeup on nostra for her best day and what day is it today it’s not just birthday having fun nausea yes what nice makeup yeah it’s professional work it’s me ava good afternoon good afternoon everybody

You are at the most famous and wonderful math show and we welcome our first participant mr cat dennis dennis wow incredible job amazing all right so it looks like we have two votes for nastya and one vote for ava mask it looks like our jury got it wrong now we welcome our next guest it looks like we have two votes for clava and one vote for nasca

Yeah bravo well done what an amazing performance wow good job are you ready it can be dangerous are you ready let’s go wow oh look at that it’s so bright yes look is there anyone here no one it’s talking a rat we must find a raft okay here there is a rat are you sure you found it bring it here yes oh a spider bring it here oh oh it’s here what’s in

There we found a chest too close it close it now let’s close it get away today is your birthday it’s your today we’re singing today today it’s your birthday today a happy birthday well done well done well done here come on woohoo road well done

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Nastya celebrates her birthday for 7 years By Like Nastya Show