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Natural Alternative to Spironolactone

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Natural Alternative to Spironolactone // In today’s video, I talk about a natural alternative to Spironolactone. I go over a variety of supplement options and give details about each of them so you can figure out which supplements are the best for you!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new here if you’re new here at my name is danny i am so excited for today’s video i have been wanting to do this video for so long and honestly i have no idea why it’s taken me so long to film this today i’m talking about a natural alternative to spironolactone yes there’s a natural alternative if you want to

Heal your acne you don’t have to take spironolactone you don’t have to get those side effects that come with spur on a lactone now if you want to see if my journey with spur on a lactone i do have a video all about that if you guys are interested i’ll have it linked down below and i’ll also put a card up here if you guys want to watch that to see my whole journey

So i show pictures all along the journey and then i also talk about why i stopped taking it anyway so let’s go ahead and get in to the natural alternative first for on a lactone so the natural alternative is dim what is damn dim is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli kale and other green leafy vegetables it can be really difficult to eat the necessary

Amount to balance hormones through diet so that’s why dim can be really helpful you would need to consume multiple pounds per day so obviously that’s really difficult to do so i’m gonna talk about a variety of different supplements that you can try are you guys so i’m going to go over a variety of different supplements that you can choose from when you’re looking

To get your natural alternative to prana lockdown i want to say overall i’m gonna be going over a variety of different options and hopefully that will help you figure out which options are best for you but overall you’re only going to be choosing two supplements you’re going to be choosing one dim supplement and one liver support supplement so just make sure to

Watch through the whole video so you can learn about each of the option and figure out which ones will be best for you so there are supplements from delgado protocol they have extra block and dht blocker you would want to choose either the extra block or the dht block so extra block helps to minimize the amount of excess estrogen in your body so if you have extra

Jing dominance if you have more estrogen in your body like if you have more of those bad estrogens which are known as xenoestrogens then extra block would be good for you extra block helps to minimize the effects of breakouts caused by estrogen and dht block helps balance high testosterone and androgen levels are responsible for breakouts both of these contain

Dim and a blend of herbs for specific hormone imbalances dim has the ability to a block androgen receptor which means that it can stop the hormones process of causing acne this is what sparano lactone does dimm helps you metabolize excess estrogen ronna lactone can slow down the body’s production of androgens to prevent the androgen from having much of an impact on

Your acne so dam works in a similar way but it doesn’t have those side effects that sparano lactone has so when taking dam it’s really important that you’re also supporting your liver the liver helps to clear out additional estrogen metabolites and harmful toxins from the body so an option for this is live detox now this is also from the delgado protocol and it has

A blend of liver supporting herbs it has a straggle asst turmeric ginger asparagus wasabi and silymarin now if you don’t want to take the supplements from the delgado protocol the extra block or dht block maybe you don’t know if you have estrogen dominance or if you have high testosterone that’s totally fine you can also try a a dim supplement that is literally

Just dim and then another ingredient which is bio pairing and a bio pairing is a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits and it basically what it’s used for is it’s used to enhance the absorption of the nutrients so that is an option as well and you can just take a different liver support supplement with that one so i actually tried a different dim

Supplement before i even tried the delgado protocol supplements so i used the smoky mountain nutrition dim and i used that one for months and i do think that i did a really good job you can get this one on amazon i’ll link it in the description box below if you guys are curious and i also use that along with a different liver support supplement so this is before

I even tried to live detox some types of liver support supplements you can use burdock root milk thistle which is one of the most popular herbs to treat repair and support the liver it contains silymarin is an antioxidant that protects the liver by optimizing liver function and detoxification you could also use turmeric root or dandelion root now i used a milk

Thistle supplement and a really good brant is either guy herbs and herb pharm those both have good ones they have tincture or you could get them as regular like pill supplements i feel like the pill supplements are easier to take just because the tincture is they don’t always taste the best but they are good so i’ll link those in the description box as well if you

Want to try the delgado protocol supplement choose from the extra block or the dht block so now remember to put in a concern if you think you have extra gene dominance or excess testosterone because that can really make a difference if you try the extra block or the dht block i think it’s a good idea to use the live detox just because it’s all from the same brand

Ok so i want to go over some more specifics from the acne begone book just telling you more information specifically about extra block and dht block and also live detox i’m gonna kind of read over some of this if you don’t want to just watch me reading it you can skip past this if you want but this will really just help give more information about the supplements

Which can help you figure out which ones you want to choose so i’m gonna start off with extra block here so it says if you have acne all over your body including your face back shoulders arms cheeks legs buttocks or elsewhere and your body and hormones may be out of balance extra black is an internationally acclaimed product that helps to balance your hormones heal

Stubborn acne and melt away belly fat now i didn’t really notice anything with meltingly belly fat so you don’t really have to worry about that or really think about that but extra black is made from natural cruciferous vegetables it contains clinically effective doses of dem and 13c or i3c and it is formulated in a way that allows these potent phytochemicals to

Absorb into the tissues where estrogen dominance resides just two capsules of extra block per day one in the morning and one in the evening obviously concentration of dim and i3c that is equivalent to eating two pounds of raw cruciferous vegetables a day the high doses of absorbable dim and 3ce helps to prevent an enzyme called p450 from converting hormones into

More harmful estrogens and androgens estra block also helps to restore hormone balance by safely breaking down the harmful bad estrogens to a safer healthier good estrogen and clearing out toxic estrogens caused by things such as a high-fat diet the birth control pill and by pesticide pollution and plastic exposure so they also do have an extra block pro version or

Acne cleanse now i have not tried acne cleanse but i have tried the extra block pro version so i just want to go over that as well but i’m also gonna go over the difference between extra block versus the extra block pro so let’s go over that so it says s your block pro or acne cleanse extra contains everything our world-renowned extra block or acne cleanse extra

Formula does plus a whole lot more this triple strength formula is used by clinicians to fight estrogen dominance and restore hormonal balance resulting in flawless acne free skin a reduction of belly fat and enhanced overall health in addition to the extra concentrated doses of dim and i3c extra block pro or acne cleanse extra also contains a wasabi root powder

Which helps to enhance liver health and detoxification reduce inflammation and fight bacteria plus it contains kreis in which helps support healthy testosterone levels fight inflammation and reduce estrogen by inhibiting the enzyme aroma toast that converts hormones into estrogen and finally d glu corona lactone which may help enhance liver function detoxification

And energy and fight cancer if you are more than 20 pounds above your ideal weight you may progress to use extra block pro or acne cleanse extra starting with one capsule after one week ago to two capsules a day women who choose to take extra block pro or acne cleanse extra triple strength who are no longer cycling may also require one capsule a day so now let’s go

Over the difference between extra block and extra block pro so which is right for you it says i often determine who needs which based on the severity of their symptoms if more than 20 pounds overweight or has severe acne and a growing number of anti-aging doctors often advise is for them to take extra block pro which is triple-strength i believe i took the regular

Extra block for a couple of months and then i also took extra block pro for a couple of months i took that one because i did have more i did have moderate to severe cystic acne so then continuing it says if there are only five or ten pounds above their ideal body weight and their skin looks healthy overall and they’re worried about the occasional pimple then they

Should take a regular extra block so if you have moderate to severe acne then you might want to consider taking s your block pro so then it says if a female patient is past menopause age 50 to 55 and they have some mild symptoms of estrogen dominance then an extra block regular is often strong enough but if they are overweight a common problem for people over 50

Because of hormonal imbalances and their symptoms are bothersome then they may choose to use a short prose triple-triple strength in this instance some add a protective good estrogen in the form of estriol cream at very low doses taken every three weeks out of the mouth it may be beneficial all right so now let’s go over live detox it says i often reckon it says

I often recommend a live detox in congestion in conjunction with extra block to accelerate the removal of harmful estrogens and toxins from the body your liver plays an essential role in over 500 different bodily functions and the appearance of your scan at vitality and over well-being is intimately connected to the health of your liver your liver is responsible

For detoxifying harmful estrogen and all of the harmful substances that you consume inhale and absorb and the highly toxic world we live in forces your liver to work overtime because of this many of us have weakened deliver functioning which makes it difficult to clear all the additional estrogen metabolites trying to leave the body live detox contains a powerful

Blend of antioxidant anti-inflammatory and liver health promoting herbs including a straggle asst turmeric ginger asparagus wasabi and silymarin which is milk thistle this propriety blend helps support liver health and prevent the conversion of testosterone into a variety of harmful estrogens that are linked to cancer excess belly acne and fibroids if you have mild

Acne one live detox a day it may be all you need if your acne is severe you may require two to three capsules taking at intervals throughout the day all right so now moving on to dht block dht block is the perfect complement to s your block though i will say i really don’t think that you should take both at once i think you should really just focus on one of them

At a time now it is possible you can have estrogen dominance and also have high testosterone but i do think that you should just focus on one at a time the dim the cruciferous vegetables and the supplements should still help to heal the acne so anyway it says dht block has better sis toss her all which gives it the ability to calm down d hydro to testosterone dht

And an androgen activity in the skin the cruciferous mix of natural vegetable extracts and dht block provides a unique concentration of i so theo science scientists and glucosinolates i don’t know if i said those right offering your body protection by neutralizing potentially harmful estrogen metabolites and xenoestrogens estrogen like environmental chemicals the

Dosage of damn it contains by far exceeds any other dem product in this price category dht block has the ability to shift the production of estrogens from bad to good while clearing of various forms of harmful hormone metabolites which are often associated with acne hair loss and poor immune function it also aids in the clearance of several breast colon or prostate

Toxins it also contains parsley and celery for added cellular and dini protection pomegranate to build up the immune system and improve circulation and a straggle asst and turmeric to assist with liver cleansing all the ingredients are extracted from raw whole foods and just one serving of dht block provides the same equivalent benefit of consuming several pounds

Of raw vegetables per day dht block is particularly recommended if you are a slender petite and or over the age of 55 yet your skin is still breaking out i think that trying dim is a really great option and i definitely do think that it is a great natural alternative to spur on a lactone so if you’ve been struggling with acne i definitely do think that these are

Worth a try i’ll have everything linked in the description box below the delgado protocol supplement and also the smoky mountain nutrition supplement i also recently posted a video all about how to find the root cause of adult acne and also how to treat it naturally and talk about other things that you can do to treat the acne i think if you do those things in

Addition to taking dimm i think that you’ll really see great results so if you’re interested in seeing that video i have it linked in the description box below and also put a little card up here if you guys want to learn even more about how to treat acne naturally and just more in depth information about the root cause of acne and things that you can do to treat it

Including diet exercise and all of those things i highly recommend that you check out the acne begone book from the delgado protocol super informative of learning about the root cause of acne and natural things that you can do to treat it i am planning on doing a video about my experience with the naturopath and things that she told me to do to help heal my acne

So i’m gonna be doing a video all about that and i’ll also be making other similar videos so if you want to make sure that you don’t miss those make sure that you go ahead and subscribe to my channel and also hit that notification bell so that you’ll be notified when i post new videos so that is it for today’s video if you guys have any questions please feel free

To reach out to me and ask me you can go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section below or you can dm me on instagram my instagram is a routine beauty with three wise it’s linked in the description box below thank you all so much for watching and i hope to see you all in my next video

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