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Natural Alzheimer’s Cure? Lion’s Mane & Niacin Stack for Neurodegenerative Conditions

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Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases like MS (multiple sclerosis), ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and Parkinson’s can be treated with this wonderful combination of a traditional Chinese medicine mushroom known as lion’s mane and the B vitamin niacin. This combination or stack can also help with diabetic neuropathy.

Lion’s mane is a mushroom that’s been used in traditional chinese medicine for thousands of years it is known for its cognitive boosting performance abilities and it’s also been known to increase the mind-body connection it can regenerate neural cells it can provide the mind with the ability to communicate to the overall network of the entire body through the central

Nervous system much more effectively what’s very exciting is that there’s been more and more research that shows that this has a positive effect on alzheimer’s then not only can we stop alzheimer’s that we can actually reverse the effects of alzheimer’s in this video we’ll get that get into that more deeply and also i will share with you a stack a particular regimen

That enhances that goes along with the lion’s mane to enhance the effects and the ability to heal and regenerate neural cells and to eliminate the symptoms of alzheimer’s welcome back to the channel where we are dedicated to a happier healthier you through a more natural balanced and holistic health approach this is very fascinating research that more and more

Research is showing the benefits of lion’s mane which is a mushroom and it helping alzheimer’s symptoms one of the main mechanisms that alzheimer occurs is from the formation of beta amyloid plaques in the brain in in the neural cells when that happens the cells are able to communicate to each other as effectively and we start seeing memory impairment cognitive

Impairment and all the other symptoms that are associated with alzheimer’s so what one research study showed with lab animals they took mice and they injected it with this basically it’s a neurotoxin but it it is it induced plaques on the brain similar to these beta amyloid plaques that occur in alzheimer’s so they basically very quickly simulated alzheimer’s within

These rats and they showed the same effects as alzheimer’s they had poor cognition they had very poor memory they couldn’t perform their tasks correctly so we did that okay so we have these rats that are injected with this neurotoxin that mimic the effects of alzheimer’s through a protein that is coding their brain and not allowing their cells the brain cells to

Communicate to one another now we take lion’s mane and we introduce this to the rats and we start to see an amazing reversal of these effects that neurotoxin and those protein plaques and buildups that are in those brain cells of the mice are suddenly beginning to vanish and be removed and their cognition and their memory returns as fascinating and it is amazing

That something that we think that modern medicine and these pharmaceutical drugs are the answer that they’re its own that these are the only things that are available on anything that’s been used in the past is is a bunch of just silly nonsense a bunch of herbal in your mind placebo type of thing but this is showing not to be true the cool thing is that we have

New modern medical procedures and ways of doing things that can enhance the ability of old traditional medicines and to deliver it in a better way and we have a body of knowledge that gives us a better understanding of the mechanisms of the human body and how how we can accelerate healing how we can accelerate the ability of the human body to be a more complete

Organism so with this in particular if we take this is the stack so a stack is a is taking multiple supplements together to act in a synergistic way to amplify the effects so we have lion’s mane that is known to be neuro regenerative – – known to help the overall central nervous system and the nerve networks that are within the body we take niacin niacin is a b

Vitamin and you give up flushing effects it’s a simple b vitamin you take in and in higher doses you feel very when i say flush it means like your face gets red it gets beet red and you feel all tingly so what’s happening is that you are actually increasing the blood flow and the ability to reach peripheral tissues now with neuropathies often times they start at

The ends of the body at the feet tips at the toes if you have diabetes some of the first nerves that start going and malfunctioning are at the end of the body of the periphery so niacin allows the body it pushes that circulation out to the entire body more effectively so what this is doing you have you take that effect and add it with lion’s mane and it’s able

To get through the entire body it’s it makes it permeate more of the cells and get through the body but it also has a mind-body connection it increases that so we can see that in neurodegenerative disease can be helped by this stack with the lion’s mane and the niacin and you want something that everyone’s a little bit different but typically anywhere from 100

Milligrams to 1000 milligrams of niacin can provide this flushing effect and enhance the ability of the lion’s mane to reverse the alzheimer’s effect now what other neurodegenerative diseases are there that this can help with this is going to actually help with immense multiple sclerosis which is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the schwann cells the myelin

Sheath that conducts electrical impulses and allows the central nervous system to communicate to to the body so it can it can help with that it can help with when you have later stages of diabetes you have neuropathy you have the you start losing sensation and touch within your fingers in your toes guess what lion’s mane and niacin can help with that too so this

Is quite a remarkable body of research and amazing results that we are discovering in this in this new field now paul stamets is this amazing mycologist he studies mushrooms he suggests adding the psilocybin component so they’re typically in the large doses this is what most people call a magic mushroom we’re a psychedelic mushroom but this he stains in his research

He’s a brilliant guy he has patents like a made them just tons and tons of patents very practical use of the mycology and the study of fungus fungi of mushrooms it is phenomenal what these organisms can do when applied and put in these contexts a nèostampa he has a bunch of patents for this that’s another story back to this particular story though so he advocates

Using psilocybin to enhance these effects but you take it at one twentieth of a gram which is basically a microdose you won’t have any type of a psychedelic or hallucinogenic experience it is one twentieth you will barely even notice it you may have heard of this term micro dosing and it’s typically with with psychedelic mushrooms or lsd a lot of people in silicon

Valley the creative entrepreneurial tech people are taking this as a create creativity enhancing performance drug really so they’re not happy they’re not tripping out but it’s a small dose where it enhances the creative capacity of the brain it allows your right brain to do a little bit more and it typically would again that’s another story if if you are interested

In either the micro dosing performance creative performance-enhancing activity of that or you are interested in more of the my ecology and mushroom research of paul stamets uh let me know in the comments below but in regards to this let’s just focus on the fact that lion’s mane mushroom use from traditional chinese medicine incra tree regenerates the neural sells

Removes these amyloid beta amyloid plaques and allows the body to the mind and the body to communicate to one another and to create fully functional neural networks again and it can actually increase your not only regenerate that help you function better not only mentally but your connection to your body and ability to move and have have complete function over your

Body so i find this completely fascinating let me know what you think in the comments below i’d love to hear what you think again that stack is about 300 at least 300 milligrams of lions made a day with the flushing of the nice and you want to do that together about 100 i would start with 100 milligrams of niacin take those two together 300 milligrams of lions

Name with 100 milligrams of niacin if you don’t have a flushing effect where you feel redness in your face and tingly all over your skin you might get little itchy then you need to bump it up another hundred milligrams every day just bump it up that another hundred milligrams until you have that flushing effect and just continue to take that if you want to use

The micro dosing effect of the psilocybin remember it’s one twentieth of a gram and you want to do that five days out of the week the much the lion’s mane and the niacin you’ll take every day seven days a week but if your micro dosing with the psilocybin you would take it just five of those days so that you’re you don’t gain tolerance to that particular you will

Gain tolerance to to the mushroom to the psilocybin if you take it every single day so if you found this helpful or interesting or entertaining please give me a thumbs up make sure that you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and i will see you in the next video take care into your health you

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Natural Alzheimer's Cure? Lion's Mane & Niacin Stack for Neurodegenerative Conditions By Scott McLeod