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NCLEX Pharmacology Anticonvulsant Phenytoin

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NCLEX Pharmacology Anticonvulsant Phenytoin

Queen is called dial empting so in clicks would ask to question about the finito in one question is when fini twin have therapeutic index is very narrow if any medication therapeutic index is very narrow we have to monitor this and also fearfully twin core system gingival hypertrophy when you train horses gingival oh yeah so i said the drug named finis tween finis

Tween is causes the hypertrophy of that gum so this is the hypertrophy of the gum right and also patient has a bleeding tendency so when we prescribe that finis tween we have to tell them to patient if they have any kind of change like this picture they has to inform that he’ll can’t provider now i’m going back in the main page where is swing the filter in here

So this finis tween other name or drug name is called dilantin right dilantin both name is very important for our board exam so finney tween now go for them and clicks information fijian courses the gingival hyperplasia or hypertrophy the picture i have seen him you hallway saw so gingival hyperplasia they cautious discolor of the urine overdose symptoms so also

I told you the fairy queen has a narrow therapeutic index so we have to monitor free to end toxicity so what are the penetrant toxicity this is important to know first of all switching touching the id movement then loss of balance also patient feel the fainting feeling of light headedness slow or shadow or shallow breathing muscle stiffness right also they have a

Slur of speech or tremor nausea and vomiting so this is this all basically fini fini – in toxicity sign and symptom right but i said the major side effect of finney trainees gingival hyperplasia discolor of the urine or hypoglycemia hypoglycemia so it especially the diabetic patient co center hypoglycemia so again i’m going to recap the frequent information for

The end claims board exam i said when we give them any patient prescribe definite win also you have till something education is most important for the patient about this medicine till them do not an or do not give finished win with food do not take with any kind of oral contraceptive pill i am recap it finished win not give with food also not to give with oral

Contraceptive pill because they they do not work well together if you are giving this medication always better to give iv or you can only give with sodium chloride they said right so again finisher in other name is called dilantin penetrant side effect is gingival hyperplasia there are so many but at least one you have to remember be put to go exam and then i

Said free twin always give them single with not a food do not give with food or do not give with oral contraceptive pill and also if you if you are giving this medication better to give id form and you also can you can one give with sodium chloride last word is here pharaoh in therapeutic index is very narrow so it is better monitoring the the therapeutic level

And this is the over sized symptoms of overdose of 22 in like twitching of i’d movement loss of balance fainting feeling like headache slow or celebrating muscle stiffness also tremor and nausea and vomiting agent so this is basically so next drug is called carbamazepine right so carbamazepine causes dizziness then drowsiness or drowning ness dry mouth nausea

And aplastic anemia aplastic anemia now i’m going through second piece here so this thing that drug dose and side-effect of carbamazepine so dose or carbamazepine ten milligram park is it birthday right and we can increase this medicine up to 20 to 40 milligram parchesi so 10 milligram park is the party if a patient is 65 kc then 65 multiplied by 10 this will be

Total dose for day i said if a patient body weight is 65 kz then total dose should be 10 milligram multiplies 65 kz so total 650 milligram per day if the patient body where is 65 kg this is the way we have to calculate the dose so car bomb has a been main side effect this medicine is part autopsy means carbamazepine causes have part approach the city they causes

Bone marrow depression you know the bone marrow produce different kind of cell bone marrow produce rbc bone marrow produce wbc bone marrow produce platy let so also most of the blood cells produce so e bone marrow depletion bone marrow do not produce are be seen bone marrow do not produce plat late right and if tumor does not produce the flat lead or red blood

Cell they cost us the aplastic anemia he means absence absence of the cell in the bone marrow is called a plush here lack of cell and lack of rbc causes the anemia because of the less rbc means less in mclaughlin and among urban is important component and of the blood and if less hemoglobin it is indicate anemia an enemy a leap to the heart failure so bone marrow

Suppression mean side effect of carbamazepine also have part or toxicity and skin rash so if you go back in our main node it is showing them here also side effect aplastic anemia or bone marrow depression so don’t miss it yeah and also go back some note for our board exam this is the note again not sing implement implication or intervention so when we prescribe

The medicine i mean into convulsant right what we have to do every de liver disease and diabetes if anybody has a liver problem like cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma they are not a good candidate for anticonvulsant medication or or a patient’s at diabetic malai does better to avert them also in t convulsant and alcohol together is a not a good choice we have

To avoid right because we know in t convulsant causes the alteration of vital sign they causes confusion they causes different dizziness the central nervous system depression if anybody take anticonvulsant and alcohol together everything should be more right any chance of the causes the accident and it’s very life life-threatening situation and do not do not doing

Or crash this tablet hmm also f-word taking and the seed at the same time with dilantin what are the other name of ballentine any doing right finny tween so dilantin and enter state never abut together this is the end flex board question okay because if you finna train or talent in an antacid together they inhibit the absorption of phenytoin or and they they inhibit

The absorption of intern and also carbamazepine take with mill but finna train should take without food but the carbon hasn’t been odd or tegretol better to take with food and also we have to avoid the grapes fruit george right with carbamazepine and if your patient has to take that so it’s just so can you i said so if i said that finney green is good to take width

Without food but carbamazepine or tegretol better to take with food and second point is carbamazepine is is and also the grapes fruit not together okay if your patient has to take that type of as a pain do not grieve do not give them grapes fruit juice okay these two causes them interaction so second part is that if you patient has to take that in t on percent or

Fini tween or carbamazepine always we have to monitor the liver function test because this kind of medication into convulsant diazepam or carbamazepine hepatotoxicity they process the hepatic toxicity so liver function taste is most important now go the next what we have to teach our patient in t-con baths and drugs should not be stall suddenly right we have to

Stop gradually and also wear a medication alert baselet right because patient has a chance of any kind of accident because they are confucian they dizziness this is most common and also tell them not to deal with any heavy machinery work i mean dealing with the any industrial work or do not drive the car right also report if any kind of bruising or efficiency fee

Bar or blood in the stool what does it mean i already told you the carbamazepine causes aplastic anemia you have plastic anemia because they causes the bone marrow depression bone marrow if does not produce enough wbc so if not enough wbc then infection is more commonly attack them if infection attack them they have a chance of infection and infection mini fest

Is a feeble so a patient has a fee bar we have to tell to the healthcare work i mean health care provided we have to tell to the doctor right so it is very enforce aim thing if plat ilat is less the bleeding tendency increase if bleeding tendency increase there should be mini fist on the skin if in it red spot any bruising or any kind of a time assess it is be

Important to tell to healthcare provider so this is very important for i mean the empress board exam and there so many questions

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NCLEX Pharmacology Anticonvulsant Phenytoin By Roosevelt