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Hello guys this video will deal with the important and the most frequently asked question from the anti-cancer section so it is a very important topic for your exams this is doctor shivan kisser bunny and i am starting with question number 1 that is nephrotoxicity is seen with the options are as a apron laughs luna might mycophenolate more fertile and tacrolimus

So answer here will be tacrolimus now discussing the options you see the tacrolimus is a calcineurin inhibitor it works somewhat similar to cyclosporine by inhibiting the il-2 transcription and it is more prominent than cyclosporine both tacrolimus or cyclosporine are the calcineurin inhibitor and the tacrolimus is more prominent more potent than cyclosporine and

Thus required therapeutic monitoring so this calcineurin inhibitor as a class of drugs have a high risk of renal injury on their treatment now moving to other options like as ethyl azathioprine when question is asked that azathioprine is a pro drug and it also causes nephrotoxicity as a tubercular nephritis but it is less common than tacrolimus and what is the

Most prominent side-effect of azathioprine ads as it can be asked as a different question so it does bone-marrow depression laughlin amide is a immunomodulator used in severe rheumatic arthritis and it causes severe side effects like severe lung injury interstitial lung disease milo separation etc now mycophenolate more fertile its moon most common side effect

Is gi upset and bone marrow depression and it is also used as an immunosuppressant in case of refractory cases what is does the mechanism of action is that it is an iron essene mono phosphate dehydrogenase inhibitor so moving to question number 2 cerebellar ataxia is caused by options are arabi no fura no cell site in bleomycin cisplatin busulfan so the answer

Here is arabinose el verano sil arabi no furanose incited in it is basically used intrathecally for meningeal leukemia it causes different cerebellar toxicities like ataxia slurred speech and cerebellar talks and cellular toxicity like cesar’s dementia cerebrum means cerebrum toxicities like scissors dementia and different high defect discussing other options the

Busulfan the main side effects are mainly my low suppression and pulmonary fibrosis bleomycin it causes my low separation on low dose but high doses causes cutaneous and pulmonary toxicities and certainly the blue myosin do nose i do not have an neurotoxicity so this rule outs this option cisplatin it has a side effect of peripheral neuropathy now push number three

Which of the following is highly emitter genic so among the options if you see here two options will be right that is cisplatin and high doses of cyclophosphamide so if you can remember i will name some highly emitter genic track so these are low mass teen dacarbazine actinomycin d cyclophosphamide et cie and this these causes highly emitter genic effect due to ctz

Stimulation and also some gi effects are also there now question number next question which of the following given orally messner acronym i cindy doxorubicin cytosine arabinose i’d answers will be missed now so what is messner mess nice mercaptoethanol phonic acid it what is does is that it prevents hemorrhage accessorized cystitis from d cyclophosphamide treatment

So it is a very important drug and it can be given iv as well as oral so all the other drugs are only given by iv root while master can be given his iv as well as oral route so you must also remember some other anti-cancer drugs which can be given orally so these are cyclophosphamide mel fallon pro karbas in et cie so rapidly moving to the next question which is

Not an alkylating is gent so the options are cyclophosphamide floor ambu sill 5-fluorouracil melfin ah mel fell on so to answer this you just revise your anti-cancer drug and the names of the alkali alkylating agent the answer here is five floor uracil why because 5-fluorouracil is an anti metabolites mainly anti piramide compounds now moving to next question i for

Phosphor made is a again question from the alkylating agent it is a alkylating agent so what it is it is a synthetic isomer of cyclophosphamide and the activation of i-44 amide upon ingestion is by the hydroxylation in the liver and one more thing you need to remember is that it is a synthetic isomer of cyclophosphamide but it is not a metabolite of cyclophosphamide

Basically this is used for reproductive cancers sarcomas leukemias blood cancer et cie causes neurotoxicity and cystitis and it it decided effects are more than side recycle of a permit so this you need to remember moving to the next question egfr antagonist that is set to 6c map is used in cases of so answer here is palliative treatment treatment in head neck

Cancer why i just told you answer because i know this so i just told you so what is it mainly set oxy map binds to the extracellular domain of egfr and can be used in all those cancers which express egfr receptor so namely squamous cell carcinoma of head neck breast lung kidney prostate brain pancreas et cie and what you what the the main point your the extra point

You need to remember is that the nl cancer is resistant to chemotherapy all of the following are side effects of thalidomide except so options are hypothyroidism diarrhea teratogenicity deep vein thrombosis so you see diarrhea diarrhea here will be answered as the and among these are the bits of has a teller domain toledo might the major is constipation and not

Diarrhea other most common if you see most common side effects of thyroid thalidomide it will be sedation and constipation sedation and constipation these are the common side effects of thalidomide and the thalidomide has as such is an important topic to be red means important drug you must know about which of the following is a cell cycle cell specific cell cycle

Is specific anti-cancer drug so answer here is wind blasting so what has been blasting important what is wind blasting it is a m phase m phase specific cell cycle inhibitor mainly wind it is a wind kalka alkaloid what it what it does is it does metaphase arrest by blocking mitotic spindles and thus it is useful for rapidly dividing tumor such as in blood cancers

And reproductive carcinomas now blue myosin toxicity effects this type of cell so people means guys you get confused with this type one type two nimue sites so what you need to remember with blue myosin is that the answer is it causes destruction of type one so the key point you can remember it as the type one comes first so it will be destroyed first type one

Type one get destroyed and thereby causing hyperplasia of type two matlab hota can type wonder destroy gotham square garden score compensate continually type two new moon sites jota whoa hyperplasia townsend lover budgeting but type one cut destruction of that

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NEET PG MCQs(Must Watch) -ANTICANCER DRUGS-1 By NEET PG Preparation Hits-Dr.Shivaam Kesarwaani