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Presentation for pharmacy practice course number 705 neomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic with the bacteriocyte activity against many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in susceptible bacteria neomycin prevents the formation of the functional proteins and as a result non-functional proteins are formed due to the misreading of the bacterial dna this

Is accomplished through active transport into the bacterial cell and subsequent irreversible binding to receptors present in the 30s ribosomal subunit eventually the susceptible bacteria die because of the lack of functional groups bacitorosine is primarily bacteriostatic but may have bacteria cellular activity depending upon the antibiotic concentration and the

Susceptible susceptibility of the bacteria pacitracin inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis this is achieved by preventing the final de-phosphorylation step in the phospholipid carrier cycle which interferes with the mucopeptide transfer to the growing cell wall now we are moving to the rational use first of all it it should only be used topically because

Systemic absorption of neomycin and basic routine combination occur after the administration through the oral route after overall administration of bass through seeing a neomycin it’s it’s absorbed systemically causing severe unwanted toxic reactions uh like neurotoxicity including nephrotoxicity and autotoxicity even though it’s used in recommended doses and

The risk of course is higher for the patients or people who are suffering from impaired renal functions muhammad now we are moving to the irrational use the concurrent use of neomycin with a diuretic increases the risk of autotoxicity especially if administered enterointro venously as it changes the antibiotic concentration in serum and tissues resulting

In total or partial deafness even though long after new myosin have been withdrawed after the withdrawal of neomycin neuromuscular blockage and respiratory paralysis should be considered if neomycin is administered especially to patients receiving anesthetics if blockage occurs calcium salts mirrors this phenomena but mechanical respiratory resistance may

Be necessary now we are moving to alternative choices first one is revoxymin revoxymin may be used for all cases of sibo which is the small intestinal intestinal bacterial overgrowth it’s defined as an increase in the number of bacteria and or the changes in the types of bacteria present in the small bowl these types of bacteria which shouldn’t present in the

Small bowl these bacteria should present in the large intestine so sibo the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth significantly interfere with the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients primary by damaging the mucosal cells risk factors include abdominal pain diarrhea constipation gas and in more severe cases vitamin deficiencies like b12 copolarmine

Deficiencies and fast soluble vitamins like vitamin e vitamin d vitamin a and care which may cause unwanted severe reactions moving to alternative choices first drug we have is ciprofloxacin and dexamethasone combination this combination is prescribed for otitis media or titus external as an alternative neomycin why because neomycin may cause autotoxicity

Which is the total or partial deafness second alternative is the double beta lactame therapy um this double beta electron therapy it’s used in specific cases like hlar which is the high level aminoglycoside resistance this is a novel approach in case of endocarditis uh the inflammation of the endocardium the lining of the heart the endocardium a combination of

Vancomycin and beta-lactam or daptomycin and beta-lactam administered to patients suffering suffering from inflammation of the endocardium results in microbiological clearance and said to be successfully treated now moving to drug drug interactions first of all first one amphotericin b may enhance the nephrotoxic effect of aminoglycosides if um fertilizing b is

Given along with aminoglycosides the nephrotoxicity may be affected and increased okay cephalosporins may enhance the nephrotoxic effect of aminoglycoside and also by biphosphonates derivatives if given with aminoglycosides mine glycosides may enhance the hypocalcemic effect of biphosphonus derivatives because biphosphonates cause low level of calci uh calcium

In the blood hypocalcemia and aminoglycosides may enhance it aminoglycoside antibiotics the therapeutic effect of this vaccine the cholera vaccine same same goes to goes to the typhoid vaccine which may be diminished the therapeutic effect of the typhoid vaccine may be diminished as to cholera same as to color loop diuretics may enhance the toxic effect

Of aminoglycosides especially the nephrotoxicity and autotoxicity another drug blog interactions which is the penicillins penicillins may decrease the serum concentration of aminoglycoside associated primarily associated with extended spectrum penicillins and especially with patients patients with renal dysfunction the last one is the vitamin k antagonist like

For example warfarin neomycin enhance the anticoagulant effect of vitamin k antagonism now moving to antidote in case of overdose as we said the user of aminoglycosides antibiotics is associated with reversible damage to the kidney and irreversible damage to the inner ear causing auto toxicity that’s why hence it’s significantly limiting the drug administration

In case of the toxicity in case of renal toxicity monitoring kidney function and serum drug concentration is used to reduce the toxicity because nowadays uh up to date there are no core treatment approved by the fda the food and drug act for affected individuals who are suffering from adrenal or autotoxicity in case of autotoxicity hearing aids and cochlear

Implantations are the only restorative options available candidates auto protective compounds these are protecting they are counteracting the aminoglycoside induced hearing loss such promising candidates is so called berbamine or berbamine a structurally related alkaloid that reduce the gttr labeling of zebrafish lateral line hair cells and protects them from

Aminoglycoside irreversible damage as i said in case of reversible damage to the kidney peritoneal dialysis is carried out to reduce the serum concentrations of the antibiotic and promotes complete recovery of renal function last we are discussing a case study of a 69 years old patient who recently tweeted for acute renal failure and total deafness and used

As a result of intermittent seven-day leverage of surgical cavity with neomycin administration because as you said pneumocyte is given before peritoneal dialysis reduced the serum concentration of the antibiotic and promoted complete recovery of renal function the patient however remained deaf yeah because the autotoxicity is irreversible this case serves as a

Reminder that neomycin can be absorbed systemically followed it’s used as an arrogant solution yes in such cases it may produce an unsuspected form of higher on of high output regular failure and concomitant hearing loss as you said the render failure is usually reversible but the hearing loss is not which is frequently permanent and that was all from my side

It’s a presentation of pneumonia thank you so much i hope your mom accept it’s a high it’s it’s a request please mom accept it because i couldn’t screen record on my laptop as i had some issues and i had i tried my best but i couldn’t that’s why i’m recording uh through my phone thank you so much mom just like a lot

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Neomycin By Pharmacy by Dr. Shahana wahid