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Never Take Bile Salts with These 3 Conditions

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Bile salts can be very beneficial, but not if you have one of these conditions.

So there was a question from someone that wanted to know when not to take bile salts is there any contraindications so i wanted to create this video for that person first of all most people need bile salts and usually they’re not producing enough bile salts are made by the liver and they’re stored in the gallbladder and when the gallbladder stores the bile salts it

Concentrates them up to 20 times so it’s a super concentrated mixture to help break down fats so you can extract the fat soluble vitamins and the essential fatty acids from the food that you eat the pancreas releases lipase and enzyme to break down fats and then it’ll actually help to dissolve this fat into the small particles so you can utilize the nutrients from

The fat so we make about a quart of bile every single day and 90 percent of the bile is recycled through the small intestine bile is also necessary to help a person detoxify chemicals from the liver and out through the body and it’s a very important compound and you can also take purified bowel salts to help you with the digestion of fats and also to prevent the

Formation of gall stones because gall stones come from a deficiency of bile salts but there’s certain situations where you wouldn’t want to take them number one if you had diarrhea why well because purified bile salts help to retain fluid in the colon and they help to lubricate food going through the colon so if you have diarrhea and you take purified bath salts

Guess what you’re gonna get more diarrhea so you don’t want to do that number two hyperthyroid the liver and the bile salts help in the conversion of t4 to t3 eighty percent of this conversion happens to the liver and 20% happens to the kidney so if your thyroid is already making too much of the active form of thyroid hormone which is t3 and you add more bile salts

And make more t3 you’re gonna make it worse so you don’t want to recommend bile salts to anyone with a hyper thyroid state but on the flip side if you have a hypothyroid condition you would want to take it because it’s gonna help you convert from t4 to t3 in fact it could be the reason why your thyroid is slow in the first place third reason why you wouldn’t want to

Take purified bile salts is that if you have some type of bile malabsorption problem now that could be caused because your intestines are not absorbing the bile salts because you have crohn’s disease which is inflammatory condition or celiac which is another inflammatory condition or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which will mess up the balance of bile and

There’s other conditions as well so because purified bile salts gets recycled and you also need help by your microbes if you have a problem with either one and this file is concentrating you don’t want to take more now some people have the gallbladder removed have a situation where there’s too much bile because the tube is maybe too large and it’s just draining

Right into the small intestine in that case they’re usually going to have diarrhea and your doctor will recommend a bile acid binder and here’s one medication that they use but there’s many more you can check with your doctor on that but it’s a way to inhibit or slow down the bile in your body but the problem with that it comes with certain side effects because

Now you’re gonna have the inability to absorb certain fats i above items will like vitamin a d and k because you’re binding these bile salts but if your body is making too much bile or you have too much bile realize that the trigger for bile production is saturated fats so one thing you’re probably going to want to do is lower the amount of fats in your diet to

About 60 grams per day not any lower than that because you need the fats but if you have too much bile in the first place you don’t want to start triggering more about adding more saturated fats alright there you have it thanks for watching and i will see you in the next video so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

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Never Take Bile Salts with These 3 Conditions By Dr. Eric Berg DC