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New Covid Drugs That Could End The Pandemic For Good

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Take a look at this headline from the washington post vaccines alone won’t solve the pandemic here are three other things we must do it was actually written by members of the biden transitions covet 19 advisory board and they say we need more treatments asap so today we’re sharing three new covert drugs in the pipeline that could help end this pandemic for good

These are all cheap they’re widely available drugs currently used to treat other common conditions so it’s possible we could just repurpose them for this virus and you know but as we’re doing all this we still have to gather data so please do not go out and start taking these things yet all right to help us break it down we’re joined by epidemiologist dr sima

Yasmin we’re starting with a drug called culture scene a lot of you know it’s typically used to treat gout but one study from canada found that cochise reduced deaths by 44 percent and reduced hospitalizations by statistically significant 25 percent without the asthma cochisein is cheap it’s widely available how could the simple drug transform our approach to

This pandemic and anyone who’s had gout dr oz might recognize the name because it’s a treatment that we use for that disease however even though there is some evidence that it might reduce mortality many are saying it’s still too early and that we don’t have strong enough evidence to say that colchicine definitely would work as a treatment against covet 19 so

We’re trying to be really optimistic here we’re trying to be innovative and see what’s already existing in our medicine cabinets that could be used against covid19 but we also as you said don’t want to offer false hope so we’re watching this closely and waiting for more evidence to tell us will culture scene really work as an effective covit 19 treatment or not

So full disclosure my father-in-law was actually involved in this research helped support it because he wanted to get some of this work done like so many physicians do let me explain the theory why experts think culture seat might work if we do these larger trials that again i think ought to be funded by the government and done quickly because we can save a lot

Of money and lives so one reason people with covert get really sick is the amount of inflammation that happens inside your body so imagine your body’s got this redness right there’s a like a flame right it’s inside of you it’s killing the virus you want it but it’s also hurting your own cells right so you have to have just the right amount looks pretty dangerous

Right and sometimes the inflammation becomes too overwhelming your immune system it’s like your body is responding by adding fuel to the flames and you go up in flames that’s where culture scene comes in because you don’t want this culture scene it’s like a fire truck coming in there right but it’s an anti-inflammatory drug super powered hose dousing you with

Water right damps down those flames allowing you to recover many people who die of covet die without virus they’re dying from inflammation if we can put out the flame maybe we can save some lives okay moving on to our next potential covert treatment and believe it or not it’s an antidepressant an antidepressant called pluvoxide dr asthma why do researchers

Think an antidepressant could help with covid so this is another example of a medicine that doesn’t attack the virus but tells our immune system to calm down so anyone watching this think about the last time you had flu or you had a nasty infection some of those horrible symptoms that you had the fever the chills the headaches were not actually caused by a virus

Itself those were caused by what we call cytokines chemicals that our immune system releases to try and attack the virus but those actually end up causing our symptoms what some scientists are thinking is that this antidepressant may not work against the virus but could calm down those cytokines that cause the nasty symptoms that make us feel sick so again early

Days i’m gonna mention your pet peeve dr oz and say we need more evidence because we really do but very interesting mechanism of action here for this antidepressant again my pet peeve is not that we need more data that’s a good thing but we need large randomized clinical trials but just an example i’ll give you some preliminary evidence everybody at home back in

November there was a massive covet outbreak at the golden gate fields race track in berkeley california right there 113 workers who in that facility they were offered two weeks of therapy with fluvoxamine this medication of the 65 people who took the drug nobody not one person had to be hospitalized or had serious symptoms meanwhile six of the 48 workers who

Turned down fluvoxamine had to be hospitalized two required intensive care and unfortunately one person actually died now this doesn’t prove that this drug is gonna save your life but i would think we’d be pouring a ton of resources into figuring out if this lead helps us okay on to our last covert 19 therapy under investigation ivermectin now this is a pretty

Cool idea it’s an anti-parasitic drug used to treat things like these bad boys right parasitic worms that cause river blindness right you don’t want these so a desire rebecca saves eyes saves lives it also works against scabies not pretty is it you don’t want this around but this medication works now there’s preliminary evidence that it may actually be effective

Against the nasty coronavirus as well because you don’t want this baby period so how do we actually i’ll say that what do we know about how ivermectin tackles the coronavirus and where are we about studying this idea which is again i’ve heard about this for almost a year now so dr oz where we are is looking at this medicine in test tubes and in petri dishes and

In those instances but not in people it has been shown to kill the virus but and it’s a big but it was used at concentrations that are like 100 times higher than what we’d normally give to people that have one of those parasitic infections that you just mentioned so i’ll tell you back in the day i used to work in a coronavirus lab it’s where i did my virology

Training my job was to get petri dishes put virus in it and add different medicines to see what worked and in the lab context when you can chuck a lot of things into your petri dish that will kill the virus and you can get very excited but then you take a closer look and you’re like oh no this was very toxic it killed all the cells in my petri dish as well so

That’s why my enthusiasm is tempered when i’m reading about studies that were just in the lab just in petri dishes and test tubes and where we’re using concentrations of the drug that are so much higher than we would normally use in people well stated fair enough we need the trials let’s get them done we’re gonna keep bringing you the latest on these treatments

As new developments break because they could help us get a handle on this pandemic for good no matter what happens with mutations you

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New Covid Drugs That Could End The Pandemic For Good By DoctorOz