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New diabetic medication – Jardiance

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Ugh New diabetic medication, I am not happy about it.

Hi i’m heather kay and i got new diabetic medication what’s going on here south okay making lemonade these days making my lemonade like this i’m not used to sweeteners i don’t think i have enough in there cuz it doesn’t taste sweet enough anyway today it’s my date to me the camera in a little bit closer my doctor called me my three-month bloodwork not that i failed

But my sugar is 7.2 and he says it hasn’t changed in three months and i said okay yeah i know i’m going to having lost weight and he says are you faithfully taking your medicine i said yeah i know i haven’t for like oh gosh almost two months of that i’ve been faithful to taking my medication every day and i saw there’s been no change and i said well my weights up

I’m struggling to lose weight and he noticed a lot of people struggle and so i told him about my new look for the next 60 days and so we made a decision because when you’re diabetic you gotta protect your internal organs because even though 7.2 is not bad i’m still a diabetic and i used to be on insulin so i’m a i i’ve seen them recover diabetic but you never you

Never it never ever leaves you once you’ve used your body from eden it stays with you pretty much for the rest of your life so i have to be careful about what i eat and like i said i um it struggle you guys all know how much you’re struggling so show you okay so they gave me these three boxes once again why are you giving me so many right like what how many times

A day you don’t have to take this like what’s going on cuz i had to speak to the pharmacist because it’s a new medication for me so so they go over the facts with the i’m these like i’m not gonna read this to you but you can read all this stuff in your spare time so i’m gonna read that check it out and see the side effects are my receipt i get some points there

I get about five dollars free every month so this here is called skype i mean english i hear i don’t know sigh this english sign or not well that’s friendship that’s english i think this is english looks like jarrah dance so i know it took some motor here because i took one today they’re like this so apparently this pill is going to make you there’s no nice way

To say this urinate sugar it’s like really you know me is it gonna make me thin honest to god i’d do anything to be said but stop eating and exercise what i am walking what gonna sit so i am walking i need five thousand eight hundred steps today thanks to my friend my very good friend we went for a walk today and so what else i need to tell you guys mmm beyond

This for 60 days be loyal to it i’m gonna be loyal to these tablets because i need to lose weight because i do not want more medication sunday answer i want to be off medication and eating healthy so this whole new journey of mine food addiction for the next 60 days you’re gonna hear that i’m tracking not a lot just said just as i’m doing it and then in 90 days

We’re gonna go back to my blood work and hopefully get off this bill and i got to be successful in my weight loss so everybody who’s out there who struggles with food addiction i need your support i need your advice your encouragement things you do to like a night night tiny b what do you do to not have large serving sizes what do you do when you’re at a party my

Birthday month by the way i’m gonna have some cake i had cake last night i went to a birthday party i’m so weak i have my sister make a decision from you at least some admittin admitted to myself and to others that i’m a food addict i like to eat because my sister just invited me up for supper and you know i know i’m like i know it being fried food i said no now

I’m gonna stay home and finish doing my dishes because i need to make something healthy for myself so i need to do that today i need to go back to my meal plan i know that so that so the other advice i’m looking for you from me is like what do you do for exercise coz i don’t like go into the gym i know i should go to a gym but i’m not gonna go to a gym so so anyway

So that’s about it yes 90 days guys i just did not me no change okay it’s hitting me hard just want your support you guys don’t know what to do see you real soon as always thanks for watching

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New diabetic medication – Jardiance By Heather Kaye