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New IPO Vallon Pharmaceuticals Files To Go Public

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Vallon is a private, clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in PhiladelphiaWe are currently focused on the development and commercialization of a novel treatment for ADHD and Narcolepsy where there is substantial unmet need.

Welcome everyone to ipo market watch my name is mike and in this video we’re going to talk about a new initial public offering valon pharma or valon pharma which is going public now today is the day of the elections in the us and the results and people are going to be watching that so i highly doubt that many people will watch this video to be honest but i have

To do it so let’s get started surveillance alcohol valon yeah surveillance pharmaceuticals focuses on the development and commercialization of novel treatments for cns disorders valon is a private clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in philadelphia they are currently focused on the development and commercial commercialization of novel treatment for ada

Adhd and narcolepsy where there is substantial unmet need stimulant abuse is widespread and it’s on the rise 5 million plus people in the u.s misuse or abuse prescription stimulants annually four times increase in emergency room visits for non-medical use of prescription stimulants and 40 of the people who misuse or abuse prescription stimulus do so by uh by

Snoring um now this is according to their website what i just read that’s in their information so they say our investigational new drug compound adair targets stimulant misuse and abuse it uses an active ingredient dextro amphetamine that has been approved by the fda it has been approved by the fda and used clinically for over 50 years dexter amphetamine is

The same active ingredient used in fda approved products such as vines the key difference between adair and other forms of dextroamphetamine is our delivery system adair uses a novel patented formulation to deliver dextroamphetamine and is designed to deter attempts to crush and snort it or take it by other non-oral routes that can produce a greater high so

They’re doing it differently and they promise that it’s better treatment than what already exists so they’re going to use some that’s already approved by the fda and should everything they say is true this company’s stock is definitely worth considering so our investigational new drug compound idea targets stimulant misuse and abuse violent pharmaceuticals filed

For sep has filed for 17 million dollars in the u.s ipo the firm is developing reformulated drug treatment candidates val is related to investor arc our tourist therapeutics from who it obtained its core technologies vlan pharmaceuticals has filed to raise like we said seventeen million dollars the firm yeah well we’re marine the same thing i’m sorry this is

What happens when you don’t uh check for a second you know check your work before you go and put it on video i’m sorry so i put the same information in two slides so let’s go philadelphia pennsylvania based valen was founded to create an abuse deterrent reformulation version management is headed by president ceo david baker who has been with the firm since 2019

And was previously ceo of al cobra where he oversaw development of the firm’s drug adder their pipeline there is the first three let’s say and then they have admir but with it there is they’re also they’re also uh going to commercialize and have this for europe in partnership with medes which is the number one adhd company in europe in the us it’s already almost

Ready to go out so vlan is seeking a quite small ipo transaction to find its leading drug candidate through what it believes will be limited trials before approval status is successful the firm’s lead candidate there is being tested in the u.s and europe for treatment of adhd the global market for treating adhd conditions is quite large and expected to grow at a

Moderate pace in the coming years valen is collaborating with medics in europe for the adhd drug candidate and the company’s investors think they can include arcturus therapeutics from whom violent obtain its core technologies valuation score for me is a four out of five the company is already using fda approved uh products let’s say for using its recipe for

Its candidate the market to treat adhd is big and growing it seems to have everything ready it’s not really worried about whether it will be accepted or not they feel 100 confident that they will be able to get their product out accepted by the fda commercialized very soon and so they that’s why they’re seeking only a very small amount 17 million dollars from

The ipo just to get things done let’s say um it all seems like that that’s the way it all seems in in their acc filings they talk about the same information i feel that it’s it’s worth considering i will definitely have it on my watch this i may even invest in it so far though they haven’t announced yet the official uh date to go public uh it’s due that’s mainly

Due because of the elections and market uncertainty uh it shouldn’t take long for them to go public once we do know a date i will definitely put out a video for it there’s so don’t worry about it you i will remind you about it and uh please keep in mind that my valuation score is for detainment purposes um never invest according to my valuation score that’s all

I want to thank you very much for taking the time to watch my video thank you very much for supporting this channel and if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section below take care everybody

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New IPO Vallon Pharmaceuticals Files To Go Public By IPO Market Watch