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All right yo what’s up priority boy king luffy man and we’re back playing anime adventures man and we got juzo the new mythic in the banner would go by ultra lucky and super lucky real quick maybe okay murphy all right maybe we’ll get uh we’ll get a shiny dude all right let’s get it boys man with a bit of luck man we can get jesus then we’re going to be popping

Dude we’re going to be chilling all right i’m going to go bye come on man all right give us that juicer all right come on can we get lucky boys i have all the luck in the game right now let’s get let’s get it come on yes we’re gonna showcase the new mythic boys if we get it we should get it though like i have a lot of gems oh my god all right come on

Give us that user okay we got blackbeard jesus arsenal briefcase briefcase yeah i think so yeah monkey we’ll be grinding a girl city infinite yo thank you mike all right come on come on get it let’s get it all right here we go here we go come on man please please give me the give me the mythic bro give me the mythic man right please lord yeah somebody

Put a shot he did damn damn bro they’re pulling the shiny man yo give me one of those i’ll take a shiny user i hope he’s good man do you guys think he’s going to be good in the chat let’s get it man come on yo we got him boys easy claps dude easy claps man leo let’s go it wasn’t the shiny though but let’s go dude let’s freaking go boys yo choose oh man give

Me that juice i did oh my god easy claps dude all right let’s go showcasing boys with the gang all right i’m gonna go take off uh we’ll take off uh there for now we’ll put on giza all right look at it look at her man bro that’s so cool damn i’m gonna go we’re gonna go the new infinite man whoops now you guys are fast bro you guys are fast oh wait we’ll check

The evolution real quick if i can get out dude i think i’m bugged oh dear god i’m bugged i think i joined someone’s game all right hold up maybe i can press summons ah yeah let me check the evo real quick yeah i’m gonna check the either it’s been three minutes and got the mythic yes sir they said he op i think he might be op2 right let’s have a look at the evo

Damage or like the damage increase okay you only need one of them thirty percent more attack plus joko joker errata damn bro we just need one of those lollipops we need a dang lollipop bro all right let’s go equip her again mod said she’s op okay if the mod said she’s op then she’s op boys all right let’s get it let’s get it all right let’s get in oh my gosh

Man you guys are so fast all right i want you guys to get a girl see we’ll go girl city infinite let’s see how many people can come in i’m sure a lot of you guys already done it all right let’s go let’s go showcase the new jizzo man boom all right who’s the arsenal briefcase for then probably a rimmer probably a rimmer alrighty boys all right let’s go juzo

Juzo bleeds let’s go all right and then jesus is gonna be one of the best then we need we need bleed units all right so he cost a thousand 250 to place down as well we got like a nimble one trade on him as well um let’s have a look we had to get him we had to place him down straight away i forgot to bring my money unit though that’s the problem but then again

Uh we’re in infinite mode so it doesn’t matter oh wow dude straight up man a giant line circle okay so 39.2 damage 6.4 sba 14.5 range this is level one though guys is bleeding straight away wow it bleeds straight away from deployment yeah dude is going to be insane this is going to be insane man this is this isn’t the evo either guys this isn’t this isn’t even it

Evolved right look at the line circle straight up bro on the deployment actually insane let’s just keep going let’s just keep going with the uh upgrades let’s see how many we can place down as well dude what the heck what the heck man are you guys uh you guys don’t need to uh defend for me boys right hopefully hopefully we don’t lose here man i think we got it

I think we got it then we’ll showcase the rest man i’m not trying to lose yo boys place down your units easy collapse man easy collapse all right we’ll go upgrade again okay okay so we’ve got 195 damage 5.5 spa 16 range i think we’re good at the back i think yeah we should be chilling should be big chilling man yeah the damage it’s level one guys and it’s not

Evolved but the mod said it’s better than broly the monsters say that it’s better than broly so let’s just see let’s just see what sort of range we get maxed all right next upgrade so we got manic frenzy is the next upgrade dang bruh should be pretty insane all right let’s get it let’s get it how’s he better than broly we’ll see though because we don’t have the

Evolved version oh dang i know we should be good we got er erwins all right we get the next upgrade coming in a sec thank you guys for uh also defending man i appreciate it apparently that’s what the mod said guys apparently the mod said uh better dude i don’t know it could be it could be a it could be a legit or just troll we’ll see boys i just saw two scouts

Emerge yo how am i i’m good man i’m good next upgrade dude we’ll get the new attack okay oh it’s aoe cone bro i don’t know about i don’t know about aoe killing but maybe the evolved version is better it is 24 range still not a big fan of aoe cone i don’t know why um but this is this isn’t the evolved version though oh wow let’s have a look at these attacks

He throws the uh scythe right yeah that’s pretty good man these attacks are really clean mod said she’s slightly better than almond so wait she’s bad but what about the evolved version though we don’t know about the evolved version it does bleed oh my god bro yeah this better be this better be like 40 range dude on last on last upgrade otherwise yo we down

Bad dude we down batter today we might we might need to do the evolved showcase man we’ll see almond is busted bro yeah facts dude facts 100 oh the mods didn’t say anything okay monster said she’s good all right well if the monster well if that’s what they said man then he might be good or he or she bro it’s a he i don’t know dude i don’t really watch tokyo

Ghoul he or she bro it doesn’t matter man it looks like a trap to me anyway all right he did a juicer man all right let’s see let’s see all right this this um unspecified person dude this next upgrade man all right let’s see can we get like 40 range maybe on juzo bro is it a girl or a guy guys no camp in the chat dude is that is it no i swear bro i swear it’s

A girl man bro look at her bro oh i haven’t watched tokyo girl that much no it’s i know it’s a guy in the in the anime but it does look like a girl i got a lie i got a lie bro kind of looks like a girl dude bro this is so expensive too man 29 range but we need the evolved version otherwise we can’t really tell i don’t think the other guy is good to tattoo a guy

Either all right we got 10k now oh my gosh okay all right that’s that’s it max bro i don’t know man i mean it does bleed though what do you guys think dude let me see how many we can place down but it’s not evolved it’s not evolved though it’s not evolved those do bleed damage we need to get that we need to see the evolved stats but i’ll still showcase it as

The non-evolved version can we place down more than four let’s have a look complacent more than four maybe okay we can place down for 700 damage made it easy evolved might be good man i don’t know well we had to wait and see the evolved version boys because uh as you guys know man most units are unevolved man their stats are just terrible do i buff oh if you

Want to man i don’t think it’ll make much difference to the hp but we’re chilling we chilling hey we’ve got jason coming in all right i’m going to put in some actual units this time yeah i don’t know man maybe we should wait for karneke boys but there is the showcase at least oh my louder what happened to almond i don’t know i think there’s a meme about almond

Or something there’s a new mythical i don’t know until we evolve

Transcribed from video