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New treatment for psoriasis

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And welcome back to fox ten news at four according to the national psoriasis foundation more than eight million americans have this itchy skin condition it creates red and scaly patches on the skin treatment can involve a topical cream a longtime local dermatologist is using some new treatments for the condition though dr. fred bodi is in the studio to talk more

About it and just quickly i want to talk about what causes this condition psoriasis is somewhat genetically inherited could also occur due to a immunologic changes in the body it’s a reaction of the immune system to stimuli such as bacteria sometimes you mentioned foods i think too much alcohol the problem with psoriasis it’s such a devastating disease that

It creates all kind of secondary things like diabetes weight gain and things like that oh wow i didn’t know that most people just talk about how uncomfortable it is or how they don’t like how it looks but i didn’t know about the internal problems it can cause but it does that because imagine if this was all over your body you wouldn’t want to go out dressed

In shorts and you want to even though sunlight is helpful to you when you have psoriasis the problem is nobody wants to go out so they get depressed they stay inside and frost is gonna really be a real downer for people that have it so there are a number of treatments topical creams that’s just one of them but you’re using some new things as well right the new

Just it’s made this treatment psoriasis so wonderful as people that have psoriasis over just over 10% of their body that’s all it takes and they’re recalcitrants other therapies we can use these things called biologics and these are very expensive medicines made by many different drug companies and it actually just makes a person go to zero psoriasis oh wow the

Problem is it’s expensive problems you have to keep taking it but it really works and one other thing is 20% of the people that have psoriasis can get psoriatic arthritis and that can be quite destructive of your joints so these biological biologics if you get on them early enough it will stop that so your joints don’t destroy themselves typically like who are we

Talking to here are we talking to people who already have it or who don’t know that they have it i think people most people know but if you have a rash over 10% of your by 20 but you have a rash on your elbows and knees it’s kaylee’s silvery scale rice you gotta go see a dermatologist and see there are a lot of topicals there’s a brand new and it works really

Well it’s a combination of a how bad is all and to terezin which if you’re not pregnant it’s really good if you can use it for four weeks in the staying power once you stop as it’ll stay for several months does it ever go away i don’t think psoriasis ever really goes away i think there have been remissions i’ve seen people who have gone into remission that’s

Unusual we don’t really understand that but it can be certainly reignited by one little cut or scratching or an infection with with the staff or strap or something like that alright so the best advice is see an expert that’s correct okay thank you doctor for coming in we’ll be sure to get this posted on our youtube page so you can i’ll share it with someone you

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