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Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

I’m gonna do my t-shirts again and i like these now that’s a tasty burger this is a 360 video you can move the screen around you can drag it drag it and you can look over there there’s a man with a dog over there look over there look look nasa the brainy bunch i wonder who that is we’ve got i want einstein i think that’s leonardo da vinci that’s charles darwin

Come over that is i used to have him on an english book at school that’s william shakespeare that’s nikolai tesla is that aristotle i don’t know and that’s stephen awking oh blessings sheldon game scissors paper rock lizard spock scissors beat paper rock beat scissors scissor beat lizard lizard eats paper paper disprove spock that’s a great glass is half full

Me so do you say the glasses are full would you say it’s graphics have empty i just fill up the glass see stark racing i’m a geek me purple i think he was called purple can’t remember his name anymore look at that that’s gonna your head you could of course turn it around this way actually we want it this way so it does the superman in a super folded way watch

This pay attention so this is gonna lift up the front of the t-shirt so you bring it down downwards instead of upwards like this shake it get the creases out grab the seams and bring it down this way i don’t do it this way because i can’t lean so well folding it like this you know like that fold up the bottom yeah see all this leaning i can’t believe anybody

Got time for that right so same thing with the folding one two three and then fold it up huh so more t-shirts down over here onto the top shelf lastly and then i’m when i’m using up all of this shelf i can move these back down here quite happy with my t-shirt folding technique but it’s not a technique just takes out all the trouble of it oh oh i’m pooped i’ve

Got the salt back now look look there’s a bird in my garden it’s a pigeon getaway tree rat oh no that’s what they call squirrels in it tree rats that’s a flying rat i put my bird feeder over euro you can’t see it from your um i’ve got a i bought a thing like it’s like a shepherd’s hook and i can hang the bird feeder off that but i haven’t seen any small birds

What was it um i think suzanne was telling me about was it pip someone talking about small birds and having to do something i don’t know i think that bird feeder was going to be full for the duration of my tenancy here hmm so i’ve got the whole weekend off i didn’t stream yesterday because i had a terrible night with indigestion like kind of foamy indigestion

And when you’re going to have a burp like and as if the gas is out well this is like i had loads of foam inside me and i was like oh a real gargle burp it was awful and i had a horrible night’s sleep so i didn’t stream that day i just read the book it’s a really good book as well um i will be streaming in the week on 11 a.m playing the space game and 7 p.m

Doing some cycling and doing some chatting i’m changing the way i’m doing the discord again because originally it was just for people on the higher level membership but i dropped it and let anyone in but after looking at the stats and seeing the time drop off on the video and and any with all cross-referenced and i have come to the conclusion that it’s based on

Data that if i speak to one person like karina or zombie brains or gold or whoever it is i’m speaking to then the numbers go down if there’s two or more people the numbers plateau if there’s three or more people the numbers go up so based on the data i’m only going to do the things that are either not making it worse or beneficial which means i’ll open up the

Discord but i won’t go in until there’s at least two people chatting in the discord already and if there isn’t then i just won’t go in there because the drop off of the video of the numbers on the video that’s not good for me for discovery in the way google works in his algorithm so that’s what we’re going to be doing now we’re still going to have the disc all

Open but there’s got to be people in there i’m not like a one-to-one is really for the higher level membership levels and so that’s why i’m not going in i ain’t getting out of bed unless there’s two people in there nothing’s not quite right if you like these videos and you think they’re good and you want to share them please subscribe just click the little button

That says subscribe below the video and if you can’t see that turn your device to the side or portrait or whatever and click the subscribe button please it’ll help me get out to more people and like it if you can it’s easy it’s free it’s peasy to do and if you click on the bell and go for all notifications you’ll get to know about all my stuff and if you’re a

Member which starts at 199 a month you can use custom emojis you can see all my secret posts and stuff on my social thing and if you’re a youtuber and a member i will share your videos publicly to all my subscribers so please give it a like definitely that’s easy subscribe again easy look how easy this is click on all notifications so you get notified and then

If you want a custom badge and custom emojis and ability to get merch then come to my live streams and possibly even maybe become a member starting at 199 a month if you could that’d be great cheers oh a lovely day

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