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Niacin: Allergies, Histamine Intolerance, Mental/Sexual Health and More

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In this episode, I am sharing a few ideas, facts and my experiences using the wonderful Niacin. Its vastly deficient in many diets today which can affect a great many health concerns from schizophrenia to depression to fungal infections and so much more to include histamine intolerance more of you suffer from than you know. Especially for the men. All too often we have blamed and shamed both men and women, young and old alike, for their often seemingly uncontrollable promiscuities (sex) saying they are weak, hormonally imbalanced (possible) yet never even considering histamine intolerance and mast cell difficulties which have everything to do with being “horny” be it too little (many) normal (far less today) or too much (often the case). So, from a biological sense, leaving “moral codes” aside for the sake of understanding mast cells and histamine, lets take a quick peak at where one might start in getting some mental health, sexual health and overall physical health holistic and in loving order for all. 🙂 Let me add to a miss I performed in the video when speaking about cholesterol and niacin and fungus. Bottom line is, cholesterol, from the liver, increases to SAVE YOUR LIFE 99 of 100 times as it is the very wonderful substance that not only every cell in your body requires but mops up and rids the body of toxins, as niacin does so well in the case of fungal mycotoxins which tend to go hand and hand with cancer. How can we know that? PubMed of one. They have been using fungal mycotoxins, like in antibiotics, sugar, grains and the like to induce cancer in lab animals and they have been using antifungals to kill cancer in those knowledgeable enough to demand it vs killer chemicals and radiation. Blessings In Health! Todd CHHP

Hello again kamastana um there’s an old saying are you nuts and i’ve heard that all too many times referring to me um and in part maybe it was a little bit but um the beauty of that is i’ve learned i’ve learned all kinds of things that you can do for mental health i’m just going to have a little fun there but i have to do with mental health whether it’s depression

Schizophrenia different things like that i want to touch on a couple things here that can be critically important to a person nice and is something that’s one of the first things that i use probably uh you know whatever 20 years ago when i started all this and i’ve got my cheat sheet here because i have to and just to pronounce this properly um but there are

Different forms of nice and of course this one is straight niacin and this one will cause the cause of the flush whereas the other ones do not uh there’s uh niacinamide there’s uh inositol now that’s the right kitchen i always say no still hex but anositol hexane nice and neat hexane nice and ain’t closing up the stain release and those i never use just because

That that’s known to be issues with the liver there’s just no reason to use it in my view on niacin it’s been one of those things has been used for many years many decades matter of fact the doctor abram hoffer uh did a lot of work with nice and schizophrenia and he had amazing success with it i think he had somewhere on the order of i’m going to say around 80

Cure rate um you know and that’s dr abram dr abram hoffer now you can get his book i mean you can get this book online but um one of my favorite doctors is dr andrew saul and he’s got a site called um a doctor yourself and he’s got some uh excerpts and stuff like that of dr hoffer’s front doctor offers books now he’s very good friends with dr hoffer so he’s

Got a lot of great information on there as well but i would suggest that you go there and look at some of his information maybe by dr hoffer’s book or whatever dr um saul has got to offer because generally speaking he gets much of his information from some of the best of the best i love the guy i forget about uh mentioning his name but he’s got some terrific

Information on there for me i want to say what i’ve used it for a couple times i’ve not suffered schizophrenia unfortunately i’ve had issues in the past but it’s amazing when you quit drinking and when you eat right the things that you don’t do drugs prescription included especially prescription how things tend to melt away off into the distance but i still

Take niacin for the simple fact that i’m quite sensitive to things where my heart in particular are quite sensitive to things that most people are not my one little we’ll call it a vice but it’s not really a vice i love dark chocolate it’s one of the things that i allow myself to eat pretty regularly and but if i don’t take a little bit of of niacin you know

Because the having histamine problems in much of my life histaminating tolerance problems i’ll i’ll get some flutters and stuff like that uh miss beets pvcs and different uh but depends on the chocolate do hot day enough um but uh that’ll be something that if i take a very small dose of this that helps dramatically so when one of the things that i’ve talked about

Before with angina and things like that with heart disease well angina in particular oftentimes what they don’t address again they will talk about coronary artery disease and they’ll talk about but what they never talk about is the the constriction that histamine mast cells cause in the in the vessel and go back this is just like migraine headaches you want to

Know where that originates it’s not so much that the what what happens first is the vessel actually contracts really small and then uh balloons up to three four hundred percent of what it was so it’s the contraction that’s that’s a histamine problem as well and again as i said in my video yesterday i believe it was um you’ll find that nine out of ten allergy

Problems are not allergy at all it’s not an immune response it’s a this is generally speaking it’s a histamine intolerance response and that that comes from you know the conceptual con conception onward i mean if the mother’s taking all kinds of things that cause histamine problems like antibiotics and poor diet and stuff like that you’re almost guaranteed your

Child is going to have histamine problems what can that end up amounting to well you can have somebody who’s sexually out of control for one thing you can have somebody as they get older you can have somebody that um is has got is very sensitive to pain you know somebody there’s just it’s actually there’s endless amounts of things asthma endless amounts of things

That uh histamine intolerance has to do with and this is one of the very best things ways to address it now for those that don’t have never used niacin like this in this form this is one that causes the flush and if you’re not used to that it can be pretty nerve-wracking you know it’s kind of my son hates it you know but so that’s where the where the inositol

Hex comes in handy as far as the niacin is concerned because that one actually is very good for for the psychiatric benefits and stuff like that just as well as the niacinamide is but the niacinamide short story years ago you know i’m not a believer in in cholesterol being an issue at all um it you know that’s you can’t live without it bottom line um but one

Of the reasons cholesterol goes up and down for various reasons for one thing prescription drugs will do that but you’ll find that when a person niacin is very highly anti-fungal and you’ll find when people one of the reasons why it’s they they use niacin the right the right types and forms the reason they use niacin is because it eliminates fungus and what we do

Know is that when you put fungal mycotoxins in the system which happens all the time from grains alcohol sugar you name it cholesterol tends to go up surprise surprise um so i went to a doctor and and he wanted of course like everybody every other doctor in today’s world they want to put you on a statin again the blessing of the statin was it was killing me so

Fast and it hurt so bad that i that’s when i changed my life back in 2003 and um you know i guess that was the one benefit but that was one of the first drugs i got off of like you know yesterday um so the doctor he wanted to you want to put me on a stat and said why in the world would i take a stab you know i’ll take care of my you know my health uh you know

The natural way and he thought he was i don’t know if he’s trying to be sly or that he just didn’t know any better but he gave me niacinamide and i told the nurse on my way out and i said you realize that this is the type niacinamide is a type that does not work for hdl you have to have niacin and you have to have no still hex and you got to have the proper

Forms for what you’re after so for me i know somehow and niacin nicotinic acid is the way to go i’ll try to try my best you remind me to do some videos on histamine intolerance from everything from sexual health for you guys that have you know premature ejaculation problems and all kinds of issues like that um you know there are things or just bloodshot

Eyes all the time i said sensitive to to just any little pain there’s just so many things just type in histamine intolerance um and you’re gonna find a different kind of world and then you can then you can start addressing it and the nova cause uh the phase one diet that i’m so familiar with and i love and i try to tell people the anal fungal diet goes a very

Very long way in dealing with histamine issues so i think that’s going to be it for now so if you have issues that you’re just you know constantly have allergies just no answers you want to try some other things talk to your naturopathic doctor about getting on a good i mean it’s dirt cheap getting on a good niacin whether it’s niacin or it’ll still hex or you

Know what what have you get it going give it a try you’ll find that that uh for dr hoffer he would use thousands of milligrams now for me when i take it this is only 100 milligrams each uh when i take it i’ll take 50 milligrams and i can feel that flush so so when people one of the old tests you know this you know it’s kind of a you know it’s not real reliable

But reliable enough in my own experience uh if you take a a niacin and you’re at a small dose of let’s say 200 or less and you’re still getting a flush then you you’re almost certain to have pretty serious uh histamine intolerance mast cell issues um but you know it’s one of those things that it’s incredibly safe nobody’s ever died from uh taking niacin just

As nobody’s dieting for the last 35 plus years from taking any supplementation um you know proven killed from an actual supplementation um but drugs nagasaki and uh hiroshima those amounts of deaths every year just in this country alone from from prescription drugs alone and we worry about all the stuff that you know sleight of hand works great for the uh

Profits but anyway uh get on it if you have mental health issues and other things like that think niacin you know that that alone may not be the answer but it’s one that can be a huge part of it so bless you guys thank you very much see ya

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Niacin: Allergies, Histamine Intolerance, Mental/Sexual Health and More By Todd A. Beck Capt. CHHP