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Niacin: Does It Really Prevent Heart Disease?

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Are you using Niacin? Do you really want to know what it does to prevent heart disease? Does it really help to prevent heart disease?

Niacin does it really prevent heart disease if you don’t have time to watch the entire video just know this niacin is one of the best vitamins that you could take to prevent or combat heart disease very often when people speak of cholesterol and measures that they can take to lower their bad cholesterol the focus is usually on food we believe that eating foods

Low in saturated fat trans fat etc plays an important role while these measures do play a part it’s a fact that about 80 of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your body yes you heard that right your liver produces most of the cholesterol whether it’s elevated or not that means the remaining 20 is a result of your food when you take these percentages into

Account you’ll realize that your attempts to lower your cholesterol levels just by tweaking your diet will have a minimal effect niacin which is nicotinic acid will address the cholesterol production in the liver directly and mitigate the problem by curtailing the production of cholesterol one of the benefits of niacin is its ability to reduce levels of fibrinogen

In your body fibrinogen is one of the factors leading to coronary heart disease it can cause claps in the arteries which impedes blood flow to the heart resulting in heart attacks niacin has the ability to prevent fibrinogen from reaching levels where it has such influence doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not recommend niacin often because it’s inexpensive

You can always trust the pharmaceutical industry to put the dollar ahead of your well-being the affordable niacin supplements sold in health stores are barely given a mention while statins which are known to be ineffective and cause side effects are hailed as the miracle cure it’s all about the money but now you know better it’s important to note that unlike most

Vitamins and supplements you need to exercise caution when consuming niacin it’s best to speak to your doctor he or she will be the best person to advise you because the vitamin is processed in the liver and you don’t want to overload it there are several side effects or contraindications that may arise when taking niacin gout nausea itching stomach pain allergic

Reactions and arrhythmias are all possible side effects taking these into consideration you should only consume niacin if your bad cholesterol levels are high and you require lipid modification if that’s not the case you can just stick to changing your diet consuming fish oil and garlic supplements and engaging in regular exercise to lower your cholesterol these

Are effective too they just take a longer time to work to conclude when purchasing niacin supplements it’s important to remember that not all niacin supplements are made equal you need the right dosage and the correct active ingredients certain types of niacin like inositol nicotinates no flush niacin are ineffective and don’t lower your cholesterol levels despite

What the labels say you must get regular niacin which may be referred to as vitamin b3 if your bad cholesterol levels are high and you want to avoid statins good decision niacin is a very effective and inexpensive

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Niacin: Does It Really Prevent Heart Disease? By Nature’s Gem – Heart Healthy Living