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Niacin vitamin B3 NAD Joe Rogan depression & immunity (2021)

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**Always take a methyl donor like TM glycine with high levels of niacin**

All right uh i thought i’d make a video about niacin uh whilst undergoing a bit of a niacin flush if you see me skin’s gone a bit i can’t really see it but it’s best complexion about in a while anyway um yeah so niacin’s vitamin b3 he’s found in uh dairy beef liver and i think beans like legumes or legumes however you say um yeah and it increases levels of nad

And it is a cofactor or coenzyme i believe it’s used in the krebs cycle if i remember rightly from my a-level biology um and that produces energy in the cell and more importantly the kind of benefit of that is apparently improves the ability of your immune system to basically work or defend yourself against things like covid and there is some a couple of

Studies saying that it might be good for depression in higher doses as well um there’s a lot of evidence saying it’s good for cholesterol um reduces by cholesterol increases the good um so yeah um always speak to your doctor before you take it though um i’m not sure if there’s any contraindications with it um yeah just make sure it’s safe for you to take um

And as you can see when you’re flushing it’s a bit uncomfortable um if you take too much too soon your body gets saturated and you get really hot skin and um because blotchy feels a bit like sunburn um but then you feel quite good afterwards so you know there’s a protocol where you take um niacin then you have an infrared sauna and then you take charcoal to get

Rid of kind of the heavy metals in your body i believe i don’t know if that’s any good or if that’s scientifically based but might be worth looking into um yeah when you start off get 25 milligrams of 50 milligram tablets and then just start off with have them with food as well otherwise can upset your stomach so 25 ml ideally 25 milligrams with your breakfast

25 milligrams your lunch another one with your dinner and the next day do 50 50 25 and then the day after do 75 75 50 and just keep upping it and see what your tolerance is but a lot of people say work up to a thousand milligrams um yeah just see what works for you if you’re feeling any better any more energy with it but yeah i um only on day four took 250

Milligrams that’s um made me kind of flush and maybe a bit hot so yeah but it’s um there’s a lot of research on it i’ll put a couple of links in the description to the video um yes it’s uh getting a lot of attention because of its potential to help with covid and probably because joe rogan the legend that joe rogan he does intravenous nad so the kind of poor

Man’s version of that would be to um well you can’t supplement nad just consuming a tablet of it but um that’s dead expensive as well so the kind of poor man’s version is niacin or vitamin b3 um yeah consult your doctor laters

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