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Nicotine Patch Works Best for Slow Smokers

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► Nicotine Patch Works Best for ‘Slow’ Smokers

Nicotine patch works best for slow smokers how quickly your body breaks down nicotine may determine if a pill or a patch will be the most effective way to quit smoking in this new trial we’ve shown that it is possible to optimize quick rates for smokers while minimizing side effects by selecting treatment based on whether people break down nicotine slowly

Are normally says rachel tyndale a professor of pharmacology toxicology and psychiatry at the university of toronto in normal metabolizers nicotine levels drop more quickly putting them at risk of succumbing to cravings and relapse normal metabolizers are more likely to be helped by medications such as varenicline known by the brand name cham bik’s which

Can increase levels of the feel-good hormone dopamine and reduce cravings pill our patch normal metabolizers of nicotine are significantly more likely to remain abstinent from smoking after treatment with varenicline compared to the nicotine patch at the end of treatment and six months later slow metabolizers on the other hand could benefit the most from

The nicotine patch varenicline is just as effective as the patch for slow metabolizers but can lead to more side effects than the patch this is a much needed genetically informed biomarker that could be translated into clinical practice says quote lead author karan lehrman professor of psychiatry at university of pennsylvania matching a treatment choice

Based on the rate at which smokers metabolize nicotine could be a viable strategy to help guide choices for smokers and ultimately improve quit rates unfortunately there are no commercial tests for this biomarker on the market so right now smokers and their physicians currently have no way of knowing which approach is likely to work best researchers hope

The findings will spur others to create a test that could be used by doctors to optimize the cessation rates for all people without unnecessarily exposing them to a drug which doesn’t work as well or has avoidable side effects and reported online in the lancet respiratory medicine the clinical trial categorized 1246 smokers who were seeking treatment as

Either slow metabolizers 662 or normal metabolizers 584 participants were randomized to receive one of the following for 11 weeks the nicotine patch plus a placebo pill varenicline plus placebo patch or both placebo pill and patch all received behavioral counseling the trial was conducted at four academic medical centers status as either a normal or slow

Metabolizer was based on a measure called the nicotine metabolites ratio nmr nmr is the ratio of two chemical products of nicotine which break down at different rates based on different genetic versions of cyp to a six a liver enzyme participant smoking behavior was assessed at the end of treatment and six and 12 months later among normal metabolizers nearly

40% taking varenicline were still abstaining from smoking at the end of treatment compared to 22% of the in patch the quit rates as expected based on the difficulty of prolonged quitting success decreased at six and twelve months but the overall pattern of response for both normal and slow metabolizers on the patch and varenicline remained source university

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