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Nifedipine Top 7 SIDE EFFECTS | NiMODipine, Nisoldipine Procardia Uses and Side Effects

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I talk about the uses, how do they work, and side effects

What’s going on guys this is dr khan and today we’re going to be talking about the philippine nicardipine nymotipine and can these pills cause our ankles and legs to swell up let’s answer this question we’re gonna be talking about its uses as well as seven common important side effects so how do these medications work these are called calcium channel blockers

And basically meaning they inhibit the calcium channel what these medications do is they prevent the calcium from entering the cell leading to the muscles of your blood vessels to relax as well as the muscles of your heart blood vessels to also relax this leads to opening up of your blood vessels both in your regular blood as well as around the vessels of your

Heart now this is going to be fairly important because this will lead to the uses of this medication other than just high blood pressure so now let’s talk about the uses other than high blood pressure number one use is going to be angina meaning your heart is having pains that is not a heart attack that is a very important distinction angina pains can happen but

You are not having a heart attack this can only be judged by your physician so your physician may prescribe you this medication if you have stable angina stable heart disease also in a type of heart angina called vasospastic where your vessels are not bad but your vessels keep on squeezing every now and then and whenever these vessels squeeze that leads to you

Feeling like you are having a heart attack your doctor will let you know whether this is a regular heart attack or your blood vessels are just acting up a little bit they may prescribe you this medication next use is going to be high altitude sickness so basically when people they ascend onto hills and mountains and mountain tops on a very quick pace they tend

To develop swelling and fluid into their lungs now this medication has been known to help out with that so that’s why we always doctors always advise that whenever you want to climb mountains or go on hiking a little bit slow don’t go up to the peak of the mountain on your first one or two days stay at the hill station stay at a certain level for a couple of

Days before you actually ascend on top of the mountain don’t be doing that but this medication may help and your doctor will know what to do the next use is going to be in pregnant females with high blood pressure so this medication is generally not considered a first-line medication for regular people but if you are pregnant and if you have high blood pressure

This medication may be used for you and this is safe in pregnancy unlike other high blood pressure medications now the last i want to talk about is going to be raynaud’s phenomena now this is when your hands and toes actually turn blue and really really cold this could happen if you are in the cold or you are stressed out or really anxious so this could happen

And these medications can actually help you out in reynolds phenomena if you have it now we’re going to talk about the side effects of these medications and these are going to be significant side effects now number one is going to be it can hurt you in a heart attack situation if you are having a heart attack do not be taking these medications don’t pop these

Pills of course your doctor will be the person to let you know what you should be taking because these pills can drop your blood pressure in a certain manner that can lead to your heart rate rising when your heart rate rises that means your heart is pumping fast and more aggressively that leads to an increased demand in your oxygen your heart needs more oxygen

But when you are having a heart attack meaning your blood vessels are really really tight and get clogged off you’re not getting any oxygen when you’re not getting oxygen your heart attack worsens and your heart could have more injury than you would otherwise be having so don’t be taking this medication in case you are having a heart attack and don’t pop any

Pills unless and until your doctor’s doctor tells you so this is very important guys number two is going to be syncope or loss of consciousness this medication can drop your blood pressure to a certain degree to a certain extent that you lose consciousness blood is not flowing into your brain this could especially happen with the short acting versions of this

Medication so most doctors will not prescribe short acting versions to most people there are certain cases however number three is going to be peripheral edema this basically means swelling of your ankles and your feet and your legs this could happen in around 4 to 30 percent of the people and it all varies and i’m going to talk about how to prevent this little

Later in this video now this is very common it could be very unpleasing to the appearance but one thing to note over here is that if you have swelling always let your doctor know because swelling of your ankles feet and legs can also be a sign of fluid accumulating in your legs in heart failure or when your heart is basically weak this could be a sign of heart

Failure but your doctor will be able to assess whether this is just a side effect of this medication or you are actually going into a bit of heart failure so keep these things in mind just to keep some of these things in our mind number four my friends is going to be flushing your face can flush up reddish and this could certainly happen this could happen in up

To 25 percent of the people taking the shorter acting version of this medication and only in less than three percent of the people with the longer acting version of these medications so you guys are getting the hint a short acting version is not the best medication to be taking number five my friends is going to be stomach side effects the gastro side effects a

Lot of people can have heartburn not a lot let’s say around 10 percent could have heartburn another 11 percent could actually have nauseousness or nausea you feel like you’re vomiting and this again happens more in people who are taking the short acting version of this medication and it is much reduced in the longer acting version of this medication number six is

Going to be dizziness and fatigue now dizziness and fatigue could happen in 15 to 30 percent of the people especially with the short acting version again the short acting version is the no good version for a lot of people so this could basically happen when your blood pressure drops too low you may not test your blood pressure but your body could be telling you

That your blood pressure is low by making you feel dizzy and tired all the time number seven is headache yes up to 16 to 23 percent of the people may have headache with this this especially happens when you first start these medication and in some people many people actually if you can wait it out for a couple of days this headache may resolve and if your doctor

Feels that yes this is an important medication for you your doctor may continue it but of course if any of this any of these side effects are really worrisome or debilitating in in any degree for you then your doctor will probably have to stop this medication and try to find some other solution for you but headache can go away if you continue it beyond a couple

Of days now how to reduce these side effects number one is going to be avoid grapefruit juice grapefruit drinking with this medication can lead to increased amount of these medication in your blood more medication in this blood leading to more side effects so avoid grapefruit juice when you are taking these types of medications next as we talked about before try

To use the longer acting of these medication and most doctors in most situations will be providing the longer acting version of these medication again as with most medication start off with a lower dose because you’re not sure how it’s going to act for you in the long run try to go for lower doses first now the all important question when should you be taking

These medication well now if you’re going to be taking the long long-acting version of these pills which most people should be taking you need to take this medication on an empty stomach empty stomach meaning you should take this medication one hour before your meal or at least two hours after your meal when your stomach has emptied food into your intestine now

When you are not going to be taking these medication at all and some of this i already mentioned previously one was of course that you should not take this medication when you are having a heart attack if you’re having chest pains really bad chest pains then do not pop this pill thinking that this will relieve your heart attack don’t do that next very important

To know is that if you had stomach problems or stomach surgeries let’s say you had bariatric surgery for obesity uh don’t take this medication if you had gastroplasty don’t take this medication if for some reason your intestine was cut away for some reason then don’t take this medication what could happen is something called bizarre b-e-z-o-a-r that is that you

May develop a collection of undigested food that may get stuck in your intestine so this could be like a ball stuck in your intestine that’s no good then if your liver is weak if you have cirrhosis due to any cause it could be hepatitis alcohol anything this could be dangerous for you if you have liver problems anyways i wanted to cover this very important blood

Pressure medication group let me know where you guys are watching from always always let me know in the comments below because i love to know where is my audience and also check out my video on other blood pressure medications such as metoprolol such as amlodipine lysonerpril and i also have loads of videos how to treat blood pressure naturally so you don’t have

To take any of these medication hopefully check them out on my channel and let me know if there are any other concerns or side effects that you have had with this medication or if you had any of the side effects that i mentioned let me know about these in the comments below as well anyways my goal is of course to get people off medication but if you have to you

Must take them properly anyways guys subscribe like and share thank you so much you

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