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NMN Storage/Stability Explained & 1 Year Test By Scientists | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips

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NMN, a NAD+ precursor have been shown to increase NAD level in animals and human. NMN supplement has becoming popular but the storage of It is an issue as according to Dr David Sinclair, NMN is not shelf-stable at high temperatures or in high humidity. It can be quickly degrade into nicotinamide, rather than activate sirtuins, it inhibits the activity of sirtuins and PARP, a DNA repair enzyme. Thank you for a group of Scientists from VitaHelix did a test on NMN stability for 1 year storage in both room temperature and liquid form then evaluate their purity and share their results to public.

So you remind me to say something important for the listeners make sure your nr and your animan is kept in the cold um if it’s just on the shelf and it’s not in a stabilized form then it will degrade into nicotinamide which is something you don’t want to take high doses of because we’ve shown in my lab many years ago that nicotinamide will inhibit the sirtuins

And parp as well and and interfere with dna repair what really like the like the form that’s in vitamins right it doesn’t have a super long shelf life that’s not very well known so keep it cool uh freezer or the fridge but i mean like if you’re buying if you’re buying nicotinamide riboside you know from a variety of companies that make it it’s certainly not

Shipped to you cold so the question is how much of it’s already degraded just on the shelf i don’t know i mean it’s kind of the case with probiotics you know you when you get probiotics you want them to be shipped to you cold yeah you know so that they’re live um right same thing here we have to also replace our mouse in a man we put it in their water we replace

That every week because it goes off but that if it gets wet or gets a bit of humidity in the bottle it’s a only a short time before it’s degrading in this video i’ll perform for you a lab experiment to test nmn stability in both powder and liquid forms and the implication of time when stored at room temperature by the end of this video you will be able to store

Your nmn products with confidence for at least one year in organic chemistry it is a common sense to think that an organic molecule is more stable at low temperature and at room temperature it may degrade over time however this assumption is not always the case many people believe that nmn shall be kept in the fridge to avoid degradation over time but is this

A truth or a spreading belief so we decided to put it to the test our enemy stability test was performed by using high performance liquid chromatography hplc where the changes in the unmanned purity can be directly monitored as the result of anemone degradation two experiments were conducted experiment a to test the stability of an mn in powder form two hplc

Samples were measured one is right upon receipt of purchase nmn and the other is after storage at the room temperature in a white and opaque plastic bottle for one year experiment b to test the stability of nmn in water solution the same sample vial in water solution was tested at three different storage periods first freshly prepared nmn water solution second

After one month storage at room temperature and third after 12 months storage now let’s see the result in experiment a the hblc analysis of the nmn powder right after purchase showed the purity of 99.8 percent which is in other words an indication of how predominant animal molecules are in the sample the same anime powder was kept at room temperature in a white

Plastic bottle tightly closed and analyzed after one year as you can see in the chrome monogram the purity remained 99.8 percent this experiment clearly showed there’s no degradation of nmn molecules within a year if your product is a powder and held in a well-capped bottle at room temperature so what about humidity is this important for enemies stability to

Answer the question we conducted experiment b by dissolving powder nnn in water and measured the sample purity when it was freshly prepared one month later and 12 months later the purity was found to be 99.7 94.7 and 0 respectively looking at the chromatograms you can see a progressive drop of the nmn purity over time due to the molecular instability in water

Solution at room temperature here comes the conclusion based on our experiment first you can keep your anime powder product at room temperature without being worried about losing quality for at least one year second nmn will degrade in the presence of water so keep your product bottle tightly closed and away from water and that should be enough

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NMN Storage/Stability Explained & 1 Year Test By Scientists | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips By Reverse Aging Revolution