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No Cancer – No Hydrocodone

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Yay!!!! I can tell my cheek is still a bit swelled. I look like a chipmunk. But, just on one side.

Hi everybody well it’s been a week since my surgery and i got results back yesterday of the biopsy and i do not have cancer now it’s been this week has been really rough because i don’t do well with the pain pills i am was having some pretty bad reactions or pretty bad side effects and i could just quit taking him there for a little while i was in i ended up putting

Ice on my cheek for the pain i can take my i can tolerate about one pain pill every 24 hours if i take any more than that i ended up you know end up with some pretty bad side effects so i don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to pain pills because they’re just perfectly nasty to me the way i feel i have quit smoking completely i’m using this still matter needs

To be charged i’m using that i’m using the 16 milligrams per milliliter right now the next model i will buy i will buy a 12 milligrams per milliliter i’m using a belgian coco by halo it smells pretty good taste pretty good is pretty good that’s enough d that could be a dick thing but you know well you know it is because nicotine is addicting so i will when i will

With this too because i really don’t i don’t want nicotine having and control over my life so yeah all this has caused me to examine my life and i want to live my life to to the fullest and for me i have to figure out what my definition of that is and do that then maybe i’ll put up a singing video i’m in singing a little bit it’s it still hurts um i’ve got it like

A chunk missing mm well i had leukoplakia which was a white spot that can be possibly be precancerous for anyone watching this that’s what i had and i also got a stress ulcer that showed up the day after the surgery it was some white spot and i’ve had them before so i was pretty sure that’s what it was was a stress ulcer but it was kind of scared me a little bit

But that it might be another struggle to comply kiya but i’m like you know kind of i calmed myself down because why freaked out over something that’s just possibly loose leukoplakia but more than likely is a stress ulcer which it turned out to be the doctor looked at it i don’t know exactly what causes their moming they call the stress ulcer so you know probably

Well the doctor said it was probably brought on by the surgery which is very stressful to your body and it was you know and then to it was very stressful to not be able to take the pain pills as often as i was allowed to yes it was um i felt like my skin was crawling and that bugs were crawling on me and i’m itched everywhere and usually i’ll have like my nose will

Feel numb and it will itch and maybe the top of my head will feel like there’s something crawling through my hair but i never had a reaction like this i wish the you know the medical community had some other meds for pain because you know people get addicted to the opioids or they’re like me and they you know have a reaction like that and can’t take them i can’t

It’s a weird feeling you get to that i get to it’s kind of like it i don’t know its unreality it’ll have like hot flashes it’s just yes it was worse it was worse than the pain it was i mean you know the ice help that put ice on my cheek to you know and i see it i’ve got a little bit of a bruise there and yeah there’s a chunk missing and i don’t know how much that

Will feel in but yeah when i was laying there in all this pain and the thought of having a cigarette was absolutely disgusting for me because the cigarettes are you know or what brought all this on in the first place yeah you go through something like this and you start to examine your life and not just the smoking you know start to ask yourself some questions and

What is important how do you want to live your life that happens i’m sure for a lot of other people to not just me but no cancer that’s wonderful for me i mean you know that’s wonderful for me and i hope that other people can quit smoking too i mean i had a difficult time and i don’t want to be the kind of person that says well our quit smoking you can to you i

Mean i’m not saying that i well tell you that i was very addicted and i didn’t think i could do it and i did but yes still no i call it like it is i’m addicted to this now but this is much better for me but i will leave this behind too because i don’t want nicotine controlling me and control in my life and it’s not healthy for me and it it hasn’t i don’t know it

Has a weird taste to it is i can’t i can tell it burns it still kind of burns my throat some and it kind of gives me an upset tummy so you know it’s not good for you but but it is much better than smoking cigarettes so i’ll take this i’ll take this until i can lay it down if i laid down the cigarettes i can lay this down to i just have to do it in my own time i’m

Gonna be around for a while let’s good to know i’m my way you know i could get be hit by truck long you never know but as far as the leukoplakia goes it’s it’s gone and it wasn’t cancer so you know you’re not i’m not out of woods completely because i did smoke but my chances are much better now since i’ve quit it’s good talking to y’all and i’ll see y’all later bye

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No Cancer – No Hydrocodone By PuffyCatTail