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NO MORE ACNE! The PERFECT skincare routine CLEARER skin *UPDATED*

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Tired of having a crusty face well keep watching the video my friend hello and welcome back to my channel i’m ebony assassin and today i have some skincare for y’all you see it it’s clear and if you want some deets on my hair as well comment down below and i can definitely give you a her tutorial how i get my hair this big and the lump shoes i hope you enjoy the

Skincare routine it took me years to figure out based on my skin type and this may not work for you but i’m telling you and worse for most people i am always suggesting this type of stuff to people in my real life so my internet friends of course i got you and here’s a clip of me showing you my face early just showing you i didn’t really wash my face with soap or

Anything and this is just what it looks like oh my god my hair is getting caught my nails i just want to show you my before faith before we start i just want to let you know i did shower i didn’t put any moisturize or anything like that but my face was definitely dry so i feel my natural oils trying to cover the very very dry skin that i have now getting hot and

Pull this bad boy back all right we really starting now we getting into it all right i’m just going to show you my real skin real time you know what i’m saying because i know a lot of people like to pretend we don’t have pores or anything like that unedited on whatever that’s the beauty mark i have it’s like discoloration slight spot okay so now i am spraying my

Face water but if you’re in the bathroom you obviously or in the shower you would just you know use that water and then my next thing i’m going to use i use the cerave foaming facial cleanser foaming facial cleanser for normal to oily skin which cleanses and removes oil without disrupting the protective skin barrier yay with three extent essential ceramides nycamide

And hydrochloronic acid which those three things are very very important and that’s why i use that definitely for oil control i have normal to oily skin foreign this is optional you don’t have to do this i like to exfoliate my skin every other day or if i feel like i’ve been wearing a lot of makeup every single day for that week because it really just gets the

Oil out of there and dirt and i feel like with oily skin you have to exfoliate a little bit more than usual i always exfoliate my lips as well and i just try to get in between my nose and like my eye corners and then you wash it all off and in this case we’re just gonna have to spray water again always always always use a paper towel to dry your face with i know

Some people use towels and towels are okay i just suggest if you’re gonna use a towel just make it your only face towel and always use a different face towel every single day the material of towels really harbors in bacteria and bacteria makes acne and then acne doesn’t make your skin clear it feels really dry and rough but it’s so much better for your skin over

Time hey look at that no residue purd okay this is also optional if you don’t wear makeup then you don’t really have to i use the nuclear cleansing water from garnier skin active line the all-in-one remove makeup cleanses and through this no rinse no posh rubbing for face lips and eyes and it’s for all skin types even sensitive so that’s why i use it i use one of

Those little cotton swab things or not consoles compact things and always go into upward motion because you want to defy gravity and have very healthy bouncy skin and er purr nothing on the pad and then we go back in with a new paper towel feels so gross but it works i’m gonna use a dry skin cream facial moisturizer from ponds easily found in any drugstore that

You could find and it’s for rich hydration for our skin to glow and grow it needs to be rich moisturization so there’s that again rub the circular motions upward upward upward upward and to preserve you know the collagen in your skin now this is again another optional moment i like to use serums after moisturizing and my favorite three are from the ordinary very

Super affordable and work real well okay so the first one i like to use the is the 100 organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil that is really great for people that are battling with acne and surface to a more smoother texture i would 100 recommend this oil the second oil would be an aha it’s a water free stable solution to help with preventing blemishes the last

And final serum will be the niacinamide high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula it is super super good if you are trying to keep acne at bay i very rarely use this one so that was my skincare routine day or night it works totally fine but if you’re gonna use oils i suggest doing that at night a daytime routine with all that oil on your face might not

Go so well especially if you live in the south like me now we’re moisturized and clean and oiled up and ready to go to bed comment down below any more videos you would like to see like comment and subscribe and i will see ya bye

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NO MORE ACNE! The PERFECT skincare routine CLEARER skin *UPDATED* By ebonyassassin