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No more latuda hello abilify

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could not do it with Latuda so then switched over to Abilify which didn’t go well

Hello i just wanted to do this whoops video about um my the tudor going on to a brief reel i was on the tutor for a month it did not work out it made me very um angry and impatient and it wasn’t it wasn’t working it was still making me sleepy and i didn’t like it so um like i said i only lasted on it it was um 40 milligrams for latute only lasted for a month

And it was supposed to help my bipolar depression and so what it was doing is giving me mood swings with anger and impatience impatientness and um i mean there was a lot of other stuff actually um i started having involve involuntary movement um i would have it what felt like not seizures but just like my body started to shake on its own and it wouldn’t allow

Me to go to sleep so i would be awake till five in the morning get two hours of sleep and have to wake up and start my day and that’s the most part that scared me was shaking every time i was gonna knock out real hard just go to sleep at like nine ten my body wouldn’t vibrate and shake and i just would wake up and then i’ll have to do it all over again so i

Didn’t like it and so it was just it was just getting too much for me and my spine would recognize when it was time to have those little mini seizures kind of thing and um my body was getting used to it like it knew like once the sun went down that’s it like my spine would start to tingle it would hurt it would feel weird and i just that would scare me and um

They decided to move me over to aberfield as i say and um that was let’s see i think it was 20 milligrams it could have been more the reason why i’m not sure is because i didn’t take it for one i only took it for three days before my my anchor became aggressive and i was aggressive towards my kids i was angry i would wake up on the wrong side of the bed even

If i didn’t want to i just woke up like that and i would answer no matter what kind of question it was like i love you it would be i love you too like that and if somebody got a mistake like did a mistake i would be like really like that like just so aggressive and contemplating and and figuring out a way of how to hit my children or how to get in a fight

With somebody and real rage and all that within three days that i even started also biting the inner part of my mouth because i was that angry and i was just like i want to like throw it down i want to get in a fight um and so i would i was cutting myself i was biting myself and i was just i was also becoming sad and then out of five months that i’ve been on

Medication i had not thought i don’t count i don’t count them as thoughts of suicide i count them as questions which certain questions should not be thought and my question was what am i doing here and i was like i’m no help to nobody why am i here i’m just taking up you know up space when all i’m gonna do is fill it with anger what’s my problem and why am i

Here those are questions i feel i don’t feel like they’re not so serious i wasn’t thinking about ways to harm myself i wasn’t thinking of um ways or how i used to harm myself like things like that i didn’t i wasn’t thinking that but um and i only say that because when i brought this up to um a friend of mine she was just real like you know i just oh that’s our

Thoughts of suicide and i was just like no they’re not um and so yeah so i was only on them for three days so now i’m on a new journey with sarah quinn so watch my next video so you can get a heads up on that

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No more latuda hello abilify By Vivian Bray