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No more steroid side effects with this new pill

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Eliminate all potential organ side effects from PEDs?

It’s unhealthy to take steroids without taking telemarketing this is telmisarton it lowers blood pressure prevents damage to the heart and the kidney bodybuilders use the excuse not to use more gear there will be no trend below not to use more performance enhancing drugs or not to get bigger body size because of the potential damage to their heart and kidney but what

If there’s a medication that could be taken that completely mitigates all the side effects of steroids on the heart and the kidney now i’m not going to say that telemisartan can completely mitigate all potential damage of taking performance-enhancing drugs but if you look at how it works and you look at the medical studies i mean it’s pretty clear that it directly

Fixes the problems that steroids could create with these organs why would any bodybuilder take performance enhancing drugs without taking telemisart and that’s what i want to know like if you’re a bodybuilder and you’re taking steroids what’s your excuse for not taking thomas harden probably only one and that’s that you just don’t know about it trust me look into it

This is a game changer i’m taking it right now it lowers my blood pressure i feel a lot safer about my kidneys because bodybuilding does put a lot of strain on the kidneys and i feel a lot safer about my heart kidney versus heart these are two major steroid side effects that are long term that i don’t see people talking about as much as it is actually prevalent i

Had heart issues before telmosarten was one of the things and i used in the stack to fix my mitral valve prolapse doctors said what i did was impossible i used a protocol to fix it i went back doctor said it’s impossible the mri doesn’t lie the echocardiogram doesn’t lie thomas argent was part of my protocol if i had been on talmusartan all along i probably never

Would have had a heart problem in the first place now i’m not your medical doctor this is not legal or medical advice you should do your own research this is for entertainment educational purposes only however i think it’s pretty clear by now based on the research that if you’re bodybuilding and we’re not taking this it’s pretty much just pure ignorance unless

We’re worried i’ve got contraindications we’re worried about potential side effects in which case i have to say like not taking this we’re definitely subjecting ourselves to side effects of gear usage and excess body muscle size so like we’re already suffering side effects are the side effects of telomeres going to be worse than the side effects the potential like

We can’t even find side effects of it but let’s say less there’s some potential side effect of taking this after 10 years we have to worry about in the meantime we’re going to live 10 years longer because we’re not going to have a heart attack or kidney failure by using this like that to me far outweighs the potential risk of some side effect 10 to 20 years from

Now like this is an immediate benefit solving an immediate problem that we have in bodybuilding which is blood pressure and kidney issue and cardiovascular disease so also when people say it’s unhealthy to take steroids i say uh no it’s not it’s unhealthy to take steroids without taking telmosarden or it’s unhealthy to take storage without taking ancillaries

That mitigate the side effects but if you take steroids along with things to mitigate the side effects then where’s the side effects there are no side effects you mitigated the side effects so the chemistry itself is not inherently harmful it’s just a tool and you need to use it properly and you need knowledge in order to use it properly this video is not even

Giving you you know technical information about it i’m just giving you perspective about it because i think it deserves it because this is a game changer now these pills are 20 milligrams the dosage is you know 20 to 80 milligrams so some people take 40 milligrams twice per day i personally take 40 milligrams once a day usually or maybe 20 milligrams twice a day

I don’t necessarily take it every day all the time however if i’m mass blasting or i put on a lot of body weight or my blood pressure starts going up because i do test my blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor then i take more telomocerton then my blood pressure comes down i can feel the difference and i feel a lot safer and a lot less anxiety about living

The bodybuilding lifestyle when i’ve got this in my system

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No more steroid side effects with this new pill By Tony Huge Censored