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Non Binary HRT Transition Vlog 1 (AMAB)

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Gonna be vlogging my experience going through Hormone Replacement Therapy as a Non Binary Person!

Hey guys what’s up sam downey here uh you guys are having an awesome week thanks again for the amazing support i had on my uh post uh saying that i was going on hormone replacement therapy honestly really appreciate everyone that was like yo you’re killing it proud of you like honestly yeah i was actually amazing basically i’ve been getting a lot of people reaching

Out um you know asking about like hormone placement therapy why have i chosen to take on hrt uh so i just want to answer some questions and you know go over some of the effects of what i’ve been feeling in the first couple of weeks of being on hrt so basically what i am taking is i’m taking testosterone blockers and i’m taking estrogen estradiol blockers will

Block the testosterone and then yeah the estrogen get the estrogen in and then you know replace the hormones because hormonal physiotherapy so i identify as non-binary i also identify as trans as well but i do like to use non-binary is like my main one because i basically don’t fit into the gender norms of male and female i’m kind of like in the middle i like the

Androgynous kind of look i have a lot of masculine characteristics for example like mostly i talk very masculine i’d say like i do use like yo dude yo bro yo homie how’s it going like i don’t know oh man yeah uh so and then uh when it comes to my feminine characteristics i do like sometimes wearing makeup i love i’m obsessed with my hair like actually obsessed

With it like i don’t know i spent hundreds on hair products like it’s actually uh it’s actually a problem but you know yeah but i’m happy though yeah i spent my whole paycheck on hair products let’s go into a couple of the questions that you guys had so why why did i decide to start hrt so one of the main reasons was uh i’ve been like out as non-binary for i would

Say about a year now um and then on social media and everything probably about a couple of months i think i came out as non-binary on social media i think it was in april maybe march march april-ish and yeah i had a social transition i was that was loving life you know i was a lot happier mentally everyone was saying like you’re killing it like you’re just so much

Happier so much more confident in yourself and yeah i totally felt that as well i felt way more confident in my own skin when it came to meeting new people i used to be like very shy and i used to kind of almost have this like i didn’t really know what to say in like serious conversations so kind of just be like yeah sick dope you know like i didn’t really have

Much of an opinion but now like you know whenever i’m talking to someone about something serious uh you know i can actually give my feedback and i’m actually confident in what i’m saying and also when it comes to my own mental health in general i always had like issues talking about my mental health to people because my gender dysphoria kind of was just like the

Barrier to everything else so like people would be like you know before it came out they’d be like hey are you okay like you seem kind of like you know off today and i’d be like yeah and i’m great like you know um yeah excellent you know like i just because like all i could think about was just my gender dysphoria and you know once i finally came out as non-binary

It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and that’s why like you know i tell everyone like just if you are like you know non-binary gender queer gender fluid trans like live your life to the fullest it’s honestly not worth it staying in the closet because like you’re scared that someone’s going to be like you know upset about it or something’s not going

To accept you in the end like there are so many people out there that you will be able to build a support system even if your support persistent right now for example like your parents grandparents that kind of stuff aren’t as supportive uh you know like you’ll be able to build a support system 100 and that’s the main thing about being like you know yourself is

You’re the only person that can define that there’s parents don’t know who who you are uh when it comes to your gender grandparents don’t know brother sister all that kind of stuff it only comes up to you if you think you’re trans you are trans if you think you’re non-binary you are non-binary if you think you’re gender fluid you’re gender fluid it’s all on you

It’s nothing to do with basically anyone else’s opinion it’s all about your opinion on it and yeah live your life to the fullest so the reason why i have decided to go on hormone placement therapy is i still uh suffered from gender so dysphoria so after i came out as a social transition i was really confident really happy with myself but there was still one

Thing that was kind of like holding me back and uh you know uh with me like you know i really liked a lot of the effects that i’ve seen from other people who did do uh hormone replacement therapy and you know i did show interest in you know stuff like chest growth also um the mental effects um there is a bit of like a mental kind of like mood change that i was

Interested in because i kind of felt like that with the testosterone i wasn’t really like as confident with myself and i just felt if i switched to more like a yeah like an estrogen and be like you know i get a lot more confident and honestly in the first week that i’ve been on estrogen like i’ve even i’ve even seen a way huge like confidence boosts and like yeah

It’s it’s insane like it’s actually insane like i don’t know i think about it sometimes and it’s actually like a dream come true it’s actually a dream come true like you know sometimes you’re just like you know i’ll just be laying in bed and like i’ll think about you know when i was like 10 11 years old and like i had all these thoughts like man like what is

Wrong with me like why am i not satisfied with like my gender and like just like now it’s just like you know like little sam would be happy little sam would be like yes you did it yeah a couple of things that i am interested in when it comes to hrt is super interested in chess growth not trying to sound rude but you know i’m trying to grow some boobies here like

You know yeah like i’m i’m super interested in that like honestly like makes me so happy when i think about it too like uh and you know i’m not really looking you know rock some like double d’s but you know like an a cup a b cup like hell yeah like i’m totally down for that also another thing that is uh it’s kind of a weird topic but like you know should probably

Bring it up is little libido uh so when it comes to me like of course like i do kind of want to still use my penis but it’s not a huge deal for me what was a big deal for me was is like i don’t know are you trying to put on my short shorts and like every single time i’m just getting like this huge erection it was getting so annoying after a while so that was one

Of the main things that like yeah i was interested in when it came to hormone placement therapy because i beat the dollar store in leggings and it’s like you know you almost have to like kind of cover up you have to use the basket to put it over your crotch because it’s just like i don’t know it’s just like awkward but when it comes to my generals in general i

Have no issues with that like i don’t mind having a penis like i kind of like having penis like i’m a big fan of standing up while peeing that’s always been a fine thing for me um when i’m wearing tight clothing and i’m a really big fan of leggings short shorts that kind of stuff it was just like almost like difficult sometimes to wear that kind of clothing and

It really like yeah affected me mentally and that was one of the probably the big reasons why i decided to go on hrt so yeah like basically i want to start making these videos you know every couple of every week or so just kind of updating people we’ll go over some topics as well in the trans community for example um even though i identify as non-binary i still

Also identify as trans because the main definition for transgender is a person who doesn’t assign with the gender they were assigned at birth right it’s nothing to do with a lot of people think that transgender means oh you’re gonna go male to female or oh you’re gonna go female to male that’s no like that’s not that’s not the definition like i don’t know where

People thought of that like where people think that’s like that’s what it is but it’s like that is not the definition of transgender transgender is basically a umbrella term for all these other genders that you can be basically so there’s like demi boy demi girl gender fluid gender queer and then non-binary agender uh trans mass trans feminine there’s like there’s

All these basically genders uh and then also you know like there is male and female as well like because there are people like 100 there are people that were like assigned male at birth and they identify as 100 female and that is that’s awesome like that’s sick like that is really cool like that’s awesome also another thing to bring up too is if you identify if

You will say you’re assigned male at birth and you identify as a female it doesn’t mean you have to be 100 feminine all the time you know you can still be masculine you still wear boys clothes it doesn’t really matter because it’s like it has nothing to do with your looks really it has to do with what you identify as and what you are so yeah thanks for listening

To me rant for basically like you know 10 minutes make sure to follow me on instagram and be posting videos like this all the time if you guys have any like specific questions about like you know non-binary gender or any uh any genders in general like you know i know how to use google so i can totally research up more editors if anyone has any questions about

That uh but for now yeah make sure to follow me on instagram and catch you guys later peace

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Non Binary HRT Transition Vlog 1 (AMAB) By Sam Downey