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Notable Stimulants:Caffeine, Amphetamine and MDMA/Molly

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So let’s go to the most notable stimulants so the first one is as i have mentioned before caffeine so caffeine is a substance found in different plants and it is found in these things that we consume every day like coffee uh chocolate and some energy drinks by the way there’s not caffeine in every coffee you see it’s not really the coffee it’s the caffeine

Inside that is the main stimulant or performance enhancer there’s also decaf i’m sure you know but there is no caffeine where there is always coffee it could be you know different so there is this nice little cup of coffee here or tea but let’s assume this thing has caffeine in a sunny day i think this is nice i guess i mean i like having coffees but you know

If it is a addiction level maybe it’s not exactly a good thing so anyway uh these are some of the side effects of caffeine every one of them has well side effects and advantages people use them for the advantages they also deal with uh the side effects so these are of caffeine so caffeine is actually known as the drug of enlightenment i’m really associated

With creative thinking and the changes that has been brought to the world during the age of enlightenment or even maybe the age of uh industrial revolution i mean really important in uh in this uh critical thinking process because it really helps the brain be awake and think more clearly so it’s really culturally known as a really harmless and actually useful

Drug it even fights some forms of cancer so it’s really widely even morally accepted drug used by almost everyone daily all over the world this is a well stand on caffeine now let’s go to how it works so caffeine actually works by inhibiting adenosine receptors adonai scene is the chemical that promotes a sleepiness and being drowsy and all when you’re tired and

It increases as you’re more and more awake so when caffeine inhibits this adenosine we feel more wakeful you know the regular sleep cycle is like interrupted or like inhibited so we don’t feel as sleepy but it could be disadvantageous because it could also make us wakeful when we want to sleep but the timing kind of determines that so caffeine stays for a few

Hours stays active for a few hours so if we take like caffeine a certain time we can normally sleep after some hours but if it is late night or something could really disturb our sleep so this is the mechanism by which uh caffeine works it’s a bit different than the others actually it inhibits adonisine receptors blue or not caffeine is actually included in some

Medications and uh there is this addiction risk that you see that is like the average and you know like common addiction risk uh mostly physical addiction risk that is based on some researches i took it from wikipedia actually but there are some substances with a really high addiction risks i mean like uh addiction causing substances will mostly have withdrawal

Symptoms when they are discontinued so based on the severity of the wisdom symptoms caffeine is labeled as low addiction risk as you can see here but that is all subjective i think it depends on people some people are really it even depends on personality i think i mentioned in my previous videos but generally caffeine is considered as not so addictive or not

So addictively dangerous uh substance so let’s go to the next one the next one is amphetamine with a medium addiction risk so these as i have said are mostly physical addictions it could also indicate mental or psychological addiction actually but that becomes even more subjective because really depends on the individual being psychologically addicted to that

Substance i mean really depends on the people’s situation even when it has a medium addiction risk so it is mostly used as a stimulant obviously could be for medical or non-medical purposes for medical purposes is mostly used for treatment of adhd at therapeutic doses at high doses it really works at a performance and cognitive enhancer and also as euphoria and

Aphrodisiac aphrodisiac meaning increasing sexual desire or activity so amphetamine is a norepinephrine and dopamine releasing agent so that is like the mechanism by which it works it releases norepinephrine and dopamine i mean or promotes the release by working as i have said on the cellular level so nor epinephrine or nor adrenaline you might know that term

Adrenaline there is even this term called adrenaline junkie right you know i think it’s adrenaline junkie tom cruise god i mean there’s no better definition for a drinking junkie he just i’m surprised he’s still alive i’m kidding that is a bit off topic anyway make sure to check out his movie top gun maverick i think he’s still in cinemas it’s been some time

Check it out anyway coming back to uh norepinephrine or notre dame england and dopamine not adrenaline is like the bigger brother of adrenaline or epinephrine uh it really is a hormone responsible for like vigilance and wakefulness and being energetic really like adrenaline is a fight or flight right this is like the stronger version of fight and flight so

For those situations it really prepares us by making us focused increasing the blood flow and breathing so when we take these substance and it releases norepinephrine we feel really increased levels of generally vigilance we could say so it really enhances the formation and retrieval of memory enhances focus and it enhances attention so a therapeutic doses of

Amphetamine causes euphoria changing sex drive and improved cognitive control likewise it induces physical effects such as decreased reaction time fatigue resistance and increased muscle strength so these are like the effects of amphetamine it’s really dose dependent uh but this is how it works and these are the effects there are also some uh undesired effects

Obviously you can look it up but these are the main effects so adroll is a one type of amphetamine i mean is a medication uh containing amphetamine so it is uh used for different purposes at different doses legally it is also it is used in treatments also used illegally it’s really famous actually i think you would know these are the effects and another

Stimulant kind of similar to amphetamine is a ritalin ritalin is actually a brand name so it is a stimulant like the others so you can like look it up if you want to but these these are the effects of riddling in our body are kind of similar to amphetamine that’s why i put them here adrenal actually contains amphetamine so but ritalin is a bit different so

This is like a riddle tablet so next up is mali or mdma by its technical name or is called ecstasy damn this thing has a lot of names so molly also known as the idiom drug man has another name i don’t even know why they call it though i think it’s really associated with like club cultures like this one i mean people use a lot of molly in idiom raves i think

I mean i love edm i don’t even think it needs drugs but it usually is associated with edm so this one is the one that crosses over the boundaries of steam wounds and psychedelics or hallucinogens because it causes a mild hallucination so it’s a serotonin transmission enhancer so works by uh tempering with solar zone and as i have mentioned uh they tap pair

With the neurotransmitters or chemicals that are associated with attention and wakefulness which are actually called cataclamine neurotransmitters uh just as an umbrella term but they are mostly dopamine serotonin and norepinephrine so this one affects the serotonin transmission the exact mechanism by which they work is actually not known it’s just said that

These things that they do to the neurons and neurotransmitters causes these effects go these behavioral changes in us there’s no exact evidence yet but as we can like change these cycles we can see some you know uh link and pattern between the mechanism of their work and our behavior so anyway this one tampers with serotonin so it uh has euphoric effects really

Well molly is not legal in most countries if not all it’s illegal is actually a i don’t know the schedule which is called trolled so it’s actually not that addictive it’s it’s addiction risk is low low to none actually that’s why it’s really desired so it has effects of increased confidence and sociability it increases a lot of emotionality this this one’s

Uh different features what makes this one different is uh really uh has a lot of emotional changes brings a lot of emotional changes being emotionally attached or increased empathy and closeness with others relaxation reduced anxiety sense of peace and well as i have said mild hallucinations and arousal are like the effects of uh molly or mdma so it has no

Accepted medical use as i have said is mostly illegal it has also some unwanted effects like dehydration hypothermia insomnia decreased appetite and nausea especially afterwards after it wears off really popular is really widely used so i mean these are infos right we shouldn’t really be like shocked about this crisis with drugs in freaking out about like i

Don’t know we could like see what we have the information we have and use what is necessary to avoid the bad things and get the goods out of them or which ones should we avoid which one should we use just how they use them so these are infos like stats and insights and personal views so next we’ll see meta amphetamine cocaine and nicotine so stay tuned

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Notable Stimulants:Caffeine, Amphetamine and MDMA/Molly By BRAINSTORM