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Now 95% Celibate – Crushing Your Libido With Dutasteride

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Back in the heyday of the enhanced man i used to do this tiger some justice now i’m more represented by this animal i was even too lazy to respond to this unlucky lady hey guys tony here from the this is the next video in my series which is titled being at 95 asexual and you might be asking what the is that well let me explain it to you i’ve been

Taking a dutasta ride because i’m on a testosterone replacement therapy with my hormones they’re like say the level of a 20 year old i don’t want to be losing my hair i like my full head of hair but oh yeah that explains all these uh these marks my forehead that’s not from my trt i was out airsofting on the weekend i got shot quite a few times and yeah the forehead

Ones seem to bleed a little today i’ve been doing uh airsoft for the first time in years and so far this is all the injuries i’ve sustained and there’s probably going to be many more pretty much every one of these pbs on the floor is the ones that have hit me see one of the most common side effects with dutasteride is a loss in libido can also give you impotence

Which hasn’t happened to me although it makes me last a lot longer which is a welcome side effect but yeah the loss of libido i mean because i’m taking uh trt a lot of people complain that uh it gives you too much um sex drive because you know you’re getting a rise in that like kind of ambition and whatnot but uh yeah then it can be cancelled out by the rise and

Sex drive so you know you’re you’re thinking with your dick rather than thinking about you know being more productive or getting further in life same with uh taking concerto or ritalin or adderall for some people that can boost their sex drive so i’ve got miners being pushed one way and then pull back the other another thing is um obviously i’m on this kind of

Journey to get to prosperity and it’s very common for people to lose their libido where if they’ve got kind of money stresses or distresses in general that really affects your libido and i think mine is there’s a there’s a link between my bank account and my uh sex drive so i think the healthier it gets then yeah i think my sex drive will also get healthier too

And yeah i guess when i’m not in a kind of tunnel vision work mode and i’m saying holiday living it up then yeah you know you see a few bikini-clad girls and i’m sure the sex driver will be back in full force when i say five percent i’m talking about the instances where a girl might throw themselves at me and uh apart from that it just doesn’t even enter my head

I mean it’s almost like rolls have been reversed because normally men are the ones that are kind of like a dog on heat chasing the woman i i understand what you’re doing man you do women have been doing this since well forever so we know all about the power see us having the power that’s part of the system and by you taking the power you’re with the system okay

It’ll be over in like two seconds okay would you care to join us oh god not the dogs imagine society if the use of dutastra was more commonplace i mean more than a half the male population do suffer with male pattern baldness then you wouldn’t have the likes of harvey weinstein and all these decrepit sex themed males that give us all a bad name the whole metoo

Movement uh that wouldn’t exist would it i mean it’s uh it’s food for thought isn’t it a girl once told me about having a meeting with this guy to become a franchisee of his recruitment company and he offered to write off the the fee to be a franchise by going upstairs to the hotel room with them i mean that doesn’t happen the other way around so clearly there’s

A difference between men and women but then again who’s got time for utopias i think there just needs to be more of a grassroots strategy you know in schools just uh teaching boys not to be desperate losers i mean uh zara mcdermott did an interesting documentary in the bbc just uncovering rape culture and it’s a lot of it’s linked to just being addicted to porn

So maybe just that being kind of seen as not okay stigmatized be sure to like and subscribe but also leave a comment because that helps the algorithm thus helping people find this invaluable content so i’ll see you in the next video much love and peace out

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Now 95% Celibate – Crushing Your Libido With Dutasteride By The Enhanced Man