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Now-former Denver Health paramedic charged with stealing fentanyl, sources say

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A former Denver Health paramedic is accused of stealing large quantities of fentanyl vials over a three-year period, sources tell Denver7 Investigates.

For joining us for denver. 7 news at 6. i’m anne trujillo. i’m shannon ogden. glad you’re with us tonight. >> a former paramedic has been arrested, accused of stealing large quantities of fentanyl while employed at denver health. faces. 58 counts of tampering with a consumer product and obtaining a controlled substance by deception. federal court documents show

Patents and stole 50 vials of fentanyl over 3 year period while working as a denver health. paramedics in chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is joining us live now for months. you’ve been looking into problems at denver health. >> and your sources say this is this arrest of long time coming. >> yeah, shannon. and here’s what we’ve known. federal

Agents have been looking closely at this issue for several months. our sources telling us the paramedic lieutenant chris patten son, was fired by denver. help back in january. tonight, exclusive insight from an informed source very familiar with denver health and this investigation. from what you witnessed, how easy was it? >> to your years? you football.

≫> he spent more than a decade is a denver health. paramedics. >> could this should this have been prevented all kinds of things you could have done to prevent this? he’s at. >> ask those to disguise his identity to protect his current job as a paramedic outside of denver health, he spent several years working closely. >> with lieutenant

Chris patten son, he was a consummate professional, a very good reputation. >> this indictment accuses pattinson of acquiring in obtaining fenton all for himself. it list 50 different viles of liquid fentanyl between november of 2018 and january of 2022, multiple sources say that number in the federal filing, he’s a very conservative >> under the

Person that was proven themselves from of mall. you are from 1000 to 1000 >> the indictment also accuses pattinson of removing fenton all from a number of ailes and replacing it with another substance. what happened here? >> her go. will take it all, would move the football. police before. >> do you think the leadership of the paramedic division

Was surprised when this came to light? >> might even want give in to help her make a vision realizes that they have some issues and these issues need to be go. >> in a statement released shortly after pattinson was arrested. denver health said back in january after learning of the possible phelps. we immediately notified the proper authorities and

Conducted an internal investigation at the conclusion of our investigation. the paramedic was terminated. it continues. our internal investigation found that no patients were harmed and no patients went without medication because of the individual’s actions. well, we had internal safeguards in place prior to this incident. we have enhanced protocols regarding

Control of opioids. denver health has changed its policy. >> what does that say? it’s as if they’re being looked at right now and being scrutinized. our team. change in policy is a result of additional to ensure lucas order to you work what do you hope happens after we report these found our hope to host what that it had problem. >> patterson was in

Federal court earlier today for his initial appearance. he was released on a pr bond after the hearing. we reached out to pattinson’s attorney and he declined to comment. so a lot happening. but a major development in denver health coming forward saying >> that made a policy change. all right, tony kovaleski tonight, nice work. tony, thank you very much. and

Going in-depth on this tonight. so the not the first time an employee has been accused of stealing fentanyl from a colorado health care system back in 2016 former university of colorado hospital or or nurse casey unruh was sentenced to 24 months in prison for stealing opioids from patients 2009 former rose medical center surgery tack kristin parker was sentenced to

30 years in federal prison for stealing fentanyl from surgical patients. she would inject herself with a syringe containing fentanyl and then fill that same dirty syringes with saline and then put it back on the

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