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Nur 117 Albuterol

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That’s a kind of time you don’t it again are you i want right i see that your doctor has prescribed you out funeral to take home for this funky asylum that you’ve been having related to your aslan do you know what i’ll be here all is car okay albuterol in the drug that works in your bronchioles the tubes that go down to your lung to deliver the oxygen and when you

Have asthma you’re on jules that they tubes they closed down and you get soaked with mucus and they get inflamed so it’s really hard and you’re wheezing and trying to catch your breath and albuterol goes in there and it relaxes and it makes those tubes open up bigger and then it reduces a the resistance of the air flow meat so that you can breathe easier in and out

And so that you can cough up all the junk and the fun this isn’t my arms breathe that will help with my asthma it will help with your asthma it would also help if you have bronchitis or emphysema any type of reversible error weight restrictions so i need to know do you have any dysrhythmias with your heart or an impeller tation elsa okay palpitations are where your

Heart skips a beat no okay and now i do need to check for drug interactions and one of the things that albuterol interacts with is trying to cyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline are you taking anything like that how about any mal is yes okay those would enhance the toxic effects of the albuterol and that would not be a good thing for you now beta blocking

Agents do you take any of those you know okay because those would cancel out effectively the albuterol and then we would see no results at all and it keeps some of all our tent really as you need to tell you about some of the side effects before we get to this medication some of the pen effects seen our nervousness restlessness traversing your muscles muscles and

Then the palpitations that we talked about where is good to meet and that overuse or excessive use of this medic patients will cause increased broncos thousands where you’re using the medication but it just feels like it’s getting tighter and tighter and that experience threatening situation so it’s really important that you take this medication the way that your

Doctors prescribed it also that it will help you and not be harmful to you another thing that you need to limit is your caffeine intake no the coffee tea chocolate those kind of things because caffeine is a stimulant well increase the effects and you will feel more jittery and we really don’t want that i want to be able to breathe but we don’t much to be jittery

So if you have palpitations that’s something that you need to report to your doctor immediately if you have those when you’re using the medication if you notice that you really feel that your heart is racing you can check your pulse you know how to do that don’t you and then you can get somebody else to them how to do it and if your pulse is 20 heart beat faster

Someone at normal is before you started using the albuterol then that’s what they need to report to dr. as well if tremors in your muscles develop from these with this medication we talk to your doctor and a dosage adjustment may be necessary now we’re going to be using the inhaled albuterol but there are different forms and i just want to let you know that may

Be something as an option in the future so i think that we’re going to be using the inhaled albuterol today but it also comes in the form of tablets that you swallow and us here at the each ring and those are maintenance medications they would be rescue medication from when you’re out doing something else and you feel your airway constricting and you need to get

It open this would be something regular basis to help prevent that okay the most important thing to remember that those is that they can cause nausea and vomiting and if you take it with food or glass of milk that will lessen the effect okay all right so this is the equipment that i have that will be going home with you today to help you manage them this is how

The nebulizer and what we do with this this is one of the fastest way is to get this medicine down to your to our knees twerking rock hill’s inner ones to open the mock-ups and what we’re going to do you happen to hear that connects machine and when we turn the machine on you can hear the air going through there the air combines with the medicine that will be in

This chamber and it produces a myth that you’re going to breathe in and this is what the medicine looks like it is clear it doesn’t have any snow albuterol always have an a on the top anything differentiating now to use this meditation i’ma let you do it you’re going to you can open it like this or you can twist it off like this then you’ll twist the top off the

Medicine and you’ll squirt it in there and then you can close it back down here i can take the trash for you now go ahead and fit the mask over your face son that covers your nose and a mouth okay now there’s a metal piece on the top there that you can bend and it will conform to your nose so that it will create a tighter seal and then you simply turn the machine

On you can see the mist coming out and that’s the medicine that you’re going to breathe in the most important part of using a nebulizer for the inhalation of the albuterol is to make sure that your breathing is slow and deep and you’re going to use it until the machine runs out until the medication is gone and you’ll see that because it will fit and it will sputter

And you’ll see a decrease in the missiles coming out when you’re done using yell butyral then you’re going to take that apart you’re going to rip it out with water and let it air dry okay you’re also going to want to rinse your mouth out one of the other side effects now the inner often cause is drying out so just by taking water and putting some in your mouth

Pushing it around and spitting repeating it if you feel necessary well get that medication out of your mouth and it will prevent that right now okay okay now i notice that you’re struggling a little bit it is this mask on and off i wanted to show you about one of the other options that we have it sends a message with your nebulizer and it’s just a different muffy

And it sits on here then you hold this end in your mouth and then when you turn it on you can see the mist coming out and you’re going to breathe through your mouth not for your nose and your rehab medication in and out and again it will spit butter when it gets done and then you’ll take all apartments water and how long does it take it takes about 10 minutes after

A nebulizer treatment now this can be used as a rescue medication do you know the difference between a rescue medication and maintenance medication a rescue i’ll keep with me if i haven’t attacked and i can’t breathe that will help it and make them i’ll just be taking all the time to prevent it okay that’s very true now would you want to carry the nebulizer around

In your purse in your pockets okay and that’s why i wanted to show you albuterol comes in and hanger form now when you get the inhaler from your pharmacy that will come in pieces in the box and you simply need to snap them in there and then you’re going to shake it just a little bit to get that medicine in their combined because it is a liquid and then you’re going

To climate or time pushing down like that to get the medication down to where it needs to be so that the first thing you would use it it can be medicine and not just errands so if you want to go ahead and demonstrate back to me how to play together in pinus there you go four times four times that’s right now when using the inhaler there’s a couple important things

To know what you want to do is you want to exhale completely get all the air out and then you’re going to put the inhaler to your mouth you will start breathing in and then you’ll push the in hammer down releasing the medicine into your mouth you’ll keep breathing in fill your lungs up and then you’re going to hold your breath ideally 10 seconds would be great if

You can do longer that’s better but i don’t want you to hold your breath someone kind of pass out okay and then you’re going to fully exhale can you show me how to do that okay now your doctor has prescribed to inhalation of this now you don’t want to take them back to back you don’t want to inhale hold your breath exhale and then do it right again you want to make

At least a minute these are love that mess in words so at least admit it in between inhalation i did notice that you were having a little bit of a problem timing the breast with the squirt of the medication only how much oil that can help you with that and i called the spacer to use spacers you shake them in here and you insert it into the end of the freezer now

When we press the button it releases emotion into this chamber then you fit the mask part over your nose and your mouth and you’re going to slowly and deeply breathe it in and out three to five times without taking your mouth off off of the mask you can without taking the mask on your face and that will help that medicine get where it needs to be go get the full

Effects and it’s not such a problem with the tribe timing so if you want to show me how to use that you that’s great so does this make you a little bit more comfortable and using the inhaler and still even with the nebulizer and the spacer is still important to our channel okay another anything oh wait a minute in between yet you wait a minute in between now if

You were using the albuterol in addition to another inhaled medication you want to use the albuterol first because the albuterol is was opening that airway up and that’s going to make a bigger tube for that other medicine to get down and do its job now we wait one minute in between inhalations of the albuterol do you know how many hellborn we would wait in between

Using albuterol and another medication you know okay five minutes is the ideal window let the albuterol do its work but both to sort of bronchial dilate and then you can use the other medication as directed by your physician now if you miss a dose of this lv at all that you’re using for maintenance it was getting close to the time that you would change your your

Next dose don’t double up on them just take it as soon as you remember and then adjust your four to six our schedule accordingly when you double up that the excessive use that i was talking about and you don’t want to have the acute process seven when we look through the chart real quick see if there’s anything else that i any other information that we need to

Have and i think that’s about it do you have any questions for me oh yeah my cousin he takes home leavers asthma but it’s not all butyral and it looks kind of like bad does it look like this works yeah yeah this one’s called soap in it and we hope them side by side you can see that they look very filling they’re both clear they both don’t have any odor but if you

Love there is writing on here and this one says xopenex this one says a gyro now for somebody like me who wears glasses from since i can only see that and you can simply tell because there’s an x on the xopenex an a on the albuterol outpatient and it’s very important that if you’re living in the same house that you don’t get these confused because they do work in

Slightly different ways what other questions do you have another question what would make me weed

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Nur 117 Albuterol By ElizaBeth Baker-Miller