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Nurse Linda IVF Medication Injections – Intramuscular Injection

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Nurse Linda of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) ( demonstrates the process for preparing and administering an intramuscular injection (IM)

Now this guy is generally done you can do it one of two places most of the time this is where you’re going to do it and that’s right in the upper outer quadrant of a butt cheek care now you can do it then i’m going to have my little model turn around here for a minute you can do it in your upper thigh this is all muscle right here – and a lot of gals who are stuck

Doing the injections themselves will ask me can i just do it here or you can sure and usually i would just have you used maybe a one-inch needle because there’s not as much tissue here generally between here and the muscle but i will tell you this hurts a lot more so you can do it it’s fine with me most people choose not to do it or if they do it they do it once

And they never do it again just because it is pretty sensitive right here so again most folks are going to choose to do it right back here now easy enough thing for me to tell you to do is there are really only two parameters to do this injection and i’ll tell you most often when i have folks that that maybe they’ve been on this shot for a few days or a week and

They’ll tell me this is this is terrible it’s horrible i can’t do it anymore i’ll tell them come on in let me take a look they’re usually still in psycho with me i can see them and invariably i’ll find the position is wrong that’s all now not wrong for me per se because quite honestly this is all muscle back here so you’re getting your medication but invariably

It’s in the wrong spot and that’s why it’s hurting so much usually it’s hurting after here’s your two parameters on what you want to do to do this injection one i want you to stay above the top of the butt crack so wherever we see a little butt crack draw a little imaginary line here parameter number two i want you to stay in the outer half of the cheek so we’re just

Kind of splitting the cheek in half which means we’re really just about there where my fingers are right about in that spot there when i have folks come in and tell me oh it’s terrible i can’t stand it i’ll find shots i’ll see the marks are all over down here they’re getting it down here in their poor little butt cheek which is where they’re doing all their bending

All their sitting and it hurts this is not a great shot certainly but this is not nearly as bad this makes all the difference in the world getting it in the right spot okay so this is our spot so again we can move around here and rotate now to do this injection is the literally the opposite of what we’ve been doing you know we’ve been pinching up tissue because

I’m trying to get the medication in the fat this is an intramuscular injection so i’m trying to get medication in the muscle so i’m going to do the opposite here now of course i’m gonna get a little alcohol swab and i’m going to clean the skin here but instead of pinching up you’re going to find i’m going to do this i’m going to kind of press down and might make

That taut i’m trying to flatten out any fat she has right there so i’m going to make that nice and taut and again my preference would be that patient would be laying down and i’m personally i’m all business about this i’ve seen different techniques and there again there is no right or wrong but my experience has been just be all business about this yes basically

The needle goes all the way in and kind of like a dart at a dart board you’re just going to all the way in now one of the tricks we have to do here because this is a deeper injection you’ve got to aspirate and just make sure you’re not hitting a little blood vessel little capillary or something so once the needles in you can let go and what you’re going to do is

You’re just going to pull up ever so slightly on this plunger and i’m just going to pull up a little bit and when i do that 99 out of a hundred times i’m going to see what i just saw there little air bubble and i know i’m going to be perfectly fine to do that injection now to know if in my 14 years i might have seen this once but sometimes if you were to ever see

A little bit of blood come back out that just means you must have hit a little capillary no big deal but i wouldn’t necessarily want to do the shot right there so i would just pull that out i probably get myself a whole new set up and just maybe move to the other side and do the injection otherwise like i said when you’re doing the injection you’re just going to

For me i use just the weight of the the resistance of the medication to do the shot now afterwards i like to do a little massage try to spread that medication out a little bit and just do a little massage there and now again for comfort i have some folks who really most folks go ahead and they rotate they go back and forth and back and forth i have other folks

Who really want to sleep on one side of their hip and not be sourced maybe they choose to do all their shots over here so they can sleep comfortably over here then matter me whatever works for you certainly some individuals have to try to do this shot by themselves and it’s tough if you can reach around and you know you can manipulate it yourself using certain

Leisure you have to stand and look in the mirror and do it and that’s okay too every now and then i do get requests you know do i have to use a one and a half inch needle can i use a one inch needle i do use a one inch needle on my really small patients but remember i need this to get into the deep tissues so it doesn’t serve our purpose to try to make things easier

For you sometimes but again for those gals or you know 105 pounds of just little tiny things a one-inch needle is acceptable to do and that is an intramuscular injection

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Nurse Linda IVF Medication Injections – Intramuscular Injection By Sher Fertility Solutions