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Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: LIDOCAINE TOXICITY Signs and symptoms of Lidocaine toxicity | NEIL GALVE

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Hi nurses are you ready for another nursing mnemonics and tips video yes for today i will going to discuss about lidocaine toxicity if you want to know more about that stay tuned do your spider welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is nikav and i’m a registered nurse and i do have a degree in medical surgical nursing i create my nursing education

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Very first to watch my newest uploads also don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and share with your friends because that would really help me know they like to see more concerns like this without further ado let’s jump into the video hi nurses kagayanasina because i intro today is another nursing pneumonics and tips video because i will make it easier for

You guys to remember the concept of your lidocaine toxicity let this be your guide in reviewing about your lidocaine toxicity now in order for me to do that i will need to switch back to my pc and see you guys in a bit hi everybody welcome back to that informal discussion young lidocaine toxicity yes on this video this is another nursing pneumonics video and

I will be sharing to you the easiest way for you to remember the signs and symptoms of your lidocaine toxicity yes now if you haven’t watched the other nursing pneumonics videos i’ll be putting it on the icon button or description box and you might as well check out the other nursing videos i created in nursing discussions um paramatullum okay now let’s begin our

Discussion with our objectives okay we’re going to have an overview therapeutic drug range of lidocaine that is very important paramalamanath in concrete toxic and of course young signs and symptoms of lidocaine toxicity and let’s begin now i’m gonna give you the overview of your lidocaine use all right the efficacy profile of lidocaine as a local anesthetic is

Characterized by a rapid onset of action and intermediate duration of efficacy therefore lidocaine is suitable for infiltration block and surface anesthesia longer acting substances such as bupycane are sometimes given preference for spinal and peridural anesthesias lidocaine on the other hand has the advantage of a rapid onset of action adrenaline supplements delay

The resorption the duration of efficacy can thus almost be doubled for surface anesthesia several formulations are available that can be used example naponito is for gagamiti mushafer endoscopies before intubation now lidocaine is also the most important class 1b anti-arrhythmic drug yes now it is used intravenously for the treatment of ventricular arrhythmias

For acute myocardial infarction digitalis poisoning cardioversion or cardiac catheterization however a routine prophylactic administration is no longer recommended for acute cardiac infarction the overall benefit of this measure is not convincing lidocaine has also been efficient in refractory cases of status epilepticos for anesthesia for antiarrhythmic and

For status epilepticus okay let’s have the therapeutic drug range of your lidocaine so panorama toxic nanglaido hence the general accepted therapeutic range for lidocaine is 1.5 to 5 micrograms per milliliter in the upper end of the therapeutic range meaning more than 30 micrograms per milliliter you can prompt the doctor for possible lidocaine toxicity but i

Really want you to pay attention on this value huh 1.5 to micrograms per milliliter lidocaine is administered as an infusion therefore levels can be drawn at any time after the steady state is reached steady state is usually attained within 18 to 24 hours the half time of light ducane ranges from 1.5 hours to as long as 5 hours alright what are the signs and

Symptoms of your lidocaine toxicity now for you to easily remember your lidocaine toxicity i want you to remember this sams see sam smilby pneumonics s4 slurred speech now this is due to paresthesia and numbness of lips and tongue anaesthetic effect slurred speech brought by parenthesis a is for altered central nervous system a sign snake altered central nervous

System drowsiness restlessness dizziness and of course confusion next what is m muscle twitching daily dosa tremors so nicotine facial muscle facial muscle contains the other parts of the body positive like convulsions small respiratory depression respiratory and cardiac arrest which is pink once again this is your sam’s you guys as first lured speech a for

Altered central nervous system and for muscle twitching and as for seizures a few reminders okay now this is your lidocaine you guys now i want you to remember that lidocaine is a class 1b anti-arithmetic used as a second line agent and after myocardial infarction well generally say if lidocaine can be toxic if administered in 1.5 to 5 micrograms per milliliter

Appropriately in some cases may cause unintended reaction even when properly administered what else lidocaine toxicity is seen at levels greater than 5 micrograms per milliliter remember the pneumonic sams for signs and symptoms of your lidocaine toxicity you guys tapas thank you so much you guys for watching please like share and subscribe to my channel for

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Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: LIDOCAINE TOXICITY Signs and symptoms of Lidocaine toxicity | NEIL GALVE By Neil Galve