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Nystatin Day 12

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Nystatin “experience” day 12!

You think man all right so we are on we’re on day 12 day 12 is almost done of the nystatin treatment i think by this point hopefully all fungal agents have been eradicated by this fantastic liquid and we’re feeling good initially when i started this when i started to see the natural path i’d sort of run out of ideas going on be you dude sorry so i’d gone to the

Natural path basically just because i’d run out of options i have this consistent body high and that was possibly due to drinking 16-ounce three-shot mochas every day and then and top pot doing it it’s fair to say that that had somewhat of an influence so given the nystatin which is to treat the antifungal which is associated with the candida overgrowth still

Putting those things together not totally clear how that shakes but i think cutting sugars out i did watch a video on someone who talked about adult adhd and this gentleman was trying to control his symptoms with his diet and i think we’re starting to learn a lot about the gut how the guts is the second second brain if you will of your body and the better you you

Treat your gut just the better off overall you will feel i think so far that that’s that’s proven out at least in in my case you know it’s almost like i can’t even imagine having a cope right now that would probably be a probably my fingers off my body and i don’t even know if it would i don’t even know i can’t i’m try to imagine what that would taste like in

Terms of sugar and and now like i mentioned before get a good friend of mine talked about eating just apple slices for now i’m supposed to keep my glycemic index much lower than it was it was pretty high and so apple slices not drinking have been really good for at least by physiology i’m still working on the fatigue i mentioned yesterday about the sort of the

Tarp analogy how we use stimulants and other things in our lives to to feel better and part of the idea was to get an expert well it turns out i just passed my before myself and hopefully with enough wet cement thar it’ll hold up we’ll see has it rained yet but yeah no no creeping out on my creeping out of my my light waiting for the drip it’s not gonna happen

Though i hope so anyway so of course with any a dire situation that you have in your life you want to find people who can help you so i called like 10 counselors and unfortunately today four of them called me back and we got some appointments next week so whatever path you’re on definitely make it a point to get as much help as you can don’t don’t isolate yourself

That’s i’m sort of naturally introverted so i really like my time alone but i think i’ve had too much time on it’s gonna be alright though one thing that was time right so that’s about it like i said nystatin taste like licorice hand lotion for about four or five days you’re gonna be probably effed you’re gonna have some body sores or there’s other maybe rashes

I didn’t get any rashes and then from there once it’s i guess work through your system done it’s magic it’s biological magic hopefully you start feeling better just as i have so at this point i guess whether placebo or not i’d highly recommend it if you’re facing physiologic body heists those seem to have gone away but like i said that could also be because i cut

Out a lot of processed sugars and foods anyway space fact for today the rover are excuse me the the aircraft that the esa launched crashed on mars which is very sad but i thought i’d just mention that i thought we would pour pour a little beer out little water out for the rover that ik not the rover for the the pod that’s supposed to fire jets and slowly descend

And land onto the planet looks like the jets fired very briefly and then it slammed into mars but they do have another satellite now rocking its way around that planet so at some point you know we’re going to mars like it’s happening and right now if you’re twelve or fifteen or eight and you see this and one day you’re actually on mars watching this i salute you

Because i wish i could go there not really that’d be crazy there’s nothing there it’s just rock let’s say i’m sure whatever terraforming it’s good enough anyway try to try to get to a counselor i’m gonna go to all my my meetings next week and i guess counseling is like dating you want to find the right match you want to find someone that you work with and perhaps

I’ll just continue doing some videos just because it’s been honestly pretty therapeutic for me just to sort of get the theaters out talk about stress your struggles it’s nice to watch videos of someone who’s struggling too because it makes you feel better because if things get better then that means you can get better so anyway have a good day

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Nystatin Day 12 By Zero State Reflex