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Nystatin Day 13 + Mind / Body and Behavior

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Nystatin Day 13! Almost done!

What’s going on everyone today is day 13 of the nystatin antifungal treatment things are growing really well better than i expected i really have nothing new to say about the nystatin of them as i’ve mentioned probably four or five times it tastes exactly the same ie doesn’t get better like a fine wine that’s been aged whiskey just want to talk about three things

Today three quick things i did notice that i started to take some frozen blueberries and some greek yogurt greek yogurt apparently has good bacteria and then some spring lettuce leaves which i call them and i i would just about a cup you know that big or so and blend him up and kick it back like a nice cold beer and it seemed that if you cut out processed sugar

Even fruit sugar will have a similar effect on your physiology or at least it did online where i felt pretty bust and looks like i’ll have to cut that back just a tad not dive into the sugar berries too soon but without processed foods and any sugar you should definitely notice a difference if you try it which is good for my case too much stimulation ie maybe too

Much caffeine or too much sugar throws my my body out of whack also i did want to mention that if you are trying to add more stuff to your regimen of changing your life through diet or try an anti-fungal definitely try meditation and it doesn’t have to be in a monastery or in a deprivation tank floating of water it is simply what i do is simply 20 minutes of just

Sitting with eyes closed just as an example just like that 20 minutes and just breathing it doesn’t have to be anything particularly special there’s nothing you need to do with your mind you just sit for 20 minutes it’s extremely difficult what’s that see it’s like you know as soon as you hear a there’s some sort of computer indication that things are happening

That’s why i put my point my my phone into airplane mode and i just time it for 20 minutes and trying to find a quiet place if you can or do it however however you want whatever makes you comfortable i tend to just sit in on a couch and listen to traffic and it works really well just for calming your system down i keep doing it i’ve done it for the last couple weeks

And i try to do it once a day and just for mindfulness to sort of get yourself away from your thoughts even though your brain doesn’t shut up it’s incessant it’s something you can practice and that leads me to the third thing which is our mind-body connection and what i thought you could try just to explain this point is to in your mind ask yourself a question you

Just have to be anything do i like bananas now what’s what’s gonna happen is you’re going to either answer yes or no or maybe your mind will say something else and the thing is when you ask yourself in your head a question something has to answer that right and you can ask yourself well what is what is answering that well you’ll probably say well i am but then what

Is the thing hearing the question in your brain you know it’s just something i noticed a while back i’ve just always been tripped out by it i’m not sure what it means although the idea being that your mind your brain it is an organ and it has a function and that function is basically well obviously ton of stuff to control breathing and all that stuff but when it

Comes to consciousness that seems to be its primary function at least in terms of consciousness so your brain likes to think thoughts which is why we’re sitting here and i’m talking and noises are coming out of my mouth if you know english you can translate it if you didn’t you just hear particular noises and have to go off my body inflections to kind of understand

What i’m what i’m saying or what i’m feeling so the idea is your mind is full of thoughts now what you can do to help yourself and to change things as you can you can change your mind you can change your thoughts by trying to re re i guess educate or retell yourself like with anxiety this is a big thing where you start to get afraid of certain things agoraphobia

Is a good example where i started to get pat attacks panic attacks like in a grocery store so obviously every time i’m gonna go to the grocery store i get a little freaked out get a little excited it’s a hard heart beat a little bit like hum i got a pass i like what’s going on so the idea in cognitive behavioral therapy is to retrain your thoughts so as soon as

You have this thought i’m gonna freak out i’m going to pass out you then actually write it down and then you counter that thought with a thought like nope i’ve been at a store 10 trillion times i’ve gotten broccoli and crackers everything’s gonna be fine never passed out probably never will unless it’s like a physical physiologic things anyway that’s how you can

Retrain a small step but of course you can look in and look into it if you’d like so that leads to behavior if our behavior can help us i think that’s one of the ways you can get out of anxiety and depression because we are what we do we are not just what we think and i think that’s in lies the biggest problem with things like this is we tend to believe i tend to

Believe whatever my brain the organ that likes to think and have thoughts and stuff whatever it says is true which is not the case it’s says stuff and there’s a part of you that agrees with it right so back to that thought experiment if you ask yourself a question something has to agree with it so if you say in your mind quietly do i like bananas a party you can

Go yeah it tastes pretty good you know you can dice them up you can make bread they taste great on pancakes with syrup and powdered sugar and so there’s usually a thought and then you have to kind of agree with it and the idea is with anxiety and agoraphobia you have the thought which is i’m gonna go in the store and i’m gonna tear my arms off because i’m gonna

Get sweaty i’m gonna get nervous and so there’s no way i’m going in the store it’s absolutely no way i’m going anywhere with people around and that’s sort of the spiral of agoraphobia as far as i understand it so the idea is through behavior now the behavior is like meditation calm yourself down you have to do breathing some people like they’re just saying like

Tapping where you tap on yourself it’s basically a way to pull yourself out of your brain because a lot of the stuff your brain says it’s just simply not true i would love for there to be aliens i swear you gotta listen to me right now yeah already go you suck me into the spaceship no so a lot of the things we think or believe in fact are just things that our brain

Is saying maybe we picked them up from our parents maybe we picked them up from tv shows there’s there’s information flowing in your mind all the time so the things that you believe are malleable if you believe that anxiety is going to last forever this is not true what’s the evidence so the idea is is if you can modify your behavior part of my modification is to

Eat healthier foods i’m like when the sneaker bar were to float by i would just stare at it i wouldn’t grab it you know i want to grab it so i’m behaving in so much as i’m pushing processed foods and sugar away and hope that i’m changing my physiology which so far has been true so anyway long story short you can change a lot of your life a lot of how you operate

By your behavior part of my behavior is to meditate for 20 minutes sacrificing that 20 minutes of yelling on facebook to just sit and breathe and i think as you start to as you start to trade the things that give you anxiety like to me a lot of it is just simply the news and all the bad stuff that the news outlets like to report because it get it fires your your

Animal brain into fear mode anyway i hope that was helpful and that was pretty fast and kind of all over the place but i’m sort of putting it together that as i go to counseling next week you know the just the behavior of doing that will make me feel better and that’s the whole point of this right is to keep experimenting talk to experts if you can find one modify

Your behavior and tell your mind to shut the eff up sometimes because everything your mind says it’s just simply not true so thanks and we got one more day tomorrow and i’ll probably have a interesting space fact because i imagine i’m not gonna feel any differently once i once i plunger the last little bit of licorice hand lotion juice into my mouth so don’t give

Up everything’s gonna be fine and he got this

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Nystatin Day 13 + Mind / Body and Behavior By Zero State Reflex