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Nystatin Day 8 + Finally!

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Day 8 of the Nystatin treatment, and FINALLY feeling better.

Hey everyone it is a officially day eight of the nystatin treatment i’m sure you are following this diligently to see how things are gonna shake out and if you’re watching this in the future i can all but guarantee at least from my biology that it does work today finally finally i got some energy and i did a bunch of stuff a bunch of things that i haven’t been

Doing because i’ve been fatigued and tired so i don’t know how it normally goes but certainly those first four or five days are absolutely brutal at least for my body the fatigue and body aches were insane so finally it seems like something’s subsiding now i haven’t had any sort of alien baby come out of me i know these the soreness may be due to what they call

Die-off so sorry a lot of speculation i should study up more but for today’s tip i just wanted to show you if you’re on some sort of regimen or you’re having to take a bunch of vitamins i have three supplements i’m taking maybe i’ll talk about those tomorrow i have no idea if they’re working i have no idea but i do know i am feeling better today is first time i

Had some energy but to help you in your life in any capacity when you have to do something highly recommend one of these bad boys that’s right get a chart going because if you can have a chart and you can track it you can at least see that you’ve taken the liquorice lotion gross liquid four times a day and i can see why old people get those pill boxes with the days

Because you’ll totally forget i don’t think you want a double double d on these on this nice that and stuff that’s pretty pretty intense anyway for anyone who is wondering like what’s this guy gonna just shut up and start feeling better i think today is the day that hopefully this continues and of course we’ll still see how it shakes out but i can definitely say

That cutting sugar has to be doing something good because i don’t crave it as much do i want to donate to smash into my mouth in a sugar gasm absolutely would that would that be awesome yeah that would be delicious and i can’t quite wait until the day that i get to do that but for now for anyone doing the nystatin hang in there you will feel better and all the pain

And suffering does slowly go away so try to keep your spirits high and don’t give up because when you’re on some sort of journey to feel better if you’re having anxiety or depression just keep going and keep experimenting until you find something that that does work but don’t give up because being human is a pain in the ass it’s brutal i think no matter where you

Are on the planet and i hope these videos are helpful for anyone who’s doing ai statment if you’ve actually done it let me know what problems or solutions you found and hopefully with maybe more videos on this it can help more people anyway thanks for watching

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Nystatin Day 8 + Finally! By Zero State Reflex