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Obagi Tretinoin

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We have a website however, this is an Rx. You will HAVE to call to order!!

Hey guys i’m esthetician trish mccarty and today i want to talk about obagi’s tretinoin and why you may need this in your life this video is brought to you by my friend kim who has been asking me what the heck can i do to get rid of these wrinkles between my eyes and a lot of people refer to them as their 11’s because a lot of times you got lines that literally

Look like 11’s and it’s always good if we can prevent fine lines and wrinkles from happening in the first place because obviously once you get the problem it’s much harder to reverse that doesn’t mean it’s impossible there are a lot of things that we can do both during home care and treatment wise today i’m just going to really focus on home care so obashi comes in

Many different strengths for their tretinoin we personally only carry the obagi 0.5 and this is backwards because of my selfie camera sorry i’m not a fancy production studio i don’t have a fancy setup so this is what we’re working with so we have the obagi 0.5 we sell this for 83 we also have the 0.1 and this is 93 we will ship these out free by the way if you want

To call me for a free consultation and get that set up it the number is 304 691 8910 so we do ship our products over anywhere in the united states and we offer free shipping on orders 35 and above just throwing that out there in case you’re watching and you’re not in the area locally so why what benefit does the tretinoin carry it helps with fine lines wrinkles

It also helps with sun damage so it’s helping both as a preventative and it also will reverse damage to some degree now if the lines are extremely deep and you’ve had these wrinkles for 35 years um the obagi is only going to do so much it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to help at all it can soften the look of those lines it can also start to reverse and fade

Those lines but combining that with an in-office procedure would honestly be the best thing for your buck and actually give you the best results so for home care we only recommend that you start using a tretinoin twice a week so what i tell my patients to do is maybe try it on monday and friday space it out you don’t want to do like tuesday and wednesday back to

Back and be like well that was two days now you want to space it out because the tretinoin is very aggressive it is designed to make your skin flake peel it is going to cause some irritation to some degree and that’s to be expected it does not have to convert into anything it just is ready to roll and it is going to be very effective but those side effects can

Be pretty annoying so if you get something like a thin retinol cream it has retinaldehyde in it and all of these are some type of vitamin a product this one is time released meaning that it doesn’t it has to convert and it is going to take some time to deliver the product into your skin and this is better for someone with extremely sensitive skin like myself

I don’t do super well with tretinoin um one other thing you can do if you have tretinoin and you are super sensitive to it and you’re like i am not willing to wait two or three weeks for my skin to get used to it because it will take you know two to four weeks just for your skin to um adapt to how aggressive it is you can mix it with a good thick moisturizer and

Then apply it to your skin and that will make it less harsh for your skin but still be pretty effective so regardless if you can tolerate this well you want to be using a moisturizer after you apply this so serums always go on first if you have a serum and then you want to also apply your tretinoin first and then so if you have a serum in a turn you can do the

Serum then the tretinoin wait a minute or so for that to absorb and then apply your moisturizer on top so ones that we carry in our office is the marshall triple antioxidant cream the marshall ultralight face cream now the face cream the light one is more for someone with oily or combination skin it’s not always enough hydration for someone with really dry skin

So this is better for someone with that oily or combination skin and you may be fine to use that with tretinoin if you’re that person for someone more drier you may need something like the triple antioxidant cream or the even skin recovery cream we also are working on getting another thicker moisturizer by a bin but we haven’t gotten that yet so another thing

You want to do is use sunscreen because any kind of vitamin a product is going to make you more susceptible to sun damage like the sun spots that show up on your face the um it can also cause fine lines and wrinkles so it can backfire because your skin is much more sensitive and it can also make you more prone to skin cancer because it is turning your skin

Cells over faster so it’s very important that you use a sunscreen during the day when you’re out in the sun when you are using any kind of vitamin a whether that’s trend nolan retinol retinaldehyde any of those you need to be using sunscreen we’ll be getting ltmd sunscreen really soon so just want to throw that in there that’s a really great sunscreen i also

Have a few drugstore favorites but if you want a good moisturizer and sunscreen we will have that soon so just an fyi let’s see sorry i am just doing this no edits that’s how we’re rolling today um definitely don’t want to be going to the tanning bed while using a tretinoin because that is bad news that is going to destroy your skin just don’t do that that’s long

Story short tanning breaks down the elastin in the skin it just that’s what keeps your skin from sagging it keeps it from getting wrinkled and you are just if you are buying really great treatments whether that’s home care products or treatments in office and then you are going to the tanning bed or purposely tanning outside that is just basically like you’re

Throwing your money away and sometimes you’re even causing more harm than if you weren’t using these products because it’s turning your skin over faster so the outside skin are epidermis the outer most layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum that is the dead skin cells so when you see the skin flaking off it’s because your skin replaces itself typically

Every 30 days now as we age as we get older that goes down from 30 days to anywhere from 50 to 80 days so when your skin’s not turning over faster like that it’s starting to dry it’s starting to crack it’s starting to get wrinkled and tretinoin retinols they speed it back up so we like that so it’s helping the aging process a lot also a fun fact tretinoin was

Originally designed for acne and there are studies that they were conducting to see how it was reducing acne and it was reducing the acne very well but the participants started reporting that hey my skin overall is getting more smooth it’s helping my fine lines my wrinkles so it was an accidental discovery just um a fun fact for you so there are um lower dose

Tretinoins that i would probably recommend for acne versus like a 0.1 i would never say to do that i always tell people to start with the lower strength first the 0.5 see how your skin tolerates that do it twice a week once you finish this bottle and you’re like well i did really well with that i didn’t have a whole lot of side effects like she mentioned then you

Would be okay to bump up to the 0.1 the 0.1 is honestly better for those with um deeper damage those with sun damage and um who um have thicker skin honestly so it’s case by case we do free consultations we’d be happy to see you and let you know what uh we would recommend so if you’d like to get that schedule call 304-691-8910 we would be happy to do something

Virtual with you or see you in office and again we do mail out products free shipping if the order’s over 35 thanks so much for watching give this a thumbs up if you found it helpful and share with any friends who you think would be interested all of these things help my uh youtube be seen and i do have social media facebook and instagram same spelling as it is

Here esthetician trish mccarty thanks and have a great day bye

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Obagi Tretinoin By Aesthetician Trish McCarty