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OET LETTER # Ms Patricia Styles#

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By watching this video ,I am quite sure you will get clarity regarding how to approach a referral letter to an emergency department consultant#oet # keep watching my channel for more ideas # sharing simple knowledge#

Hi friends welcome back i’m here with another oet case notes it is a letter to an emergency department doctor as an urgent referrer so let’s see how we can do it and first of all we can see the case notes so let’s see first the writing task using the information in the case notes write a letter of referral to the emergency department consultant on duty outlining

The case and requesting urgent assessment and management for pericarditis so it’s clear for you from this writing test what we have to we are right going to write a referral letter to the emergency department consultant on duty regarding the urgent assessment and management for pericarditis so the address of the letter to emergency department consultant on duty

Newtown hospital 100 main street new town so whenever you are hearing how to write an urgent reference letter to emergency department concept first comes in in your mind i think for all it is we have to prioritize the current situation first isn’t it but most of the time this is not true if the condition is related to the previous days and it is progressing

Means you have to start from the beginning otherwise it will not be clear for the doctor you just write today what happened and then you are going back to the initial history so it will be a confusing situation for them so what we have to do if something is have started before and still progressing consistently and this current condition is related to that

Situation means you have to start from the initial phase okay so we can just start from the beginning so are you ready to start let’s see assume that today’s date is 30 august 2019. you are a nurse conducting a nurse home visit as part of routine follow-up care after this patient’s hospital discharge then the patient details are given name miss patricia stars

Date of birth 27 april 1957 for age 62 then the address is given 57 market drive newtown social background retired primary school teacher lives on her own husband died three years ago due to lung cancer she has no children and medical history hypertension diagnosed in 2011 and it is mentioned that it’s only mild 145 over 95 mm hgg 2013 moderate the worsening

As you can see so they commenced her on kinelabric regular monitoring currently well managed right around 140 over 90 then diabetes magnetic test dm type 2 so when it was started diagnosed in 2013 patient council regarding diet and lifestyle including weight loss 2014 common store hypoglycemics meta feminine glycoside well managed then history completed so green

Valley hospital treatment record 23 august 2019 when the problem started patient visiting sister for weekend sister lives three hours suffer from new town in green valley patiently admitted to greenwood hospital late evening with fever sharp and chloride texture spray which is worsening on breathing general weakness and malaise tachycardia that means the rapid

Heartbeat on next day what happened vital signs bp temperature she was febrile food examinations it is late evening means maybe only near to midnight that’s why the 24th an echocardiogram which revealed pericarditis then what is the management they have done iv surround ibuprofen 600 mg every eight hours then what is the evaluation where influencer type b plus

Pericarditis maybe they can be related to this influence okay then the next day patient discharged entered based on self-care at home and we draw a patient home and agreed to stay overnight for three nights follow up for nurse home visit arranged for 30 august that means after five days so let’s see what happens so today next home visit that is 30 august 2019 as it

Is observation patient looks unhappy reports feeling just pain relieved by sitting up shortness of breath so fatigue frustrated with progress of recovery medication adherence reports compliance and regular blood glucose monitoring vital signs low grade fever still she has and elevated so it is abnormal then knees no longer saying overnight work commitments in

Clean water so on assessment patient looks and well needle improvement quality wraps or complications of pericarditis so what’s the plan organize urgent hospital transfer to neutron hospital nearest hospital while brighter referral to emergency department include relevant medications patient history testosterone observations so as usual what you have to do before

You start writing you have to see the writing task and see who is your reader and what is the purpose of writing this letter and what all the relevant information i have to include you can just imagine you will surface the reader so you will get the right points which should include without planning don’t start writing so if you make a skeleton you can save a lot

Of time and make it clear later okay so how can we write the introduction first you have to name the emergency department and the date everything and the salutation to your doctor and the reference is patricia status the date of birth you can put otherwise you can use but whenever you get the date of birth it’s better to mention the date of i am writing to refer

Or you can write thank you for accepting this um this patricia stylist who who is suspected to have relapse or comp you can use complication of pericarditis she requires urgent assessment and management after being transferred to your facility today or even you didn’t write the transfer it’s okay just request to tell assessment and management but there is a

Question mark in the diagnosis that is not that confirmed they’re just suspecting or it’s only suggesting maybe a possibility of you can write in different ways but for the confirmation only we are sent to you because we we are just suspecting maybe it’s due to builder like this okay as these all symptoms related to the previous diagnosis we have to start from

The beginning where we have we should inform them initially what happened and because if the situation is worsening that’s why we should start from the beginning don’t follow the same format as a much urgent reference so we can start miss tylus was admitted to green valley hospital on 23 august 2019 due to free will and sharp orientation speed or you can write

The fever and chloride chest pain which was shot and aggravated while on drinking so her upon examination of her vital signs were deranged forever seriously so bloody investigations and radiological examinations in radiology examinations were performed which are confirmed pericarditis and viral influenza type b as a result she was treated with the intravenous

Sulay and ibuprofen 600 milligram every eight hours then she was discharged after a couple of days on self-care at home and she followed by a follow-up no she has in addition she has reported that she is compliant with her medication and blood glucose monitoring on examination her whiter science were abnormal she was her bride as she looks and there is

No improvement in her general condition it would be beneficial if you could diagnose her condition for her full recovery android miss tyrus is a widow because her husband already diagnosed video coma irritated school teacher who resides alone she has her hypertension since 2011 and type 2 diabetes medications since 2014 either like this hypertension since 2017

Coma diabetes medical since 2013 and depression since 2016. it is the recommendation so constrict the of all information it would be appreciated if you could take over the care of mrs stylus and please evaluate and diagnose her situation and treat as you feel appropriate we already mentioned the medication patient history test results and observations slowly

This is the thing we have to include i think it is easy to understand and clear for you if you still experiencing some doubts or you need more clarification you can just comment below in the comment box i’m always ready to help you i’m doing this to help others i know many are struggling and they don’t have much money to spend with the institution that’s why

I’m doing please try to watch and get the benefit from these videos just try to practice daily you can also crack oil and to raise your dream country for the best for your endeavors thank you very much keep watching and share with your friends thank you bye

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OET LETTER # Ms Patricia Styles# By Sharing simple knowledge