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OET Speaking Role Play- Self Insulin Administration

Hello all welcome back to oet for nurses today we are going to discuss another role play which is self-insulin administration here the setting is the patient’s house and you are a district nurse the patient’s doctor asked you to visit the patient’s home and teach the self-insulin administration you find that the patient is worried and he doesn’t know if it’s

Really necessary he thinks that his high sugar level can be managed by controlling the diet and tablets as per the first task we need to explain why the insulin injection is necessary and explain the process of insulin administration as per the third task we need to reassure that the injection is simple and easy process since the patient is anxious about the

Injection as per the last task we need to explain the importance of using the clean needles and the process of insulin administration along with sites for injection and details of the disposal of the syringes you are doing a home visit so you need to know the entire details of the patient as you are going to visit the patient at home it’s better to confirm the

Name with the interlocutor let’s assume the patient’s name is david let’s get into our role play we can start our conversation hello i am catherine one of the registered nurses from the community health center is it mr david’s house then the interlocutor may respond you like yes this is david house then continue by saying am i talking with mr david he will

Respond you yes i am david then ask him is it is it the right time to talk with you then the interlocutor will agree with that then we can tell him hello david your doctor requested me to visit you to teach you about self insulin administration procedure is it okay with you then he may respond that yes nurse i remember that the doctor has informed me that

Somebody will come here and teach me the insulin administration procedure he wants me on insulin injections then we can ask him about his general health condition then he may respond to you that i am okay why do you want me to take the insulin injection do you think that i have a high sugar level and can’t this be managed by controlling my diet then reply him

Saying that i understand your anxiety there is nothing much to be worried about yes your sugar level is higher however that is not the only reason to begin with insulin injection then he may respond to you then what is the problem then respond him saying as you know that you have been diabetic for a long time and your sugar level cannot be managed with control in

Your diet and the oral medication so it’s important to keep your sugar level normal otherwise there may be some complication of diabetes such as kidney failure and liver damage in order to avoid these complications you need to take the insulin injection on a daily basis are you following me david then he may agree with you then he may ask you another question i

Have been very scared of taking the injection since my childhood what do i do can i have it in a tablet form then respond him saying i understand your worries david however your sugar level is a bit higher and which cannot be managed by only tablets so it is very necessary to take the insulin injection on a daily basis until it comes down to the normal level are

You following me david then he may agree with you and ask you like that’s really sad are these insulin injections painful then tell him never david they are not they have got small needles and you do not need to inject inject them so deep inside your skin like other injections i can show you a demonstration of taking it then you can take the injection by yourself

Going forward and believe me they are not going to hurt you then he may ask you okay can you tell me where exactly i mean the sides where i can take the injection then respond him saying i appreciate you for asking that questions you can take them on your thighs stomach or arms the best area for insulin self-administration is thighs but you should always inject

On the upper outer area of your thigh because taking injection on inner thigh will lead to many problems if you choose stomach always stay at least two inches away from the belly button end if you choose arm you should always inject into a fatty tissue on the upper arm first you need to take the right amount of insulin as prescribed and you can inject it then

Use a different area within the site each time you inject insulin dot for example inject insulin into different areas in your abdomen insulin injected into the same area can cause lumps swelling or thicken skin also remember don’t massage the injection site doing so can interfere with the absorption of the insulin creating an unpredictable glucose response then

He may ask you i understand the procedure but i’m still worried about piercing myself then reply him saying david i really understand your anxiety this injection is not going to hurt you as you think please understand i am also a diabetic patient and i was also scared of taking injections initially but when i started taking it i understood that there was nothing

To be scared of taking the injection it was so easy and the main thing is my sugar level is under control now then he may agree with you i got a better relief from my tension i can definitely take the injection as my priority is to get the sugar level under control then respond him saying that i’m glad to hear that david do you have any more questions or concerns

He may respond to you no nurse i have nothing hi david it is very important to dispose the needles after the insulin administration for that you can collect all the needles in a container when i visit you next time i can dispose it properly is it fine yes then offer him a leaflet and close the interaction apart from that here is a leaflet for you which contains

All the details regarding the insulin administration procedure then close the role play by giving a summary and assurance so far we have been discussing the detailed process of taking the insulin administration i hope you got an idea about it if you have any more concerns you can contact me in the number which is in the leaflet i will be happy to assist you

Once again i assure you that if you take the insulin administration properly as advised by the doctor definitely you can bring down your sugar level and you can lead a healthy life thank you david for listening to me patiently i wish you a healthy future ahead our role play ends here hello all thank you for watching my video please provide me with your valuable

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