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OHDSI US 2019: 6F – Net Clinical Benefit of Ticagrelor compared to Clopidogrel

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Seng Chan You discusses the results of an OHDSI study that compared the risk of net adverse clinical event between ticagrelor and clopidogrel in patients with ACS.

Dr. sanchez you is a medical doctor who majored in internal medicine at severns hospital korea he received his master’s and medical science at the same university currently he’s a phd candidate for the department of biomedical informatics as your university in 2016 he joined the odyssey to community and started research in the network he received the best community

Contribution award for clinical evidence generation of the 2017 odyssey symposium by comparative research of antihypertensive treatments and real-world settings in 2018 he released a clinically informant package based on recurrent neural networks which is open source software for predicting clinical outcomes and the odyssey tool ecosystem based on deep learning

Currently he works for integrating clinical data with radiologic genomic environmental and free text data based on the home obsidian thank you for your introduction everyone i’m gonna talk about the net clinical benefit of tackle compared to clopidogrel impatient with acs following pci this stuck disclosure the history of dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with

Coronary disease is not so long so it started from 1998 and about ten years later plots of trial demonstrators priority of tactical overclocked yoga and it changes the paradigm of depth so lots of trial demonstrated that it decreased its primary end point which was particular dad’s myocardial infarction and stroke but it shows that it increases the risk of the

Fatal in prey in cranial bleeding and non-capital related major and minor bleeding and in it increase that risk of tamiya to current line of united states and europe recommended tiger ball over corporal impatient with acs solely based on plateaus trial you know what the child is not demonstrate the spirit of tackle in north america in asia and if you see this at

Risk as estimate in nursery north america actually towards the harm of rather than benefit so my objective is to compare the risk of and that clip at the first clinical event days between tactical and club drug invasion of iglesias follow-up is tearing through a hudson network we included those who initially chakra will capture all 2 hs and under trigger sti and

We excluded those who had a history of stroke or dry buildings and who used prospero or passing drugs emitting previous three ds from the ci the primary and the point was computed completed at the point of net helper clinical events which composed of current mi and universalization ischemic stroke intracranial hemorrhage for each writings all of these individual

Outcomes serve letter the country and point and i added albert overall death and the sunna as a positive control we computed the risk of the one-year nice after the pci by using one-to-one ps matching and unconditioned and cox regression for those a severe analysis i added two different time windows and three different statistical analysis i and to assess to the

About ss system errors i adams 96 negative controls we use three different databases in a large network to affirm us which both of them are each are very large-scale and one from korea we converted the whole national patrons but could undertake a pcie into a mock cdm you can see that the proportion of thai culture among the whole study population is increasing in

Most countries and in 2016 is over 30% percent and at 2018 it was over 40% and you can see that the audience of the tie coil is much too worried and clapping about a million days was 132 for tocqueville and 232 for club material you can see how well our covers how well that was our coverage after matching more than we use more than 10,000 careers in each databases

And you can see more than 90% of negative controls who knots also share that the tyco or club chervil this is our primary endpoint one year neighs it was not different between tackle and observable in three each entry databases and in maryland says two and it was very consistent among the occurs databases and of course the sensitivity analysis by using different

Time windows and different statistical analysis i know it is very small to see so there is a pasture over there so you can see that results in the pasture assistance and we found that at the hemorrhagic events and this near risk was increased in pikeville epic our group and it seems that it’s killing stroke and hemorrhagic stroke was related with the tight crawl but

It doesn’t meet the set is called s significance so if you if you want to see the whole study result please open your laptop or your cell phone and go to the data dot add see the port then and find the tiger vs. club de graal then you can see the whole study pop of our results or i will be there for near my imposter so in summary there is no significant significant

Difference in one year and east between technical and cultural users with it says following pci and this finding was very consistent a crysta databases and occur statistical analysis and tonkawa was associated with a higher risk of hemorrhage events and listen yeah thank you for your time

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OHDSI US 2019: 6F – Net Clinical Benefit of Ticagrelor compared to Clopidogrel By OHDSI