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Oral Minoxidil Month 3 Update, ECG, Hair Progress, Side Effects…

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I started taking Low Dose Oral Minoxidil for hair thickening, and better hair growth stimulation overall. You can read more about oral minoxidil for hair loss from the sources below + learn from my experience!

So it’s been three months since i’ve been using oral minoxidil low dose for hair thickening and hair stimulation purposes make sure you stay tuned if you want to find out more about my new dose adjustment of oral minoxidil side effects ecg electrocardiogram that i decided to do on the month number three as well and i’m going to share with you why it’s important and

The last one me sharing with you my current hair status hair condition and how my hair is improving thanks to oral minoxidil make sure you also watch my previous updates my number one and two because there are some things that i’m only sharing in these particular updates is i don’t want to repeat myself so if you want to learn the most out of my unique experience

On this medication make sure you watch these previous updates as well before we start as always shout out to our sponsor go fiber these are hair building fibers you can use to mask any thinning or patchy areas on your scalp to make your hair look thicker and better so make sure you check out the link in the video description below where you can visit go fiber

Get a free sample of your choice and try them out see if you like them alright guys so let’s start with the dose adjustment so what happened from the beginning of the third month was that i changed my previous oraminoxidil for a new oral minoxidil it’s totally the same ingredient it’s the same brand same pharmacy producing it however these new pills have only one

Milligram in it however the last ones had five milligram so i had to kind of further micro dose take one pill and kind of divide it into like four or five smaller portions and made like 1.25 to 1.5 mg dosings from it i didn’t like the idea it was kind of uh you know messy and probably i have also lost some of that active ingredient over the process of splitting the

Tablet as it is not a hard tablet but it’s just the capsule that is uh you know just powder inside so that is why i decided to just take one mg tablet that i don’t need to further micro dose and i also like that the pharmacy is able to microdose it on one mg probably even less if you ask them as opposed to taking 2.5 or 5 mg lana 10 or 10 mg lonnie 10 tablets that

Many of you guys probably know obviously it’s going to be more expensive because here i had 100 tablets for 5 mgs so probably you could get away with this for one whole year it’s costing almost the same as this a 1 mg bottle of 100 capsules it’s obviously it’s going to be a little bit more costly but it’s gonna be better and safer in my opinion because i know what

I’m dozing it’s gonna be one mg every single day so let’s start with some side effects guys that are normal on any medication and the same is with oral minoxidil as far as side effects there were fortunately no new side effects that i were able to observed between the mouth number two and month number three the only thing would be unwanted hair growth i’m talking

Specifically about the hair on my arms and also on my hands as i’m showing you right here the hair is definitely growing faster and it’s able to elongate more compared to before i’m not really trimming the hair that are longer on my hands or arms i’m just letting it as it is but what i’m doing i’m definitely trimming the hair on my nape area on the back of my neck

Where the hair is also able to elongate much more than before and it’s also looking slightly more pigmented and thicker so i uh it’s definitely requiring some more frequent trimming sessions so that’s the only thing fortunately also no new unwanted body hair growth on my back or on my abdominals that would be really unwanted from my side i know for some of you

Guys some additional body hair growth would be a benefit if you are a guy who doesn’t have so much body hair and wants it but for me i’m good as i am right now i would wouldn’t want more as far as body hair growth now as far as my beard i don’t think that i got any additional beard growth the beard feels thicker and stronger as as i said you guys during the month

Number one and two already nothing new in my opinion it’s staying pretty much the same now as far as other side effects like dizziness headache i have not experienced i have not experienced any swelling water retention or edema in my hands or legs as it’s usually the case with oral minoxidil by some individuals uh fortunately not also no cardiovascular problems

Or issues so far talking about these i decided to do a ecg that’s electrocardiogram and it’s a simple test that you can do at a cardiologist for like five minutes and it’s meant to measure your heart rhythm and also electrical activity of your heart and it will show you like different types of waves and it has been shown that if you are taking oral minoxidil you

Could food get some ecg alterations in your especially t waves and also sd segment depression these are specific terms about cardiology that i don’t want to really dive so much deep into today but i will talk more about these in my next updates where i will share with you my results of my ecg and let my cardiologist give like a interpretation of these results and

This is something i want to share with you next time so we’ll dive more into them and kind of check whether there were some alterations in my ecg while i wasn’t or a minoxidil versus after me taking two weeks break from oral minoxidil that i’m actually doing right now i’m taking two weeks break for determination of how my ecg will look like when i’m two weeks off

Of minoxidil and we know that with oraminoxidil’s very short half-life it’s only four hours it’s very likely that your serum will be kind of cleansed off of any minoxidil after two weeks that’s something that i also got from other doctors and dermatologists when i was asking them about this step of you know taking some time off of oraminoxidil and asking them how

Many days or weeks i need to wait until i can do that ecg and determining my baseline ecg like non-minoxidil now back to the study that actually showed that 90 of people who were on oral minoxidil guts uh ecg issues or alterations that’s a concerning number obviously and i want to elaborate on that a little bit so this study is from 1979 and it included like uh

People individuals with severe hypertension that means severe high blood pressure and we know that in such case people can also be you know advised to take like from 5 to 50 milligrams of roman oxyl per day or even more and that is like like 50 times or more than what i’m taking currently that’s the one mg so in my opinion the problem ability of such ecg alterations

Will be definitely higher if you are taking such high dose of minoxidil orally that’s something that also makes me feel more good about this drag and i feel good actually right now no matter what type of physical activity i’m doing i’m not feeling any problems and issues so hopefully the results will be fine i will let you know whether there were any alterations now

Also in the study uh you can see here that was observing a male pattern baldness and individuals using five milligram of oral minoxil for aga there were about 20 percent of patients who experienced ecg alterations but they were classified as not serious this study only included 40 subjects in total so unfortunately not such a you know a big study but nonetheless

Ecg alterations can be expected so if you’re somebody who’s more concerned about this aspect make sure you get your ecg before taking starting to take oral minoxidil that’s something that i wish i had done actually before because right now i wouldn’t need to stop with oraminoxidil for like two weeks it’s quite annoying but uh hopefully uh it’s not gonna you know

Make me lose more hair i don’t think so right it’s just two weeks i’m also taking topic off in us right so i should be fine but if you think that this could damage your hair gains you can always get on top come in oxalol for such a you know short period of time and uh that is something i might consider as well i will let you know guys uh right now i want to talk

More about the results and benefits that i’m getting from oral minoxidil as far my uh scalp hair growth and scalp hair thickening as you can see on this video you can definitely notice that my hair on top is looking very good compared to before i started with oraminoxidil i’m definitely feeling strengthening when i’m combing my hair when i’m shampooing my hair when

I’m blow drying it and then i’ll brush it it with a comp i definitely noticed that the hair feels a little bit more resilient and feels a little bit more stronger and when i kind of brush it it comes back a little bit uh you know it moves uh like it’s definitely having some some strength in it compared to before and it’s also looking slightly more pigmented it has a

Nicer shine and color this is these are all things that i’m noticing and it’s been three months so i expect that minoxidil efficacy to peak by the month number five because based on studies that’s about where minoxidil effectiveness tends to peak and from that point on it slightly decreases and then just kind of fluctuates as you can see on this graphic right here

For topical minoxidil but i think it’s going to be quite similar on oral minoxidil as well so let’s see how it’s gonna go uh for me i’m really happy with what oraminoxidil is doing to my hair and i want to keep using it but i also want to keep using it safely just because there are no issues maybe talking about my heart it doesn’t mean that i’m not maybe creating

Some issues in the background and that’s something i really don’t want obviously i don’t want to raise my health just because of my hair that is the reason why i did the ecg and i will let you know how the results were so you can organize your visit at your cardiologist as well if it’s something that is of a concern even with that one milligram dose because also

There is some wagness in all of these studies that talk about oral minoxidil causing all these ecg alteration and there are also several case reports where patients reported pericardial effusion just after you know a short time of using oral minoxidil however we don’t know what was the dose it was likely a higher dose it wasn’t like one mg or on ninoxidil dose but

Nonetheless i want to find out whether it can even possess any serious risks as far as altering your ecg and your heart health all right so more about this in the month number four so stay tuned guys i’m gonna inform you about this and with that being said thank you so much for watching make sure you check out my other updates uh to find out more about oral minoxidil

My experience on it and also some other things that i mentioned about this track and how it affected me in those previous monthly periods make sure you like this video and comment below if you have any questions or share your experiences and i’m gonna be seeing you soon again in another video take care thank you

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Oral Minoxidil Month 3 Update, ECG, Hair Progress, Side Effects… By MATTDOMINANCE