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OUR TTC JOURNEY (trying to conceive after ectopic) letrozole/femara cycle 3 part 4

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Thanks guys for following our journey through trying to conceive our third baby. This is part 4 of this series and I will upload part 5 in a few days 🤍 thanks for watching

Morning guys so saturday 18 today i’ll double check that because i got it wrong yesterday so cycle day started at 18 today i haven’t tested it as of yet but i will go test after this so i’m using the testing ovulation i’m using the first response just the just the regular ovulation tests and then my clear blue digital so i am using both of them some months i

Find this one more accurate someone it’s this one it really depends i do get everything confirmed with blood so i guess these don’t really matter but i still like to do it so my piece of mind as well medication-wise i am taking natalie so i think this is how you say it it’s pretty much the exact same as elevate just higher dosages of some of the ingredients and

It’s a lot cheaper than elevator i’m pretty sure this is 60 dollars for a three month supply opposed to i think all of it’s like 100 so yeah a lot more cheaper i take additional folic acid which is recommended by my fertility specialist not everyone has to take this so don’t take extra unless you are advised of a health professional me and tim both take coq100

That improves egg and sperm quality you do have to use this for about three months before you do notice results but this really does work it really helped him out men of it which is just the men’s version of elvert this stuff’s pretty expensive as well i’m pretty sure this was 90 dollars for you get your life supply so it’s not too bad but this stuff does

Work um tim’s sperm quality was it’s always been good it was just a bit on the slower side and now it’s really strong so we can only put it down to this in the coq100 because diet-wise and that team hasn’t changed anything else and once i do ovulate we will use the conceive plus fertility lubricant i probably will start using this what my results are today maybe

Tomorrow we’ll keep having sex every second day up until we get like our peak and then we’ll do it twice a day for three days once i’ve got my pig so we’ll use these they’re just little individual applicators which are super handy you can get it in like a squeezy tube but it’s just messy with these you get like eight applicators so you probably get like one to

Two months use out of this which is still really good so yeah i’ll go test now and i’ll show you guys the results i have just tested just awaiting those results i tend to usually tap like tests test urine and then leave them not look at them because you go crazy so i’ll leave that for a couple of minutes i’ve written down the symptoms that i’ve had because the

Last couple of days have been super rough my belly is super super hard burning and like super bloated but it’s super hard so i did speak to my fertility specialists they are a bit worried about hyper ovulation syndrome i think it’s called so they’re going to keep a close eye on that really dizzy out of breath as you can probably tell i can barely talk without

Getting out of breath it’s like you know when you’re pregnant and everywhere you walk it just takes a breath that’s like what i’m getting now which can be another symptom of that hyper ovulation whatever um the cramping really really bad cramps they almost feel like constipation cramps but they’re not that’s just from pretty sure it’s from there because it’s

Kind of more in my front down where my uterus is in my lower back um when we team had sex last night it hurt so much it hurt so freaking bad um so i’m assuming that’s all the follicles inside when they grow does cause a lot of discomfort during this like intercourse but that was pretty horrible i had some more like pinkish brown spotting my cervical mucus is

Starting to change so it’s going it’s becoming a lot more like egg white i hate because which usually would indicate you come in close to ovulation so for me anyway everybody’s different you should never kind of go by if you certainly just like you should never you know go by what somebody else is having kind of once you watch your way for a few months if

You travel ovulation trying for a baby you’ll know what happened everyone’s different and then yeah trouble sleeping so i’m having a lot of trouble sleeping and i’m tired all the time so it doesn’t matter how much likely i wish it’s none of them i’m just so freaking exhausted all day snappy angry this has got to be by far the worst cycle i’ve ever done with let

Yourself so fingers crossed we do get some results this month but i’ll show you guys the obligation test yay so we got a solid smiley face so ovulation is very close so that’s means for peak fertility my line on my first response it looks a lot darker in person it’s definitely not at peak yet on these tests because these will be they usually super accurate so

We need to wait for that left line to get a bit darker than the right line or as the same color but you know smelly face that is a good sign so yeah i will check in with you guys probably tomorrow i just thought i’d show you guys this now that it’s dried off a bit more a lot easier to see just because i’m not using a ring light today it’s natural light so it’s

Harder to capture on camera so as you can see it has gotten a lot darker everyone so cycle day 21 today i’m pretty sure i ovulated either cycle day 19 in the night or cycle day 20 in the morning because i had some weird cramping it was pretty intense like pulling tugging on my right side which is where we did have those good follicles so i’m assuming that was

Ovulation pains and then yeah i was i had a lot of egg white sam and now since yesterday i’ve had no sam completely left dry so that’s usually what happens to me after i’ll be like so i wrote down some things it is so freaking cold here it’s like two degrees i’m seriously like dying so cycle day 18 i got the peak on my clear blue cycle day 19 i got my peak

On the first response so and i did upon doing some research i did figure out that the clear blues are that little bit more sensitive than the first response so i am going to go off the clear blue so when i got my peak sucked at 18 between 12 to 36 hours you’ll be like some even say 48 hours so suck at 18 got the peak of cleveland cycle day 19 peak with first

Response so cycle day 19 i was very crampy on my right side it was again really strange pulling tugging it was not nice two dominant follicles on my right side that were confirmed by a skin so i actually did go for an emergency scan because my fertility specialists were worried about in ovarian hyperstimulation i think it was called syndrome oh hhs because i

Was in a lot of pain and i had a lot of fluid retention as well bloating really hard stomach but it just i just had two really good sized follicles i did have a cc on my left ovary as well which would have caused some of the pain but it was super good size follicle it was a 27 millimeter my dominant follicle the other one was a 22 so they’re both good sizes so

I definitely will drop one if not two eggs and yeah so that’s a really good size for the letrozole um soccer day 19 at in the night so in the pm and then cycle day 20 in the am i had diarrhea which i don’t usually get i’m usually like pretty constipated because i had gastric sleeve surgery and my fiber intake isn’t great so i usually do have to take supplements

So that’s definitely something that’s not normal for me but i have noticed going back looking at my old notes because i kind of track everything every month so looking through those notes i do notice around ovulation i do get a bit of diarrhea so up at a 20 just still crampy on the right side i had a headache that kind of lasted all day it was a pretty intense

Headache so it was kind of the back of my head and that’s yeah that’s when my um cm stopped so completely dry no seam so that usually for me indicates i have ovulated and then yeah today just today i’ve actually felt pretty good just a little bit crampy all not on the just on the right side just kind of all over but yeah now the two week wait starts so i will

Start testing if my period doesn’t come by maybe about the 10th of august i’ll start testing so that will be 11 days so i probably won’t make it that far i usually start testing around eight days past ovulation i’m impatient enough but i did you know i have gotten early i think with kale with andre i got a pregnancy positive pregnancy test super early i think

It was about 7 dpo we had a 5 day transfer so i got it it was pretty quick it was like three days after my transfer that i got a positive test which is pretty insane i thought it was like not real at first but it was and i am now taking my progesterone supplements and i’ve started on baby aspirin so they’re the baby aspirin it’s just a low-dose aspirin it just

Thins the blood to your uterus so for me because i’ve had recurrent miscarriages it helps within the bloodshed uterus so it can help with those things and same with the progesterone and the progesterone i am like prone to having low progesterone which your progesterone has to be at a stable level to sustain a pregnancy to help implantation so i’m straight onto

Those after ovulated so i started those yesterday and yeah i guess i’ll just keep documenting my symptoms this is usually when it gets super bad which worries me because this cycle’s already been horrible but i find yeah probably about five dpo so five days past ovulation that’s what my symptoms get bad so it will be interesting to see what happens this month

But yeah i’ll keep you guys updated and i thought i’d just quickly show you so circle day 19 is when i got my pink and then that was legit so saturday 19 a.m and then the bottom one cycle day pm so you can see how quickly that changed so it’s super important once you start getting closer to ovulation to start testing twice a day because that just shows you like

Potentially if i didn’t test in the morning i could have missed my search seriously slept all day three dpo today so extremely tired i worked up until i worked pretty early i’m pretty sure i started it at seven o’clock and work till 12 so it was like pretty short day but then i pretty much finished work and went straight to bed i was so freaking tired and i

Just feel pretty like grotty now like a bit out of it tired headachy i’ve had like quite a lot of cramps down there like weird cramping just like really dull cramping um i’ve got a lot of cm which is super watery which kind of doesn’t usually happen i usually stay pretty dry until around seven days until my period so that’s a bit different i have like noted

That down i started charting my bbt which i have actually never done that but and i haven’t done it from the start of this cycle so i don’t know if it’s going to work for me like within reading the chart but they say like your temperature dips at ovulation and at implantation so hopefully we see that implantation tip but i’m going to look a bit more into that

Because it’s something i’m not entirely sure on but my fertility specialist did say he recommends that i do it so we spoke with my fertility specialist today as well and we kind of said he’s booked me another cycle so if this month doesn’t work next month we’ll go straight into a um tracked cycle so at the moment we’re just doing electrosol they do one scan

Next month if we don’t feel pregnant this month fingers crossed but if we don’t we’ll go into attract cycles so what will happen there is we’ll get given donald f which is what we’ve had before it’s an injection that grows your follicles so we’ll take that for about 10 days they’ll monitor my follicles by bloods and ultrasound and then once we my follicles

Get a good size they’ll give us a trigger shot and i do take the letrozole as well so that’s what we’ll do we commend him how to like talk about it and what we’ll do we’ll do two months of that and if that doesn’t work then we’re just going to go straight back into a full stem cycle which is a full ivf cycle which i’m okay with i just definitely wanted to try

You know a more natural approach to trying to conceive since i’ve lost all the weight i thought that you know my body would respond a little bit better so yeah we’ll just see how that goes but yeah i’m fully open to it andre was an ivf baby so we only got the one egg with him so super super lucky it worked but yeah we didn’t have any eggs frozen otherwise we

Definitely would have gone straight back into that but yeah i guess my next video will be a live pregnancy test so we will see how we go i’ll check in with you guys in a few days

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OUR TTC JOURNEY (trying to conceive after ectopic) letrozole/femara cycle 3 part 4 By The Fit Mummy Diaries