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out in the cold. aren’t people nice? 360 vlog

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Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

Right i’ve just put my prescription in this is a 360 video you can move the screen around you can drag it drag it and you can look over there there’s a man with a dog over there look over there look look and i’ve taken my amazon clock back it’s second time i’ve had to send it back i ordered a new one and just sent back the broken one and said they ain’t working

And uh it’s not damaged at all so fine do you know what little kid right a school kid you could see him up there he just asked me if i’m okay if i need any help what a good kid i mean people are proper moving out of the way they’re like moving their dogs out the way stepping off the path i was like you there slipping that no i wasn’t i was really a goodbye always

Starting to rain now i gotta get home before i get drenched it’s okay though because this camera’s waterproof thank you sir we make sure we don’t run anyone over thank you cheers mate look how good people are look so we’re on the way home i hope it doesn’t rain on your lens go over the bumpy bit there is check this train did it yeah i felt like that you know

Oh i’m in such a good mood my household has gone through i’ve received the money it’s over i’m no longer have to talk to those people or deal with them i really want to send them an email saying you cost me two grand you bastard but i’m just happy not to talk to them ever again i’ve blocked them on whatsapp i’ve removed them from my contacts nothing to do with

Me anymore thank you very much my that has however opened up some opportunities to give some important news about myself but you have to wait till next week bmw black man’s willy that’s what we saw bmw when i was a kid oh i’m getting a black man’s willy and we’re like what and he’s like oh is that right now series seven wow it’s probably raining now it wasn’t

Supposed to rain until five o’clock and now i have to deal with it now but there’s the shop over there that i went over there to take my thing back again people really nice jordan opened the door for you jumping to move that before you jump and lift that for you jimmy to do a little dance for you while he never said that yeah just running in the middle of the

Pavement kids why not let’s go turbo speed up this road now you’re gonna get where if you’re facing forward it’d be like you’re in um warp drive with all the raindrops running rushing towards you rushing at eight miles an hour although it might be a bit slower because i’m getting up hill it’s a bit bloody wet though isn’t it oh i fixed my amazon clock which i’m

Sending back to broken one but the new one and i got a new amazon echo the round one with a clock on it and amazon tried to give me the old um the story oh we’re not gonna be able to deliver that until after christmas i know they’re waking whitey ways they tell you that so you can buy the one that they don’t want to that they say they have in stock so you buy

That quickly it’s all about stock control and i knew see me me and my brain knew that if i ordered the the fancy one it wouldn’t arrive on the first of them do you know i arrived you know when it did the other day it’s december now i’m not having to wait until january the whatever to get it but i’ve got one of those round ones i put that in the kitchen i paired

My new echo clock which paired really quickly by the way so i think it might be the echo but i put that echo in the garage so i can turn on my garage light one of my freezer i say alexa turn on garage light and it does oh it’s so good i love being able to control the lights with my voice it’s awfully wonderful right i’m nearly home now i’m gonna get around this

Awkward bit let’s switch to slow how are you there are you wet and she get through okay oh just turn the other way oh watch one wheel there we go oh bit of a wheel spin there we go we’ve done it we only gone and done it right i’ve to go back to the the garage now oh my christmas tree lights look brilliant in my window look up there look look celebrate christmas

With me isn’t it mary look you can see the the lights in the window very good right okay we’re good we’re good we’re right at the garage it’s gonna slow let’s not crash into the garage if we can help it turn around right turn around there and that way and then that way and then i’ll get in and get it out oh a bit close to the garage doing the side door i love

That there’s grab handles everywhere door should be open it is by joe echo turn on the garage light oh look at that do you know what i could do why is that like frozen why does that stop oh that’s why oh that’s hard work there we go hello you thought had gone didn’t you i’m still off to do my experiments in garage oh you know i’ve used this multiple times

Now and i haven’t charged it so i think i should now jesus oh it’s hard work being me i tell you that where’s miara turn the key off blam me okay what’s this watch echo turn off garage light okay let’s turn that right that’s lockhead i’ve got my keys right i’m getting in i’m getting one i’m doing one if you like these videos and you think they’re good and

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out in the cold. aren't people nice? 360 vlog By multiple sclerosis Vlog