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[Outdated] Best Time To Take Metformin Is At Night? Anti Aging 2020

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This video is outdated, and new research has been published. Please see this video here:

What’s up everyone metformin since the early 2000s has grabbed a lot of attention in the anti-aging world and yes while there’s been a few let downs in the anti-aging worlds over the past few years metformin is one of the few remaining beacons of hope that actually looks like it can extend our healthy years which is pretty epic and that’s the key part we want to

Extend our healthy years but a 20-19 paper that combined exercise with metformin really turned things upside down so it looks like metformin can actually get in the way of all of the benefits of exercise which is pretty alarming right so in this video we’re going to go through all of the hype around mid foreman helmet foreman works what this 2019 paper actually

Shows and whether you should take me foreman and then we’re going to get on to actually answering the title of this video when should you take me foreman what is the best time in the day and if you like this video please do smash that thumbs up button it really does help with the youtube algorithm so let’s get into it metformin over the last 60 years has been used

To treat type 2 diabetes in humans but the national institutes of health in the early 2000s gave it to mice and they found that those treated with metformin outlived those that didn’t which is pretty cool and that was our first inkling that we might be able to extend our healthy years using metformin but we needed to investigate this further we don’t want to extend

The end of our life we want to extend our healthy active years so we gave me form into an organism called c elegans and that’s exactly what we found this organism when treated with metformin had around 50% longer and it’s healthy time it means that it can be active for longer scientists then turned their attention to humans could these results be translated into

Humans and it looks like it can so observational studies this is where we look at existing populations and see what the results are so scientists found that type 2 diabetics treated with metformin but didn’t need insulin were actually living longer than people without type 2 diabetes so let me just repeat that because this is nuts type 2 diabetics living longer

Than people without type 2 diabetes so crazy and it’s all down to metformin so it looks like through these observations studies that we can reduce our heart attack risk our cancer risk and slow down our age-related decline which is so cool but if humans have been taking metformin for over 60 years why are we only finding out about the anti-aging stuff now well it

Turns out we don’t have a great grasp of how mint foreman actually works and there’s been many different theories one of the theories is around insulin so metformin works by increasing your cells sensitivity to insulin this means you don’t need as much insulin in your bloodstream to get the effect that it needs and this means you can reduce your overall levels of

Insulin this means you can reduce your overall levels of igf-1 insulin-like growth factor-1 by reducing your igf-1 you can reduce your cell turnover your cells don’t need to divide as quickly as what they would otherwise do so every time your cells divide your chromosomes your dna it has to split apart and when the splitting happens there’s a cap at the end of your

Chromosomes called telomeres every time your chromosomes split your telomeres get shorter and shorter and shorter until eventually the chromosomes fray and the cell dies this is one of the theories of aging so if we can reduce how quickly our cells are dividing then we can reduce how quickly we age and this is one theory around mid forman another theory is that

Metformin tricks our body into thinking that its calorie deficient that it’s starving so it needs to use all of its energy in a really efficient way so it needs to fold all of its proteins really well and these two form cells really well and it can’t use any excess energy mid foreman seems to trick your body into thinking that its calorie deficient by activating

Ampk so ampk is around your mitochondria so mid foreman looks like it affects how your mitochondria actually work and an extension of that is around mtor so you may have heard bodybuilders wanting to activate mtor and mtor is great if you want to be building lots of muscle unfortunately it looks like by activating mtor we can actually accelerate our aging process

So metformin it reduces or inhibits your mtor so this way you don’t have as much growth factors in your body again you’re not going to have as much growth so your telomeres are going to stay long so just to summarize metformin reduces igf-1 so we’re not dividing ourselves as quickly we can reduce our mtor so we’re not building as many proteins and it affects how

Our mitochondria work and it’s these effects that this 2019 paper wanted to investigate so it got participants and divided them into two different groups one with metformin one without and to put them on to a 12-week training program and they wanted to see what happens to their vo2 max and what happens to the mitochondria the group that had metformin they only got

Half of the benefit half of the increase of the vo2 compared to the group that didn’t have metformin so the group that had metformin were only getting half of the benefit of exercise and it was a similar story when they looked at the mitochondria so the mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells and you want these to be as efficient as possible and it looked

Like the group without the mid foreman the efficiency went up dramatically but those that had the mid foreman their mitochondria their efficiency didn’t go up so you’re not getting that benefit again and this is quite worrying if you’re working hard at the gym or going for a run and you’re taking metformin you’re not getting as much benefit with exercise and this

Kind of begs the question then should you be taking metformin at all well let’s have a look at one of the leading researchers in the anti-aging field dr. david sinclair at what he does so his solution is to take metformin at night or your rest days and this makes sense when you’re at the gym and you’re feeling that burn in your muscles you’re actually tearing your

Muscles apart and at night when you’re sleeping this is when the repair happens and this is how you get larger muscles and you get fitter it’s through this repair process you heal yourself more than what you’ve damaged yourself so at night by taking metformin you’re potentially reducing how much benefit how much cell growth you’re going to have overnight which

Is not really what we want so on exercise days you want as much healing as can so you don’t want to have metformin in your bloodstream at that stage so if you’ve been exercising during the day don’t have metformin at night if you haven’t been exercising during the day then you want to have metformin because you do want to have all of those beneficial effects that

Metformin has so again metformin reduces your heart attack risk reduces your cancer risk and slows down your aging so i hope that makes sense because it is quite important on your exercise days don’t take mid forman you want to get as much healing as you can you want to be activating your mtor at night you want to be cell dividing you want to be healing you want to

Get all of the benefits of exercise but those days that you don’t have exercise you want to get all of the benefits of mid pullman and that’s when you should be taking metformin and on those nights you want to take one gram so it’s one gram at night on your exercise days off so if you are going to start taking metformin there are a few side effects that you should

Know about most of them are gi upsets so you could not just some vomiting and diarrhea now the best way to reduce your chances of getting these side-effects is to start at the lowest dose possible which is 500 milligrams and then you want to build up to one gram now in most countries mid foreman is a prescription drug so you do need to go and check to your doctor

About these and i’m going to link all of the studies that i’ve highlighted here in the description below now i just want to clarify here mid foreman it’s not 100% proven to reduce your aging in humans so we’ve got these observational studies again this is looking in the rearview mirror we’ve never looked forward this is where the tame study comes in targeting

Aging with metformin and it’s where they trying to get around 3,000 people between the ages of 65 and 79 giving half of the metformin and half of them placebo and this is where we can truly see what the effects are of metformin around aging so at this stage there’s a strong suggestion that metformin will help with our aging processes but it’s not 100% proven yet

So i really hope that helps answer for you when you should be taking metformin in the day so just to summarize you want to be taking one grahame of mid pullman at night and you only want to take it on your exercise days off on your rest days and you do this because you want to get all of the benefits of exercise and all of the benefits of metformin and the best

Way to do this take metformin on your rest days please let me know down in the comment section below if you found this video useful and if you’re going to start taking metformin and again if you like this video please do smash that thumbs up button it really does help with the youtube algorithm and if you want more content like this please subscribe until next time thanks very much

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[Outdated] Best Time To Take Metformin Is At Night? Anti Aging 2020 By Dr Brad Stanfield