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Overcoming Dependency on Nasal Decongestant Sprays and Fighting Rhinitis Medicamentosa

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Hello everyone today i’m going to talk about the condition known as rebound congestion congestion there’s a more appropriate medical term for it known as the rhinitis medical men tosun i hope i’m pronouncing correctly i’m not from a medical background so whatever video you’re watching right now this is not a substitute to any medical advice it’s just a patient talk

I don’t talk to you about my own experience and hope it will help you cope up with such a situation so the commission that i’m going to talk about is known as rebound congestion and it is fairly common unfortunately not much is available on to help the fellow sufferers like me so i struggled i found some help in youtube and i thought let me contribute my own part

To this body of knowledge if i if i can say that i’m 37 i live in india and this video i’m doing it for across the world not just for india so i avoid using any brand names i’d rather stick to generic names but i’m going to talk something about you know common cold it affects everyone at some point of their time or probably everyone gets affected by it once a year

Now whenever you are suffering from common cold or in some cases if you are suffering from sinusitis problem your nose nasal passages will be blocked and it is quite uncomfortable now if this condition of nasal passages being blocked persists for a long time you feel fairly uncomfortable and that’s what happened to me around 13 years back i had a common cold and it

Was quite uncommon to be honest and i already had the sinusitis problem and it was fairly uncomfortable for me and i was not able to breathe properly and this is where it becomes quite tricky if your breathing is getting affected sometimes you develop this panic attack now what is panic attack well that’s a different story altogether but to cut it short it’s it’s

Almost like you are choking to death it’s almost like a feeling of hopelessness and that’s what happened to me because nose was blocked for a long time around 13 years back and i tried the spirit at him to open up the nose by blowing it but nothing really happened i tried to steam inhale the steam but because it was a common coal i was not getting the relief that

Was sustainable for a long time so eventually i spoke to some of my friends some once a day why don’t you try some over-the-counter drug known as otc drug and these are known as nasal decongestants now the name may vary across the world i probably know the name that is used in india i will avoid using the brand name here so but the chemical composition may be myth

Hogs all in a silo methyl sodium hydrochloride so just remember this myth hogs are lean asylum hogs on him these are fairly available in india just check out in your respective country brand name ever differ given chemical name may differ here and there and you feel free to talk to your doctor whenever you need out doctor or a pharmacist now i started taking this

Asylum without saline hydrochloride nasal decongestant it’s like a spray you put it in your nose and it provides an instant relief and you feel happy right and the world seems normal again world seems wonderful because your breathing normally your panic attacks are gone and you can go on with your daily routine of life now this is where i went wrong and i don’t

Want others to go wrong so if you are suffering from common cold and invariably if you started taking this nasal decongestant remember the name the chemical composition because all you know salumi talks arlene wonderful drugs they act instantly gives you immediate relief but please do not take this nasal decongestants for more than five days at a stretch if you

Have gone to any doctor any good doctor i mean they will never suggest you to take it more than five days and after five days i think any common cold will subside and if it’s not subsiding then comment probably you have something else please consult with a doctor now what if you’ve already taken it for more than five days well this is where this video comes handy

If you take this nasal decongestant remember the chemical composition myth hogs are lean hydrochloride cause i’ll omit hogs in a head doctor id there can be more chemical chemical composition which i am not aware of feel free to add them in the comment section below know what to do if you have taken in more than five days the problem is that these are otc drugs

Over-the-counter drugs freely available without prescription almost across the world right and nowadays even these pharma companies have started advertising about this over-the-counter nasal decongestants on television and on social media like get instant relief from blocked nose in 25 seconds in 45 seconds now that’s where the problem starts because people start

Taking this and a huge proportion of these people get attached to this drugs i do not say addicted addicted has different connotations altogether i will say let’s say they they become dependent on this drug why this dependency happened because after five days if you start continue keeping taking this nasal decongestant for more than five days your body becomes

Dependent on this the more you give the more the body desires now what exactly happens when you take this mickr not only consistence is that how it opens up your nasal passages it actually shrinks your blood vessel inside your nose and when the blood vessel shrinks okay there is a pathway available for your mucus to come out and that’s how you feel relieved now

The problem is that if you keep doing it for more than five days seven days the body is getting addicted to it so it use it time addicted may be dependent is right now so body gets dependent on this and the blood vessels when it shrinks after the affects dies down of this methyl be consistent it again expands back now that is where the problem starts you feel a

Little chalky a little panicky you need that and that’s what started happening to me i started putting more and more of this nasal decongestants into my nose i will carry them in my pocket one in my shirt pocket one will be my laptop bag it will be in every nook and corner of my house in my bed so it was crazy and it’s not that people didn’t tell me what are the

Side effects now what are the side effects the side effects if you probably don’t know is that if you are taking more and more of this nasal decongestants it may lead to a condition known as rhinitis medica mentos ah in short it’s nothing but rebound condition it means you are taking more and more of this nasal decongestants so what really happens is that there

Is a swelling inside your nose nostrils inside your nose at the nasal passages yes somewhere down the line you also lose or reduce you’ll probably you have a reduced sense of your smell it’s not the people didn’t tell me about it yes i was aware of it but who cares right once this drug is working wonderful for me and it worked wonderful for me for thirteen years

Around two months back that’s when you know all hell broke loose what really happened is that initially what started as twice a day it gradually includes two six times a day but i was still happy i i was still doing okay but two months back i was just recovering from an episode of thank you i had come home and it was fairly chilly out there well in i stay in

Southern part of india we don’t face extreme winter but since i’m attuned to low twenties and early thirties kind of range of temperature in celsius so if it goes towards 15 degrees celsius it’s a big issue for me yeah i know some of you might be laughing but yeah that’s what i am accustomed to so i had a cold and i started putting this nasal decongestant but to

My harder the effect which earlier used to last for 3-4 hours was just stopping after one hour so that means i’m not able to sleep effectively because every one hour i will just get up from a bed grasping for my breath it was scary experience now another side effect of nestle this constant is that more you put okay your blood vessels also your blood pressure also

Goes up why because remember how the nasal decongestant work is at the shrink the blood vessel inside so when your blood vessel shrinks okay the blood flow increases so that’s all leads to high pressure in a blood vessel and it temperately increases of blood pressure now i already am hypertensive i have high blood pressure so because i was putting more and more

Of this nasal decongestants in my nose my blood pressure was also going high it was quite a difficult situation for me i went to a doctor and the doctor said that i have this condition of rhinitis medical medical mentor i hope i’m pronouncing correctly yes i told them all my history that i have been using it for 13 years and they said just come out of it and the

Doctor recommended me a tablet form of steroid of corticosteroid what was recommended to me was 8 mg of methylprednisolone i was a little hesitant to start a sterilizer the cuss steroids means that you know something body can get addicted very easily so i went for a second opinion this time the doctor said you know it’s in a very critical situation you have to stop

Using it and he prescribed me an 80 mg of methylprednisolone injection which i took but the effect didn’t start immediately it took me 5 days for the effect to kick in but for the initial 5 days i had stopped taking this with nasal decongestant it’s not easy it’s very very difficult the body will act crazy remember you are dependent on it in that i call dependent

We are addicted it’s not that we become addicted by choice because we didn’t know it and that’s why you know i’m sharing my story with you you become dependent on this nozzle d consistent and this v initial five days were really difficult now how do i survive this initial five days is that keep stay in a hydrated condition drink lot of water keep yourself hydrated

And one thing that really worked wonder for me is the nazarenes so i started to put water in one of the nostrils and the water will come out of the other this known as nasal rinse those in india or those who practice our visa will probably know that it’s nothing but gel neti you can google it up in the user youtube you’ll find it lots of it now unfortunately for

Me i tried with the traditional unity where you have a pot and you put the water you tilt your head by 45 degrees the water comes over other nostril now my nose was so blocked that the water simply didn’t go inside so that’s how i again went back to the my ent doctor and she recommended me modified from of neti pot which is like a squeezable plastic bottle okay

There is a straw there’s a straw inside the bottle you mix a warm water and the premix a solution of sodium chloride and there’s one more component of it sodium chloride and i think baking soda if i’m not mistaken you get this pre-mixed okay i prefer it premix because if you buy salt the common salt has at least in india the common salt that becomes in mostly comes

With iodine in it now i didn’t may irritate your nasal passages so i prefer you go and get this pre-mixed shushes that comes in i squeeze it inside it goes the pressure comes out it worked for me so that really helped okay and that really helped initial five days just hang on there buddy it’s like you know really really turns out there you will feel breathless okay

Try to talk to your friends this stay away from that mental frame nighttime will be more difficult try to inhale steam after five days gradually even if you don’t take any steroid injection that’s fine okay initial five days is when it’s actually the body will try to tempt you back to start taking this nasal decongestant try taking one ask hot-water bath the steam

Really helps okay you can take steam inhalation also that also helps nasal rinse i just spoke about that really helped me so these three things really helped me and last thing which i’ve tried and really worked for me is i installed a humidifier in my home i just bought it online from amazon and it’s available across the world and it actually increases the humidity

In your room wherever you stay right so all this thing five after five days luckily for me the effect of the methylprednisolone eight tmg kicked in and it stayed the effect stays it’s still with me so it’s like you’re twenty days that i have taken this injection my nose is fairly open have just taken a hot water bath earlier i used to take a walk pull water bath

So far it’s battled i’m still fighting do have i taken this nasal decongestant no i am proud to say it is almost like twenty days i have not taken and i don’t feel like taking it though i still have those tiny little devils with me it’s lying in my desk but i don’t take it i don’t need it right and i think not many people spoke speak about it it’s important that

We keep sharing our story people talk about more difficult diseases but believe me rhinitis medical mendoza is not joke i also went to a surgeon ent surgeon there asked me to do a laser surgery well i am scared of surgery right i will rather try with some you know medicines if it doesn’t work out surgery’s a last resort but hey i’m not a doctor and i am not here

Recommending any medicine i’m just sharing my story every person is different every person is a difficult different issue feel free to discuss issues with your doctor and last but not the least don’t lose hope right and all of us are fighter and we can actually come out of it it’s just the first five days five to ten days that you really have to come out of it so

The method that i used is known as cold turkey where you know you just simply stop it not easy i got a lot of help from my friends most of them a doctor that helped me out and a lot of them support it you know with backtalk here india in the end what i like to say is that apart from going cold turkey where you certainly give up the medicine other approaches that

You know you reduce the doses if you can take some steroid cortical steroid discuss with a doctor don’t start anything of your own the self medication is a dangerous thing i learned in my my own way right so 13 years of suffering and now still continuing to come out of it hopefully it can be a good story for you all to change and come out of it thanks it’s an rock here called seo

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Overcoming Dependency on Nasal Decongestant Sprays and Fighting Rhinitis Medicamentosa By Anurag Talukdar