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Oxandrolone by Nelmida and Valenzona

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Good day everyone i am sandrolo i am using my generic name as of the moment and i have brand names which are anavar and oxendrin this is my chemical name i am classified as a hormonal agent stimulant or replacement modifiers in therapeutic drug classifications while in pharmacologic drug classifications i am an androgen or an anabolic steroid in pregnancy category

I am categorized in category x in my mechanism of action i interact with androgen receptors in target tissues i also facilitate skeletal muscle protein synthesis by directly stimulating testosterone and dihydrotest receptors i also increase androgen receptor expression in skeletal muscles and intracellular amino acid recycling receptor binding results in gene

Expression regulation in my pharmacokinetics i am absorbed by administering orally only and i am distributed by a percentage of 94 to 97 plasma protein binding i am metabolized in the liver by hydroxylation and sulfation and as for my excretion approximately 28 percent of oral dose are secreted unchanged metabolites and excretion of parent drug primarily occurs

In urine as unconjugated products oxangelan is mainly indicated to promote weight gain after weight loss following extensive surgery chronic infections visibly trauma it is also used to correct protein catabolism associated with extended administrations of corticosteroids pregnancy because it can cause harm to the unborn baby causing birth defects phytotoxicity or

Imbiotoxicity can stimulate the growth of cancerous tissues for the body so that’s why it’s contradicted to patients with prostate cancer or breast cancer oxandrollon is contraindicated to patients with non-renal diseases because it can lead to edema caused by sodium retention lastly in our list oxandrine is contraindicated to patients with diabetes because upon

Taking this medication it can result to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar it also inhibits the metabolism of oral anti-adiabatic agents so what are the side effects or adverse effects of taking oxandralon so let’s start with the cardiovascular system oxanjian is associated with compromised heart pumping and other heart diseases in this system side effects are nausea

Vomiting and kidney damages in the endocrine system and lymphatic system uncle swelling edema decreased glucose tolerance increased creatinine excretion are common side effects upon administration of oxygen the side and adverse effects to the nervous system are anxiety depression increased anger trouble sleeping and snoring for the integumentary system oily skin

Hair citizen hair loss acne and changes in skin color are the common side effects of accendulon the adverse effects that a skeletal system are premature closure of epiphyses in children and now for the reproductive system the common side and adverse effects to male is frequent erection of the venus and for female there will be changes in their menstrual period

Now what would be the responsibilities of the nurse let’s find out assess for mentioned cautions and contraindications such as drug allergy pregnancy category lactation cv diseases etc to prevent any untoward complications the nurse should perform a thorough physical assessment such as skin assessment mental status abdominal examination etc in order to establish

Baseline data before drug therapy begins until the demand is effectiveness and to evaluate for occurrence of any adverse effects associated with drug therapy here are some of the nursing diagnoses that can be formulated in the use of this drug for therapy first disturbed body image related to systemic effects hence acute pain related to gi or cns effects in

This phase the nurse should monitor the blood glucose levels for loss of glycemic control and should provide thorough patient teaching to enhance patient knowledge about drug therapy and to promote compliance with the drug regimen here are aspects of care that should be evaluated to determine effectiveness of drug therapy first monitor patient response to therapy

Such as increase in hematocrit and protein anabolism second monitor for adverse effects such as androgenic effects serum electrolyte disturbances epifacial closure hepatic dysfunction etc third evaluate patient understanding on drug therapy by asking patients to name the drug its indication and adverse effects to watch for so that’s all in our requirement for

New cm106 pharmacology thank you for watching our report about the autobiography of oksan hollow i am gen cesar valenzuela as the introduction i am christian kids as the nurse and once again once again thanks for watching

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Oxandrolone by Nelmida and Valenzona By Batch Kunzite