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Foreign and before you start my video i want to request you if you like this video and if it is helpful to you and if it’s simple to you finally subscribe to my youtube channel pharmacology discussion now i’m going to discuss with you peter exercise of the drug or the priority choice of the drug or the preferred drug what is pizza concept this is a personal

Priority preferred the features of the terms of closer to prescribed regularly and with whom you have become familiar if you use this drug regularly and has become familiar with this drug each of us it is not just the name of pharmaceutical agent or pharmacological substance but it also includes the activity plus dosage form the dose the rose this is peter concept

Everything comes it is the active ingredient then those then doses form then those fluid and duration of treatment and this is a teacher’s personal choice and the preferred drug the choose a choice of the p drugs this is step the area is based or it depends upon the following criteria and it is safety is how many other possible adverse reactions caused by some

Drugs see that we have to see what is the suitability of the tolerance of the patient and in the price we have to look for the total cost of the people is what is the total cost of the unit the drug is given for 10 days then we have to uh not see the cost per unit table h but we have to see the total cost of the treatment given during during the total duration of

The time to treat some disease the process of choosing drug will be that first of all we have to define the diagnosis means what is the p drug and sorry what is the disease the patient is suffering from what is the indication of the disease the patient is suffering from then we have to set them some therapeutic objective with it and then we have to make inventory

Of the effective group of the drugs because we have to set the fabric objective and then of course from the disease we have to make which which all group of drugs are suitable to treat that particular diagnosis then we have to choose the effective group from that groups and then from the effective group chosen we have to choose the p job now first of all i will

Discuss with you keys history one a moderately a piece 14 year man his diagnosed case of hypertension with blood pressure 146 by 94. choose an effective peter now the the blood pressure is 146.94 this is the patient millimeter of milk each sufficient suffering from stage one hypertension and the age of the patient is 40 years man 40 year man so how we have to

Define the diagnosis this is the diagnosis is stage one hypertension therapeutic objective is we have to see the blood pressure goals first of all that is the patients who are less than 60 years the blood pressure should be less than 140 by 90 millimeter of the monthly and for the older patients the stricter uh some really sorry if the patient is greater than

60 years is less than 60 years then the goal is 141 90 millimeter of multi if the patient is ages and 16 years then the then the blood pressure is less than 150 by 90 and even the older patient holds the patient if possible from the chronic kidney disease and diabetes the stricter guidelines that is the it should be the blood pressure now stability objective

Means we have to print microsphere microversal complications like ischemic parties renal damage stroke disease and retinal damage and we have to maintain the blood pressure less than 140 by 90 in the whole in the younger patients less than 60 and older patients that is more than 60 the relaxation is there this is 15190 millimeter of mercy the inventory groups such

As we have to choose are first of all is in actors entries in converting enzyme inhibitors like caps lameprint and transit 1 receptor antagonists like losartan beta blockers like atenolol and metoprolol calcium doesn’t blockers like amlodipine nifedipine diodes like hydrochlorothiazide these are the various groups of the drugs used for the treatment of the mild

Hypertension this is asymptus which are blockers calcium general blockers and diuretics and engineers in separate blockers so now from the tools are the effective group first of all is inhibitors visa the most efficacious scoop of the drug as well as the patient is less than 55 years of age so the age inhibitors are the drug of choice for the patients less than 55

Years of age and according to new jnc age guidelines and if the patient is more than 55 years in calcium channel glucose is the effective group of the drug to be used for standard to be used to the treatment of the mild hypertension applications also because the domestic agency converting in time so engines in one store from one to two endurance and two so there is

No vasoconstriction and solving water tension and safety wise also only a tough and enjoyed in my scene nothing more dangerous side effects you see suitable also these are more suitable because these also decrease the morbidity and mortality in the patients plus these are reno protective in nature and diabetic patients these are very useful this is a xenoprotective

In nature so these are used in the diabetic disease also pose is also fine that is which is less costly beta blockers on the other hand which is less efficacious because decreases only eight centimeters they were causing visualization but this feature blockers they cause decrease in heart rate and decrease in cardiac contractility mode these drugs they may cause the

Bronchospasm will take given to the patients who are suffering from bronchial asthma and phosphorus also these are less costly but diabetes in the other hand these are no longer the drug of choice because these are less applications these are safer but they cause hypokalemia hyponatremia and metabolic abnormalities these are suitable and the phosphorus these are

Costly calcium channel blockers these can be used as these are also applications they call it utilities and safer this is much safer only portion of potential seed with calcium 101 brothus and these are less suitable because these the patient is less than 40 just 40 years so it is not more than 55 years so this is their suitable as the first time drug afterwards

40 treatment of mild hypertension phosphorus also this is coarsely choose a pedra capital remy pill and this is inhibitors from these we will choose the p drop first of all purchase the captopril capitalistic drug which is shorter second drug it has a short duration of action detection lasts for six to eight hours plus this is less important and its safety wise

Also it is less safer as compared to parametrile and misinopril and it is costly also this cost is 45 years 45 rupees and it is efficacy is same this is they all the the instructions so this is also the case these all decrease the production of anti-density but these are this capitalist short duration of action and uh plus uh so it’s actually lasts for six to

Eight hours and it is less support it this is not below on the other hand which is having slow water let’s option plus it also has interactions with food so this is please use now because just having the s2 warlabs option and the cost is also 75 rupees grammy will just see long duration of action this is happening it can be given constantly two percent and it is

More suitable which is having more tissue binding also which is more safer more suitable and cost is also less it is 25 rupees so we can say the terminal c drug of twice p drug of choice gramophone tablet five milligram tablet dosage form is given dose is given active substances damage when those form is basically in the hypertension patients is mild hypertension

Patients uh the follow-up period is for two to three weeks after that the patient is asked to come and then we do the side effects and know about the efficacy of the drop and then we prescribe again if it is required either when t is the dose of indicates to those these this is the duration of treatment that is two to three weeks that’s all for my p drug exercise

On my hypertension i hope you like this video and if you like this video kindly subscribe to my youtube channel pharmacology discussion thank you be happy be healthy be blessed stay safe thank you happy learning

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P DRUG EXERCISE – MILD HYPERTENSION By Dr Nitika Pharmacology discussion