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PAANO NAWALA PIMPLES KO? (My Detailed Experience on Isotretinoin) | PART 2 | Rommel Sandoval

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Hello there, everyone! Kumusta kayo? I hope y’all are okay! If you experiencing acne right now, I hope that your doing well. Here’s my video about my isotretinoin journey. I made it actually para maishare ko sa inyo guys yung mga na experienced ko while taking the drug. You can use it guys as your guide in taking isotretinoin but guys don’t forget to always listen to your dermatologist. Sana guys nagustuhan niyo yung video natin, ang kung may mga tanong kayo about isotretinoin, you can leave a comment below. Thank you guys!

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is from albissandrova for today’s video acne treatment man i’ve been super effective again guys this is part two of my acne journey so without further ado let’s begin disclaimer guys i’m not a dermatologist or a school expert so that my share cosine is based on my personal experience and then guys if you suffer from

Severe acne until acid cream and then c like acid solution 10 percent parasite is not antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory then guys vinegar dinner pony dog now benzoyl peroxide with a retromission autonomous creams so guys let’s now talk about isotretinoin but first what is isotropin isotretinaline guys is a prescription drug which is widely recognized as a

Effective for severe types of acne and it is also the last resort if other medications and antibiotics have been killed it is also guys the only ground that focuses all the causes of acne like oiliness bacteria abnormal shedding of the dead skin cells and inflammations here’s my isotretinoin this is iso 910 10 milligram soft gel capsule anti-acne so for example one

Month or 920 milligrams a day proposal for intelligent but for me guys i’ve taken 10 milligrams in the morning and 10 milligrams entirely so guys total of 20 milligrams a day on dosage like this guy’s important in blackness because we want to know you having health conditions prescriptions it might changes for my next blood test so guys for number two describe

Alcohol so meaning guys you’re alcohol abundantly take care of my socks or sharing of medicine without consulting uncertified dermatologists guys it wasn’t nothing telling me norm or amongst your say by noise or threatening because guys is really toxic so guys if you are a female recommend the normal present communion two negative pregnancy tests at macaroni and

Pregnancy prevention plan and if you are a male encouraged then he wasn’t going to make ability cheers for number six that donation is not alive meaning guys kappa meant to take an ice attack annoying small camera donate money to gold because guys saw therapy yeah you know nothing guys guys for number seven avoid taking off vitamins are threatening vitamin

A or any vitamins the reason for this guys is that isotretinoin itself is a derivative of vitamin e it’s multitasking vitamin d along with the isotretinoin my tendons in my albedo style or lumolaire multivitamins or any cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion tattoo piercing dermarolling chemical peel and laser treatment because guys isotretinoin makes your

Skin very fragile and it could also result some kind of discarding so guys advice about them again final six months doing those kind of procedures for this partner and guys as a because i postures and sees so obviously nothing guys and then guys during my purging stage in which you said face wash kasi guys 5.5 which is similar aloe i

Also experienced gaijin muscle and joint pain as you guys during that time my online class nakami and my pa class coming under requirements uploading video doing the warm-ups movements and exercises you guys guys for number seven he is extremely sensitive to the sun so guys during my course now experience guys because of the love down but guys guys compared

Meant to take an eye so cracking knowing but it being sensitive that like in the skin more because you guys your skin will get dry and skin protective capacity is recommended like it is lastly guys you may experience dry mouth guys or more glasses of water because guys you your isotretinoin is really drying for our body especially to our eyes mouth lips i guys

Recommend the telegram only fine on people and also guys if you are taking a lack of water during your course of iso track annoying foreign side effects no indicator experience fellow guys possibly my experience no like guys show stomach problems headache bringing in the ears hearing loss chest pain dark urine breakthrough bleeding trouble seeing at night or

Night blindness yeah guys i meant to take is yellowing of the skin and eyes and then guys the most controversial side attacks which is depression or suicidal know knock on the eyes are that annoying i didn’t feel any kind of depression sadness at all like enjoying knuckle guys during my course off i suffered tonight for this part moment guys i want to share

To you young nadine gaster smoke for my apple treatment guys make your pricey telegram father mythologies and different guys who might have prescribed vietnam a topical cream but for most people guys i threaten knowing this enough so guys little nana is a estimated cost young checkup price is around 500 to 800 pesos monthly blood test is around one thousand to

Four thousand pesos and seven it’s first month and they know third month long upon the 5 like test and new iso threatening cost 1 5 per bucks but 2 bucks is good for 3 months because guys i’m taking it twice a day overall three thousand pesos isotretinoin monthly and then guys marina con prescription for topical creams which estimated for one thousand to two

Thousand monthly overall guys i spent probably forty thousand for my acne treatment so guys i don’t know i don’t know is it worth it guys after the course of my eyes are threatening i feel like i made the right decisions imagine guys i suffered for acne for about five years and and then become a trainer products procedure paraguay santa really and i subtracted

And gave me permanent effect for my skin and i think it is worth it and actually guys i also spent some of my savings to continue learning you having treatment and i don’t feel any regret at all i thought there’s nobody in savings and important is that i cure my acne and they will never come back i want also to tell you guys that there is no shortcut to success

It’s all about the process actually guys at tagalog in tallahassee six months course of isotretinoins there are guys in italia and then guys not realized success okay yeah guys i suggest now vodka madalinas are really that’s all for today’s video guys for my question or suggestion feel please like this video if it helps you and also clicking around subscribe and

Then notification bell for updated for my future uploads thanks for watching guys bye you

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PAANO NAWALA PIMPLES KO? (My Detailed Experience on Isotretinoin) | PART 2 | Rommel Sandoval By Rommel Sandoval