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Pack Feeding – Puppies with Adults

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Watch my puppies Ryuk and Ookla eat with the adults before our morning hike. Are carrots safe for them to eat? Do my dogs like them? Do they get along eating together? Watch and find out.

Right there from left to right you got ryuku you can see it’s getting huge we’ve got uh k bar and uh ucla and uh around the corner is the toki in the morning like this uh is when i give the dogs their vegetable or fruit portion of the meal okay it’s going to be a carrot they love these big they love these big carrots for you for you foreign we always throw out

A couple extras carrots are very healthy for dogs i like to feed them this portion of the meal in the morning it’s when they’re most apt to eat it you know if you feed it with a high value food item uh you know like raw meat in that buddy i don’t have no more it’s like you got any more for me it’s a good boy coming over with his carrot but yeah when you feed it

In the morning like this when they’re hungry without the high value food item present they’re more apt to eat it and uh so in the mornings when they get up before we go on a hike you know i’ll feed them uh some carrots uh some cord apples uh bell or sweet peppers all things these guys all absolutely love see reuse loves carrots so the zuka along with the other

Ducks put some information in the video description regarding the health benefits of carrots for dogs you know it’s good to introduce your dogs to all kinds of different various foods when they’re young it makes them more apt to eat them as they get older if they’re exposed to them when they’re young you can see these guys all up here it’s a nice car seats now

Hey buddy boy he turned around real quick keep toki from stealing this piece see they’re all very social he brings it over and puts it the big pile with these guys to eat those who last there the other dogs are inside eating their carrots just uh allow the older ones to uh get away from all the yahoos and enjoy their meal hope you went in there snatched another

Boy telling me thanks for the food see that i’ll eat as one big healthy happy pack that something man oh boy oh boy oh thank you but yeah this is what mornings look like you know before we go on our hike they get to snack on some carrots and play around a little bit have some fun let’s see ryuk is getting huge what’s that hook man except for uke we’ve got

A couple of big goat carcasses i’ll be uh breaking out here in the next week or so as temperatures drop and the bugs go away we’ll get back into our pack feeding videos i don’t like to do them during the hot parts of the month again because of all the biting flies and wasps and stuff you know i gotta listen to uh people whine about him in the comments you know

There’s not much you can do i mean it’s it’s that time of year august and september we get a lot of that stuff so i just uh don’t film during those months and uh wait till the weather cools off but there’s some people who’ve wondered where the pack meeting videos have gone that’s why they’ll be back here in just a few weeks winter is coming i’m happy through the

Cooler weather i like all four seasons you see they finished up those carrots pretty quick man oh boy it’s getting good affection thank you see you dropped it right to me i’m working on that little boy you are such a good boy look at that building up a base for some water retrieving oh boy good boy i’m so cluttery yeah he’s such a good boy i i love this buff i

Love all of them luke 2 is a really good boy i’ve been enjoyed a train pokey finishing off any leftover scraps from the carrots it’s too rolling around and playing healer again you can see your use getting huge and ookla also he’s all he’s only three weeks behind reuse guy you know you put an extra three weeks at him he’s pretty similar in size three again

Uh reeks got three weeks at him this is the portion of the yard where we do feeding and stuff we’ve got two kennels here one there and one here another one that goes around the side of the house there and then uh this is what we use for uh ulu to go potty because she’s uh in heat right now so you put that fence up or take it down based on that people sometimes

Wonder what i do when my dogs are in heat well that’s what i do i create a separate little area for them to go to the bathroom and be separated from the other dogs and then you know that’s that’s how i keep that separate when we’re not breeding you see everybody’s doing good getting ready for our morning hike i’ll let them chill for about a half hour first and

Then uh i’m going to hike like subscribe and share that’s all see ya foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign thanks for watching check out our merch store down below foreign

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