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Pancreatic Enzymes as Cancer Treatment

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You use enzyme therapy to treat cancers can you talk about what that is and how exactly that works yeah dr. beard was an embryologist working at the university of edinburgh and he through a complicated series of events of i’ve given three our lectures on him realize that pancreatic nz i’m not going to do that today i promise realize pancreatic enzymes have an

Anti-cancer effect now pancreatic enzymes had been discovered in 1858 by khun koh and ii who was a german scientist at first isolated trypsin which is the main pancreas enzyme that digests protein and by 1900 pancreatic enzymes were well characterized there were proteolytic enzymes which simply digests proteins in the small intestine an analytic which digest

Carbohydrates and liability that break down fats and they were well known and they were thought to have only a digestive function but dr. beard said yeah they do help with digestion of course but in addition they represent the body’s main defense against cancer and would be useful as a cancer treatment in the years between 1902 and 1911 he put his thesis to the test

He did animal studies you know we think of a hundred years ago was a primitive time in science they were very sophisticated they had laboratory models animal models for cancer which he used he had clinical studies going where show clearly the enzymes reverse cancer unfortunately madame curie at the same time had already won two nobel prizes and was a media star

She was the first great modern science media star she knew how to manipulate the media and she announced to the world that x-rays which had just been discovered in 1895 would be the simple easy way of getting rid of cancer from the face of the earth she said it’s simple it works for all cancers it’s non-toxic unfortunately as brilliant as he was she was despite two

Nobel prizes she was completely wrong first most cancers don’t respond to radiation even when they do respond they often come back more aggressively and it isn’t non-toxic in fact she died from a plastic anemia brought on by the overexposure to radiation in fact her laboratory journals are so radioactive leak toxic that you can’t approach them at the university of

Paris where they keep them unless you have protective clothes on you know 100 years later and she died as a result of radiation exposure but by the time all that was known beard was already dead and gone so his work was totally lost the world unfortunately but he was absolutely right enzymes we believe are the main defense against canada all our successes because

We treat patients with large doses and pancreatic enzymes we use a big source because the peak pancreatic enzymes are most like the human so they work best in the human as opposed land will work but not as well as pick they’re made for us in new zealand they really work we’ve done animal studies as well as you know basic clinical studies that show they work what

Does the patient go through when they when they go through that their people from what i’ve read it’s a basically just taking a lot of capsules well it supports a three-part therapy involves individualized diet individualized suppling protocols with large doses of enzymes and detoxification teams like the infamous coffee enemas every patient that comes into our

Office gets a specific diet individualized for their needs a lot of alternative doctors have one diet we don’t we have ten basic ties they range from pure plant-based nuts seeds grains to an atkins type of red meat diet which we literally put people on red meat two or three times a day and dozens of variations of the diet each diet is individualized second large

Doses of vitamins minerals trace elements we used some glad you’re extracting animal organs like liver and heart or thymus we believe the vitamins minerals trace elements have a supportive function they’re not curative for cancer but they help the body work better than for cancer we have orange doses of enzymes and the third component would be the detoxification

Routines like the coffee enemas now as so as the body repairs and rebuilding our program as cancer cells break down a lot of toxic debris is released you know we live in a very toxic environment there were over 79,000 synthetic chemicals being released into the environment even if you eat organically in new york city there’s heavy metals and mercury in the air

If you breathe in i live in new york i’m breathing in mercury there are pesticides in new york even though it’s not agricultural you know it’s the city but they waft in on the wind currents from the from the west and you live in new yorker breathe and pesticides and heavy metals a lot of those toxic chemical gets stored in our cells where they sit like a ticking

Time bomb on the program with all the good nutrition every cell gets the signal to start housecleaning they start dumping these stored toxins in the bloodstream they’re filtered in the liver and the kidney the body gets rid of them also tumors are very abnormal and they produce all kinds of molecules that are foreign and toxic to normal healthy tissue so when the

Enzymes start breaking down a tumor get those dead tumor away is gonna be extremely toxic in fact oncologists have recognized a syndrome called tumor lysis syndrome when chemo shrinks a tumor too quickly to chemo we’ll work from shrink tumors some of the time you break a tumor down too fast orthodox oncologists have said you can kill the patient from the dead

Tumor voice they call a tumor lysis syndrome which lysis just means break down the cells and you can quist hepatic liver failure or kidney failure so dr. kelly developed a series of procedures like coffee enemas that seemed to help the body mobilize neutralize and extremist toxic junk from the repair of the normal tissues and the breakdown of the tumor and the

Coffee enemas come right out of the conventional medical literature they were in the merck manual which is a textbook of conventional medicine right up until the 1970s and he got it right out of them even though he was criticized for using them you got right out of the orthodox conventional literature they just helped the liver and the kidney work better so it’s

You know you patient comes into us we put them on a diet we designed their supplement protocol we teach them how to do the coffee enemas we use other detoxification routines we have a liver flush colon cleanses from juice fasts things that we use depending on the patient you

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Pancreatic Enzymes as Cancer Treatment By The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation