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Pandemic Daze- GRWM Get Ready With Me

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Oh y’all that i do a little pandemic get ready with me weeks over to daily protection some moisturizer this was some look i usually like to try to do don’t be rather baby but when i take g you don’t especially late at night then i wake up my makeup routine and doesn’t take long at all cuz i don’t get much time so how is doing out there tonsils been so i don’t

Know what it is like just like coffee evilly ever since i got pregnant that sound weird well that happen to other people but so anyway i use minute on it this is the conceal perfect now in medium deep i’m using my honey because it’s my and this cruelty free so let me also have more shades that match my skin tone because it’s hot out there sometimes i order it

Through the mail because you can’t ever seem to find your color at the drugstore like i mean if you can somebody slip their finger in it or got some statement so sticking your finger and stuff people you’re just got a body to try at home with the rest of us okay in 10 strands glue you big fluffy brush and this is pretty much my makeup routine every day so whether

There’s corner bugs they’re not i still stick to my routine i think when you are bipolar it’s important and routine but you stick to it helps if you have anxiety to do things the same way every day pretty much this is some highlighter in strobe light it’s instant glow powder i don’t do my forehead because i really lately skin put a little on my eyelids some things

I don’t do you guys but it’s hard you just put a little this i’ll let me show you in just a second this is romantic rose powder blush i usually end up using blush that’s like eyeshadow or something because pink’s look really good on me so so anyway these are so interesting times that were living up but that’s something i’ll feel bad for singing 2019 this trash

At least in 2019 you can leave your house without fear of contracting some deadly virus are you guys feeling nervous up there about everything i feel like i just wanted to share real quick i don’t really talk about it much for my channel buddy i am a christian and i do believe that’s the lord has a way of getting our attention but we are giving out of hands and

You know i’m sure you seen people with signs stop now jesus is coming yes jesus is coming but we don’t know the time nor do we know the day and so it’s not good you know every time there’s some sort of major catastrophe start talking about jesus kind of mean you know what we need to do is just stay rooted in our faith and if you don’t believe in christ and you’re

Watching him on a video you know i was i would just tell you i grew up my whole life when i was in her in the church and i have an understanding of the floods with fundamentals you know that grace came and he died for our sins so everything that we do in life it’s already been paid for so that we may have a relationship with the lord because the lord is holy and

Cannot things like you can’t mess with chief of your sinful but because of christ dying for us we have that salvation so i’d say i’m not a religious person like i don’t believe and i like go to church every sunday i do believe it does say call say in the bible call for us to come together as believers but oh by the way this americans is terrible but they were they

Had went out of the milani eye pencils michener way way better oh yeah this is the covergirl perfect point plus it’s too that’s like too much and then i have this dangerous looks milani mascara so basically all i’m saying is if you need peace and this whole situation it has you shook to the core you know maybe this is the time to say a little prayer you don’t have to

Know how to creators no certain way to pray just talk to the lord right now hey i’m not sure you exist i don’t know if i believe in a god but i want to know i mean that was kind of the prayer that i have 21 years of age after being raised in the church since i was little i still that didn’t really fully malekith god guy existed that i had a lot of questions don’t

Let people put you off asking questions because how else how else can you understand you can’t just push religion down people’s throats you know because it’s it’s about more than just religion it’s actual relationships that you have with the lord so can i get mad about things i don’t i really like hey i don’t know what you doing this takes me home course should

You that respectful manner but the lord already knows what i’m thinking and so just be honest yeah this this is high-tensile but just and don’t don’t get too caught up in church life you know there’s many people that turks attend church and don’t really even understand because there’s no i just wanted to share that because i see there’s a lot of fear-mongering

Going on out there are people trying to play out people’s view to the the news media and yeah take a break from it stop sit in front of the tv you watching the news constantly it’s gonna drive you crazy you know i only watch tv in the evenings my husband and i have like go downstairs to my mom’s unit she has absolutely well that’s my might we have a tv now but

We must we use it for we have a chromecast or you can project stuff on your computer onto television so we’re not but we don’t really watch tv that much we’re more into our computers you know i like to watch youtube and i’ve been listening to loop in our wall one of the reddit channels luke matter wolde as though weight loss channel i listen to it’s a hard thing

Trying to lose weight and i don’t worry that but you’ll be ready about the time so much here you know 14 will hopefully get over and we can get back to normal and we’ll leave our beach bodies people summit it’s coming today i’m probably i might make a cake of vegan cake because it’s my baby’s birthday today and so we need we need cupcakes thinking about either

Making some cupcakes or cake not from scratch duncan hines y’all i do little work i have a project that i’ve been working on on a computer and i’m going to need to put in some time with that today so but i think i will go for a walk because it’s kind of cool looking outside which is unusual for miami yeah got my my this actually took a little bit longer and it

Would and i do this myself no the camera that that’s how you doing when you have small people in your house that needs your attention i hope you’re well and you know i’ve been hearing about these test sites breaking it tested if you have corona because i have afraid of that two friends actually that we’re singing and possibly had caught a virus but they do go to

A testing site because it’s like before but they’ve got really crazy so you know this take care of your stuff you guys yeah you know what do you think this is a big joke or not to stay home you know let’s just try in all the worlds for once you know like you never follow the rules this is a good time to start just think about maybe not switch yourself but i’m not

Really concerned about myself right after you have eaten and my mother lives with me and she’s older so staying home food for them anyway thanks so much guys for joining me so get ready with me gotta look glam during the pandemic alright she always be well

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Pandemic Daze- GRWM Get Ready With Me By Day 1 Fat Loss