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Part 3 – Don’t Take My T3 Away Video Diary

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My name is Paul Robinson. I am the author of three books on the treatment of hypothyroidism: The Thyroid Patient’s Manual, Recovering with T3 and The CT3M Handbook. Together, the books now form the Recovering from Hypothyroidism series. All the books are available through Amazon or other Internet booksellers.

Hello my name is paul robinson i’m a thyroid patient advocate and the author of the recovering from hyperthyroidism series of books this is part three of my do not take my t3 away video diary and i was not going to say any more about this until i get the next installment on the sound guy but i’ve been thinking a bit about some of the words i’ve been hearing from

Various sources for my doctor which is almost certainly coming from the ccg from some of the endocrinologists and everyone keeps saying lieth irenan is a very expensive medication or t3 is a very expensive medication and i am really really tired of hearing that several years ago prior to jerome byrne writing the article for the times about the price scandal with

Lieth irony i was asked to gather some data for him through my group that i had at the time which had several thousand patients from all over the world who were using line ithorian using t3 gather some data about the pricing and the data that jerome used in his original article in the times was largely based on data i collected through the patients that were very

Helpful giving me that data because they were getting obviously they were based all over the world so again time at t3 saw my sign from different places and it was very clear at that time that we were in the uk paying about 40 times that’s four zero times what other countries pay 43 right so what somebody might pay 25 euros for on the continent we were paying

800 to 900 pounds here in the uk that situation persists okay so everywhere else in the world lieth hiring is not a very expensive medication so if i hear from another endocrinologist mass ecg from a doctor from any other source that lie oh siren een is a very expensive medication i will probably explode i’ve had it up to here with that it isn’t true lieth irony

Is not an expensive medication because all these are the companies all over the world strangely enough can actually make life irony and make a profit out of it a normal sized profit not the sort of massive profits that the nhs have allowed this these companies that sell it to this chose at this price to make but a normal profit and still sell it a modest price

Intrinsically life i mean is not an expensive medication and i’m getting really really sick of everyone that’s saying it’s expensive only reason why a siren is expensive is because the nhs has totally miss managed their supplier okay that is it that is it end of it is not an expensive medication so the yet with this situation we have in the uk with where the ccgs

Are reviewing thyroid patients now and and doctors are having to d subscribe people from t3 is the entirely down to the cost issue if it wasn’t the cost issue there wouldn’t be this this hunt for thyroid patients aunties right right it wouldn’t be happening okay so this is a very weird situation i want to give you an analogy i broke about this a long time ago but

Imagine we’re not talking about lice i mean imagine imagine we have a company that makes cars motorcars bruisers okay and they’re they’re making these cars it’s all sort of working reasonably well and they might not be the most efficient company but it’s kind of chugging along and basically they suddenly see the price going up on the break except they’re buying

From a supplier they go up a little bit and they can tolerate that and and they tolerate it and eventually the car gets very expensive to make because the great brakes price have gone up by a factor of 40 40 same factor we’re talking about here or there abouts right 44 zero and the company have a big meeting they say you know we’ve got this big well these brakes

Are really expensive oh god yeah yeah we’re gonna do they’re really expensive they have two choices two choices right they go out and make a bit of effort and they find another supplier that will do it more reasonably at somewhere near the old price that it used to be before it went up by four zero right so that’s choice one choice to just choice to they consider

Actually just maybe we can make the car you know we don’t need these brakes how many people drive carefully they kind of just you know not just be careful maybe use a hand brake a bit and they might not feel that comfortable anymore but maybe it will get away with it we can just take the brake sound and so they choose to take the brakes out to the car the car is

Now non-functional okay doesn’t work the same it just doesn’t feel right anymore okay that’s that’s one choice and that’s the choice that car manufacturer could’ve made i don’t think any car manufacturer in the world would have made that choice they would have just sacked the original brake manufacturer and says who you i’m gonna get these breaks over here more

This country on that country or whatever get rid of them okay so that’s the analogy you got there right with me why has the nhs not not done that why haven’t they got any other number of sources of life irony in they could have done this lieth irene is not an expensive medication it never has been it never will be it’s not that complicated to make it’s an nhs

Cock-up and this is why this whole thing is happening this is why there’s a price scandal this is why thyroid patients who really need t3 life i mean and no longer getting it and when people like me are feeling under the gun because i know my life’s gonna be utterly utterly worthless an unlivable if i have to go on t4 or levothyroxine or synthroid again okay so

I had to say one more thing about this price thing because it is wrong the words are wrong nobody should be allowed to say life i mean is expensive they should say the nhs has cocked up the price a liar sorry and therefore thyroid patients are having to suffer for it that’s what they should say so i’ve got that off my chest and i will now come back to this when

There’s some more news on my own situation but it’s just really really irritating bye for now

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Part 3 – Don't Take My T3 Away Video Diary By RecoveringwithT3